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Nick Pope Warning of Alien Attack on Sky News.

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:03 AM
Actually, i heard of this on coast to coast last night.


They say every time there's an earthquake or a volcano erupts these little "beings" start coming out!!!!

OMG, they were serious about it too.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:18 AM
I love C2C, I just can't stay up late enough to listen to that show!
So the invasion is true??
I'll have to get my tin foil hat ready, really I should have worn it last night, my ears were buzzing
Maybe that was my husband snoring

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:20 AM
It,s in todays Daily Mail too in the UK.
Something is afoot methinks dear Watson

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:23 AM
There is no doubt in my mind we are not prepared for an alien invasion. If they can travel across universe, how could we be ready? It is clear they would be eons ahead of us in technology, so how in the world would we be prepared? This is assuming they exist, which our government assures us that they don't.

I'm sorry, this is just another example of the obvious.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:31 AM
My tinfoil hat is at the shop for repair.

No wonder the cat wont come in and has been hunting all night long! I just told my neighbor and they think i'm crazy

I'm going out looking here in a minute.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:43 AM
Any aliens capable of reaching Earth would be so more advanced than us we wouldn't have a hope if they were aggressive towards us - might as well throw spears at a spaceship ....

In any case, they would destroy all our cities without ever needing to come closer than the Asteroid Belt: where they have tens of thousands of missiles just waiting to be sent on a collision course for Earth (think the film Starship Troopers or Larry Niven's novel Footfall)

Or else they'd kidnap a few folk and bioengineer a virus to kill or incapacitate us.

Either way, if they wanted to attack us we'd have lost long before we even knew they were in the solar system.....

Although the chances of another local sentient species being as violent as humans seems pretty remote.

(Oh, and yeah, Pope is just trying to drum up book sales

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by Dae
FlyersFan and jbondo

Have you both tried that technique to 'contact Greys' from that Proof Positive of Alien Comms thread? I swear Ive seen both your names on that thread!

I don't think I have posted on that thread nor do I have any desire to contact aliens.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by Dae
Have you both tried that technique to 'contact Greys' ....

I've never tried that. I'll check out that thread and give it a thought. I haven't decided if I believe that greys are real or not. I'd hate to think I was spending my time trying to contact something that wasn't real ....

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 12:06 PM
maybe its like a nuke-- we have stuff much more advanced now, and its pretty basic technology, but if you have plenty you can still defend yourself no matter how much you have. that is, if we attack you with our advanced tech, both of us are still #ed.

maybe we have some kind of basic tech like that to use against aliens-- just enough to defend ourselves or make them think twice.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by spookymulder
i just watched an x-files episode where the ufo invasion takes place. maybe it will be something like that if ufos do invade i can see him being laughed at by skeptics and govenment offcials but i believe him i have no reason to doubt him i mean he worked for the govenment.

Unfortunately, working for the govt gives no guarantee of truthfulness, though I'd probably believe Nick Pope anyday before I believed anything Phoney Blair came out with.

Anyway, looks like Ross Hemsworth is interviewing Nick Pope tonight on 'Now That's Weird' so I guess there's a chance for folks to fire their questions right at him.
Mind, last time I heard Nick Pope being interviewed on radio, sounded like he'd had a wee few too many drinks beforehand..

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 12:27 PM
Fear mongering. They said it themselves, there is no proof at all of hostile intent, and quite alot of proof to prove the contrary! Prepare yourselves folks, its almost here.

Imagine the benefits of having an advanced civilization to help us along in our leap in evolution. Governments and Military will do all they can to spread fear, and hope we will respond in terror. But, it wont be so. All the proof you need is in your intuition, and you know all the messages they send, and the sighting of their craft everywhere.


posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by jbondo
I don't think I have posted on that thread nor do I have any desire to contact aliens.

Originally posted by FlyersFan
I've never tried that. I'll check out that thread and give it a thought. I haven't decided if I believe that greys are real or not. I'd hate to think I was spending my time trying to contact something that wasn't real ....

Ok, thats weird, I could have sworn you two both not only posted there but said you would try the technique out *scratches head* Gotta warn you both that thread is a bit bizzare and 34 pages to boot!

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 01:15 PM
This subject is so prevalent, yet unexplored. Seriously. This subject has without a doubt intrigued the scientists and government officials that claim there is nothing at all to research.

