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Tell me about your haunted house

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posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 09:44 AM
Alright, lets get away from such serious and ho-hum conversation and just talk for a bit. I would like peoples to tell me about their haunted houses/apartments/flats/whatever.

Let me stress that I do not want people making things up just to post, lets here your real accounts of the paranormal.

I will start this off: I grew up and my family still lives in a brick victorian house in upper new jersey. It was built a few years after the civil war and has its fair share of the unexplained. The 'ghosts' in my house are, if I had to attribute an adjective to them, benevolent. And yes, I say them.

In my house my family believes there are at least three but possibly more 'ghosts' which we have seen, heard, felt the presense of or experienced (things being moved, etc...)

I will begin the discussion by recounting one event that seems to happen more often then not: everyday, that we can gather, you hear someone walking up the stairs to the third floor (they are old wooden stairs). This happens usually twice a day, once in the afternoon and then once at night. After you hear someone make their way up the staircase you then, sometimes, hear them walking around up there. It is only scary for people who aren't used to it and we are all so used to it that it never bothers us anymore.

The best example of this event happening was when my fathers friend was grabbing a shower in our house before he went to work (he was living with us for about a week while his house got some work done to it). It was his first time in the house all alone and nobody had mentioned the third floor stairs so he did not have the expectation of something happening in his mind. Me and my girlfriend at the time returned to the house and he was drying his hair and asked if we had been home and went to the third floor ten minutes ago. We said no and asked why, being sure to not let on to what we knew it was.

He told us that in the shower he heard someone go up the stairs (the stairs go right brhind the shower and the wall that seperates them is pretty thing) and then walk around for a couple of minutes then it stopped. A few minutes later as he was getting out of the shower he heard someone walking around upstairs again. He went to check right after hearing it for the second time and found nobody. He then thought it was the cat but when he got back to the guest room the cat was asleep on his pile of clothes and had been for awhile (when he moved her it was very very warm where she was laying).

Thats my first story...lets hear all of yours.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 06:29 PM
My house is only approx. 25 years old, and wierd events have took place in it. It is in a small town neighborhood which was built on an old 'poor' farm's land. Apparently in the early 1900's poor people used as slaves who got paid little or no money worked on this farm. Now, not only have wierd events took place in my house, they have took place all throughout the neighborhood, which leads me to believe something fishy is going on in this neighborhood. My aunt came into my house for a weekend visit, this is probably the first time that I can remember of when something wierd happened, my aunt was sleeping, and woke in the night to hear someone cleaning the dishes in the sink. she woke the next day and asked who was doing the dishes at 3 in the morning, everyone said they were sleeping. I have personally heard people walking up and down the stairs in my house. My girlfriend just recently spent the night at my house and she woke in the night to hear an organ playing, there is no organ in my house... a week later, it was heard again in the night. I have always had a feeling of someone being near me, (and no i'm not on dugs if anyone is wondering,nor is anyone who has experienced something wierd in my house.) My neighbors have experienced wierd events, they have actually seeing people though in there house, one lady woke to see a man sitting on the foot of her bed and he got up and just walked right out of the room... they also so a little girl standing outside thier door, who was dressed in old-fashioned clothes.. the t.v. turns on all the time for no reason.. the washer will turn on... it is no secret in this town that this neighborhood is haunted.. these are only a few of the stories...

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 06:38 PM
Hello! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Here is my thread that I've been trying (only I don't do a good job) to keep updated about my ghosty house since summer 2003.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 08:16 AM

Originally posted by Valhall
Hello! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Here is my thread that I've been trying (only I don't do a good job) to keep updated about my ghosty house since summer 2003.

Wow, from what I have had time to read so far that is quite the experience you have there. I encourage everyone who may see this thread to check out Valhall's link.

I like the part about the argument that the boys heard 'you' having. It is interesting to hear that because another great part of my house is the woman calling for...somebody.

Every so often when you are in the house you can vividly hear a woman calling out to someone. I have only heard it once and I didn't catch the name at the end of the call. I shoved it off as being aline and my mind playing tricks on me but later in the week my mother was talking to a friend about the house and mentioned that very same thing.

The woman has so much concern in her voice as she calls for the girl (I believe my mom and dad both said they have heard the name 'Heidi'); I guess somebody has lost someone close to them and is still looking...

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 08:58 AM
Hi Spines,

I have never actually experienced any paranormal sightings of ghosts but i have felt things before. Somebody i knew a long term ago shared a very small flat with her partner and they used to talk about their ghost as if it was a real person. It wasn't the nicest by all accounts as they used to feel their legs being nipped when they were watching tv, more a sort of poltergeist activity with the tray in their oven rattling from time to time.

I used to stay way up in the north west of Scotland on holidays with my family and the family house i stayed iN (Which was huge) was haunted according to the family. Again it was as if it was part of the family because whenever something was moved or something strange happened they would blame it on "Harry" as they called him. They claimed to have seen him walking the long country paths when it was close to getting dark during the summer. It was creepy but at the same time i knew that if i did experience anything it would be ok.

