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12 Year Old Has Liposuction

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 11:39 PM

Nov. 6, 2006 — Childhood can be a tough place for an overweight kid, as other children can be brutal with cruel words, laughter and cold stares.

In a documentary called, "Fat Like Me," obese kids talked about the pain they experienced.

One boy said, "I'm like the prey. People come after me because I'm fat."

I can't believe this is true.
The risks involved in liposuction are major. It could cause infections, embolism, seroma, swelling, skin necrosis, and puncture wounds to the organs.

I don't think people calling you fat is an excuse to eat and become morbidly obese. Even if this girl is 12 her parents should of atleast cared a little when they noticed their daughter was getting HUGE.

A Liposuction procedure is harmful to adults, and can be fatal. This little girl is very, very lucky. They said that the surgery was a miracle but they only removed 35 pounds of fat and fluid. She now weighs 153 pounds after the surgery. Her parents better keep her on a diet and stop buying fatty foods or else she's just going to end up being exactly where she was before.

This little girl is 12 years old and she weighs just as much as 18 year old average men. She's still going to be called fat which means she's still going to "eat her pain away" when all of the kids make fun of her. What happened to the good ole' cottage cheese diet?


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posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 06:15 PM

Occasional risks of liposuction include:

Heavy bleeding (less of a problem with ultrasound-assisted liposuction)

A bad reaction to the anesthetic

Emergency hospital admission

Noticeable irregularities in body contour

Prolonged swelling

Brown spots on the skin (hyperpigmentation)

The following factors increase the risks of liposuction:

Removal of too much fat

Inadequate monitoring after removal of a large volume of fat (greater than 10 pounds)

Injection of overly large amounts of fluid and anesthetic

Performance of multiple surgical procedures in the same surgical session

Poor health, such as having diabetes, poor circulation, or severe lung or heart disease

I think there is way too many risks for a person to even consider getting this procedure unless they really needed it.

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 07:13 PM
The picture from the link you posted.

A change of diet was needed, not liposuction.

Look at these two boys.
The last place they should be is McDonalds.

This kid should have a football in his hand instead of a bag of chips.
Too many kids are spending time on the sofa when they should be out playing.

The parents of these two should be charged with child abuse.

No parent should ever let their child become so fat. :shk:
If it's not against the law to allow children to become this obese, it should be.

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 09:21 PM

A change of diet was needed, not liposuction.

I agree that girl isn't too big to be able to change her diet and excersise. I personally think that it is torture for parents to allow their kids to become this fat. What are the benefits of being overweight? None, there are no benefits to being physically useless, unless people like this girl become something of value to the earth, there is no reason to be on it.

Anxiety those last 3 pictures you posted make me want to puke.

In the second picture..why are those two boys still eating!!?? More importantly why are they still eating at McDonalds, the most unhealthy restaurant to be in the world IMO.

In the third picture you posted. Is this what people want the rest of the world to be? Fat slobs, who serve no purpose to humanity? This is what technology does to you. Ofcourse I watch TV also but I still get in my fair share of excersise a day. Actually I would said that just walking a couple thousand steps a day would help you lose weight.

The last picture is appauling and disgusting to no end. How can parents afford to be buying all of this food for their children? The habit of eating will never die in a child IMO. Why can't people just eat to live, instead of live to eat?

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