People on every continent on this planet have had sightings and/or encounters - this is not a psychological phenomena fed by American movies, etc., because tribes in Africa - who do not have cable television I can assure you - have reported mass sightings complete with a landing and alien contact. Not only that, but they describe similar beings that have been reported around the world. This fact alone obliterates this as a psychosis induced by the media.

There is enough objective evidence with photographs and video to show that this is a real, objective phenomena existing outside of our psyches. It's just that confusion arises when these objects display unnatural physical characteristics that we can only, with our current understanding, chalk up as a byproduct of our subconscious.

There isn't a field, aside from recent quantam physics, that accounts for physical objects acting in this manner (i.e., being intelligently controlled and physical, yet being able to travel at speeds that don't fit with our current model of the universe, being able to transform into light, and/or being able to cross into another dimension). This is very cutting edge stuff, so it seems we're categorizing this phenomena incorrectly, and will continue to do so until our institutions wake up and realize that this is showing us an aspect of our own universe that we haven't taken seriously or investigated in a serious and thorough manner.

We need to use this phenomena to upgrade our world view. This may be part of the reason we're not studying it - we don't have the instruments and we don't know how. But what is happening is this phenomena is leading us into a new view of our universe, little by little. There is now no going back. I believe there is a process of awakening and reconfiguring occurring simply as a result of contemplating these events. It's unavoidable.

I'm trying to reconcile this, as is everyone, with my world view. I've had very lucid, very awe inspiring dreams all of my life of alien ships crowding our skies and swooping down. In these dreams I've seen people confused and running around, and I myself was running, although I'm not sure if I felt definitively in these dreams if there was malicious intent on behalf of these visitors. Possibly with some of these visitors, but to dream this stuff and not have anywhere to put it is frustrating.

It occurs to me that these dreams, and similar unconscious visions/dreams that others experience could in fact be our unconscious inculcation, or introduction to this imminent reality. This subconscious introduction to these beings/this reality, could be the other half of this physical phenomena.

Everything in the manifest universe, it is said, arises from the unmanifest, or the "void". All existence arises from the unconscious, which, plainly speaking, is the space where quantam theory places the fabric from which our universe is created, and where it is posited the original creator resides (if they aren't one and the same I'd be surprised).

This would, it could go without saying, be the most appropriate and practical way to introduce such a profound reality and experience to us, which is subconsciously first, to engender a sort of innate familiarity with that reality, and at the same time, to blend it with a physical manifestation of this reality.

Ok, I took a trip on the way out machine there for a second, but my premise is that this stuff is happening, but it's occurring in this gray (no pun intended) area. We are being forced to adjust to the reality being presented before us. It's our reality, but it's different now.

It's very frustrating, because I want - and I think everyone else does too - a definitive answer on this. Why isn't it being studied? I accept the possibility that this obvious fact could be by design of the entities creating this phenomena (by simply presenting themselves in the manner and time they so choose).

They're tugging at our psyche, and they're drawing us out into the universe, and it's a little bizarre...but something's's just hard to tell what exactly until we get there. I'm not even sure a government official coming out and explaining exactly what these beings are doing here, and showing us a craft is going to improve this situation. It may in fact thrust us ever further into a mystery that is already very profound...

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 01:33 PM
Pope's basic statement is well warranted. The government itself states that there are a tiny percentage of unidentified flying objects that are essentially mysterious, that can't confidently be attributed to normal phenomena. Scientists largely agree that there is nothing unusual about earth that means that life shouldn't exist elsewhere, and some scientists have noted that even without FTL travel, ships sent out through the galaxy will be able to reach other planets, on extremely long timescales of course.

Given that we know its likely that there is life on other planets, that its probable that it could be technological, and that its at least possible that it can reach earth, we really do have a responsibility to be aware of whats going on around us.

Consider a numerous small coastal civilization in classical history that didn't concern itself with strange boats that sometimes appear on the ocean's horizon, and then found themselves annihilated in the "End Bronze Age System Collapse". That history has a chance, albeit a very tiny one, of repeating itself for all of humanity. Its really the gigantic proportions of the risk that require some action on our part, even though the likelyhood of a problem is so incredibly small.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 01:56 PM
It is clear they would be eons ahead of us in technology, so how in the world would we be prepared?

Ask the guys in Iraq. They can't shoot down a B2 but it is easy to blow up a truck.

