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what i've learned

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 09:48 PM
people say that alien entities are:

1. abducting and probing them for scientific purpose's
2. of zeti-reticulan, reptilian, and nordic race's
3. satanic and demonic
4. a threat to human survival

the problem i have with the above point's are that there is zero evidence that they are true, i mean i can say i was probed deep and hard by someone from jupiter but did i really? nope

here are some interesting point's

1. alien's have been visiting earth for thousand's of year's, therefore the nazi's or the u.s. didn't create or invent space craft, we can only try to copy it
2. human's might have been created by an alien race, therefore they would be our god's and angel's, there seem's to be several race's of alien's and possibly alien clone's but there is no evidence that they are at war with each other
3. alien technology is just outside of our comprehension and probably by design, they are super fast, quiet, invisible, we can chase them but never catch them, we can lock on to them with missile's but not able to fire, they can shut down any of our technology like missile's, car's electrical grid's, etc., they have the ability to alter or manipulate the environment and even paralise witnesses

i'm not looking for a debate but i do want to inspire people to think about this subject in a different way, btw it is very possible that this subject does not exist

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 11:00 PM
well for starts, like you said about alien abductions you have no hard evidence to prove that aliens have/ are visiting earth.
and seconly why don't people give the human race and credit for anything. anything impressive that humans have made all seem to be connected to aliens in some way. Pyrimids, Space travel, stealth air crafts, transistors and other advanced technologies.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 12:25 AM
I think its wrong to say we have "zero" evidence. Who is we? Plus there is more than enough solid information in the public domain to indicate that there definetly is evidence out there (kept secret), and that at least there is enough information available that indicates that some of the points mentioned can be true.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 12:31 AM
I think there is a middle ground.

There is no publicly available "hard" evidence such as high resolution videotape of aliens, but there is certainly plenty of evidence to support the idea that alien spaceships have and continue to visit Earth. If you look at all the available data, it's the most logical explanation. For example, the COMETA report is a mainstream & rational look at the situation.

Now on the other hand, reptilian overlords and alien genetic experiments in secret underground bases, with secret mining operations on the moon et cetera are all fringe theories with little credible evidence.

Abductions are hard to categorize. If you accept the premise that aliens are here, I think you have to accept the notion they've studied humanity "hands on". But considering human nature, and the shear number of people who will tell you they've been abducted, I'm compelled to think 99% of abduction cases have psychological rather than extraterrestrial origins.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 12:46 AM
all i'm saying is prove it, give some evidence that people are being abducted, don't tell me what some lonely old woman said or someone who's addicted to little white lies say's , just prove it, why would some alien come down and park their ship in your back yard and then pick the lock on the back door and drag you to their ship and study you, who are you that you need to be studied?

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 02:17 AM
I am not saying that aliens are not visiting earth, in fact I believe that they are, but there is no solid conclusive proof that there are aliens visiting, but I agree that it would seem logical and explain a lot if they were.

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