The most recent thing for me was that myself, partner and family rented a villa in the Canary islands for a weeks holiday not so long back and even though the place is only 3 years old I immediately felt there was something there. The lady looking after the place told us that the owner had left to live back in the UK because her husband died of a quick illness and as far as i'm aware he passed away in the villa under her care. One night everybody went out to the nearby town for dinner out (I couldn't go, too much sun and was burning pretty bad) and I stayed in and watched TV. Just little weird things happened like i switched off the ceiling fan because it was making a squeeking noise so i could hear the TV better and after nipping to the toilet I came back and it had been switched back on. To be completely honest though I wasn't scared at all, it was as if i was expecting him to turn up at any moment and it I wouldn't be frightened. It is a little weird that you can get a feel of a place without knowing it's history, i certainly wasn't expecting anything like that from a relatively new building but you never really know.

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 11:36 AM

Ah yes, the nice 'part of the family' ghost. I can honestly say that the being(s) that reside in my families home are part of the family.

Now, it isn't like we sit around and play cards with these guys, but they are nothing evil and are, if anything, helpful at times. I see all this talk in Val's thread about needed prayer circles and people urging her to get rid of the ghots...why?

So Val, if you are reading this, I have not had the time to go through all 33 pages of that thread (working on it though
) but from what I have read only one person has suggested that these ghosts may not be anything harmful at all. They seem to be attempting to get your attention and just want you to know that they are there. Hell, I can relate to most everything that has happened to you so far throughout your thread.

One nice little example of the ghosts in my house being an obvious presense is walking up the stairs at night. When going to the second floor it feels as if someone is watching you. The feeling freaked me out for awhile and when I finally told my parents about it they just laughed and said "oh, you don't need to worry about him. he is just making sure you get up to bed alright". They refused to tell me anything else because they didn't want to put ideas in my head. Well, almost every night I kept getting that feeling when I would walk upstairs. One day a friend who was staying the night for the first time and I, or anyone in my family, had told him about the 'being watched' feeling when going up to the second floor.

He got upstairs and looked at me and said, "I don't know why but I have the strongest feeling that someone watched me come up here". Haha, we were the only ones home and I explained to him that apparently its normal for this house.

So, one day as I was getting that feeling while going to bed I thought about what my parents had said. As the thought came to mind I just stopped midway and, without turning around, said "Goodnight". Bam! Feeling of being watched gone. I asked my parents and they both smiled as they told me about how they always get the feeling to and just say "See you in the morning" and it goes away.

So now I get the feeling most every night I stay there and just say goodnight and it goes away. He (we call that one he because we are pretty sure its an elderly man) simply makes sure all goes well. I am pretty sure he probably did the same thing for his family when he was still alive in that house.

So, the offtopic and hard to follow moral of the story is: Val, maybe they are 'good ghosts' that just need some attention

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by arian9
the t.v. turns on all the time for no reason.. the washer will turn on... it is no secret in this town that this neighborhood is haunted.. these are only a few of the stories...

Things turning off and on all the time...yep, thats my house as well

I find that sometimes it can be explained but other times it makes you feel like you are losing your mind. Any specific instances of things turning off or on that you could talk about?

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 03:27 AM
I only ever had one experience with a ghost in an old apartment I lived in some time ago.

Penticton BC...and there was a really nice old lady who lived just down the hall from me. She'd lived there forever with her husband and continued after he'd died in that same apartment.

Her kids talked her into moving in with them, as she was getting pretty scatter brained and after she left my daughter and I moved into her suite as it was a two bedroom.

I always had the feeling of not being "alone" even when my daughter was at playschool (she was 3 years old at the time).

One night I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes, and heard my daughter chattering away to herself...then I heard her say very clearly, "Want some?"...she repeated it a few times and when I peeked around the corner to see what she was doing, there she was offering her slimy half eaten cookie to the air.

I asked her what she was doing and she said "He wants some..." with a HUGE grin on her face...she turned back around, still holding her hand with the cookie up to the air...then like nothing happened she was off and playing again.

The next time something happened we were having a snuggle in the chair watching some TV. The sound was down very low and all the lights were on. My daughter sudden;y turned her head and started waving at "something" down the hallway in front of the bathroom at the end of the hall. Again she had a HUGE grin and said "Hi!!" very chipper and cheerfully. Then she turned back to the TV like nothing happened.

I never saw a darned thing. Let me tell you I looked and double looked...nadda.

I asked the resident manager about Stella's husband and learned that 6 or 7 years prior he'd passed away in the bathroom of a massive heart attack. Died hung over the toilet.

For several weeks I walked around (I kid you not) telling him "Mr. Halloday...Stella's gone to Victoria to live with the kids you can go now...she's okay..."

Apparently Mr. Halloday was a wonderful man and many tenants told me how nice he was and how much he loved Stella and his kids (five or six kids plus grands)...

I never had a bad feeling in that apartment...just a sense of not being "alone" daughter certainly wasn't frightened...

it was a bit creepy...but you know...I always wonder about the bonds of love after a partner passes on...I believe my daughter saw Mr. Halloday...twice that I know of...maybe more times than that???

The apartment I'm in now had a tenant die...the body wasn't found for three weeks. Nothing happens though and I get no impressions or feeling here at all.

Weird huh?

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