More seriously, it may be still very difficult and expensive to travel such large distances, even for advanced ETs. And their craft may have flaws intrinsically relating to their physical mechanism of action---it could be delicate. There were reports that early radar caused problems and even crashes of ET craft.

There is a big advantage to have 5 billion people and a planet.

Obviously if they wanted us eliminated they could---but suppose they wanted us more 'colonized' than exterminated?

I prefer friendly, open, diplomatic relations. The fact that we don't have them is either because:

1) there aren't ETs flying here
2) if there are, it is THEY who are avoiding peaceful open relations and a recognition of a presumed positive intent. If ETs wanted to change this, they could, in a minute. They haven't.

If our society is supposed to believe they have good intentions, we need evidence of such.

So far, the balance of reports, all unverified, suggests somewhat negative or presumably selfish intentions on average [not as bad as the worst of humans], with an admittedly wide variance of experiences.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 02:06 PM
Sounds like Nick Pope has been sent to deliver a message and the media is letting him speak with a forum...isn't that a tad suspicious? The question to ask is who is sending him and what is the purpose of more terror for the population?

I know that former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer has expressed dire concerns over starting an intergalactic war with our militarization of space and space based weapons.... Aren't we doing that right now? But, it isn't the people that are the problem, but the current underground Earth Administrators.

My best guess is if there is some kind of attack it will be current Earth Administration back engineered oriented. Just stay inside your office and homes and you'll probably be fine. Those that approach the back engineered technology craft will probably be burned and then spectacular shots of human carnage will be aired for your mass consumption on your nightly propaganda news.

Let's see, my speculation is that there is ALREADY A WAR with intergalactic species and that is WHY you have so many craft fallen from the sky. Come on now, can earth planes really be that more reliable???...

Just some thoughts brought to you
From the theremin



Dr. von Braun would have tears in his eyes every time – and he repeated this continuously to me when he talked about us in the galaxy – he would say 'with a hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone. What would make us think that we are the only life form?' That was a very typical, repeated quote.

The other one that he would say is that he knew that we must have peace in space in order to bring the truth in. The only time he used the word, 'extraterrestrial' and 'alien' – and he did this repeatedly as well – was when he spoke to me about the formula for war. That included the fact that when I entered the industry, we were in a supposed Cold War with Russia.

He would say, 'Let's start here where you are.' There are continuous wars and enemies identified in order to perpetuate these wars, always with the ultimate goal of seizing the high ground of outer space to dominate and control the minds of people on Earth so they would not be given the truth, truthful information about who we really are in the universes.


Well, this is what he did not describe. I believe what was happening is that he was under threat.

American "Enemy's List" to Sustain War Mode and Pentagon Budgets

Soviet Union

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 02:17 PM
I've seen in multiple places - ( Magazine covers, news articles, online forums including this one . . . ) - that today is supposed to be the ' End of History '.

Not sure if I believe this ... But I suppose it could have something to do with this guy. Oh. And if anybody thinks it might also mean something... The discovery channel's caption is ' Without science, there would be no history. '

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 02:17 PM
Let's not kid ourselves. The cold war with the USSR wasn't entirely invented out of nothing: Joe Staline had a lot to do with it.

It is unwise to assume ETs are hostile. It is unwise to assume they are friendly. The reason
we can't decide is not our fault, it's theirs.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by mbkennel
Let's not kid ourselves. The cold war with the USSR wasn't entirely invented out of nothing: Joe Staline had a lot to do with it.

It is unwise to assume ETs are hostile. It is unwise to assume they are friendly. The reason
we can't decide is not our fault, it's theirs.

Good point.

But I don't think they would have much of a good reason to be unfriendly, or even hate us. I do not think they are going to be showing themselves soon, but am convinced if they are out there, they are simply just studying us or something of the like... I couldn't think of any reason why they would be hostile, unless it is something that we are doing to them that we are unaware of.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 02:26 PM
It's funny, you guys are having dreams, and for myself, all of a sudden I am right back into UFO mental olympics, meaning this stuff is taking up the majority of my thoughts the past few days? More so than for a long time.

As far as I am concerned, the worst the aliens could or would do to us is:

1) Render our armies and weapons useless.
2) Blast every human with at least one child with a neuter-on ray gun.
3) Eliminate the gene(s) responsible for the hoarding instinct (ie, greed) and turn on the philanthropy gene (social conscience, sharing). Our old style survival mechanisms are killing us.

Those three things alone could heal the planet.

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