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Ever heard the name Mike Pence? will

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 06:42 PM
A great congressman out of Indiana but I feel sorry for him. He wants to be the minority speaker which I applaud. The reason I feel sorry for him is the mainstream media democratic party spin machine will soon go into full offense to try to dig up dirt and destroy the guy. Mark my words, we will soon start seeing negative stories about him out of the blue for one reason or another. Where is solid democrat smut merchant Larry Flint when you need him? We'll see if my predictions come true...

A footnote:
I just feel sorry for those who have been brainwashed by big brother media's leftwing disinformation. Doesn't it give you pause that all democrat politician scandals are buried and all republican ones are exagerrated? Do your really think it's for the common good that the majority of media outlets are one-sided sludge pumps? Do you feel like you are getting the truth or a politically slanted spin?

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 03:00 AM
Yah know, Apoc, I am really tired of people spouting about the "Liberal" media in this country... You have heard it, and everyone repeats it like it is gospel...

We have only one liberal mass media outlet (until it gasps it final breathe) that is liberal, and that is AirAmerica, and every last one of the rest of them are owned lock, stock and barrel by conservative corporations.

I recently had a Republican Political advisor that was my college Political Science instructor, and we charted the major news outlets out on a scale according to the way the covered stories: top ten television networks, top 30 newspapers and top 10 radio networks, and every last one of the television/cable networks were ranked to the right of center. Please note we did not include the OP/ED pages as usually these contained a balance of both...

EVEN CNN WAS RIGHT OF CENTER... The closest to center, believe it or not was MSNBC...

The "Left" only has AirAmerica and a few newspapers, so please stop repeating the "Liberal" media BS as gospel, when it is only spoonfeed crap for the ignorant masses, who eat it up like ambrosia...


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