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Eco-friendly Bra/Bag

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 06:33 PM
Yet another... well it comes from Japan, so yeah.

Lingerie manufacturer Triumph International Japan has unveiled a
new type of brassiere that can be converted into a shopping bag.
Called the “No! Shopping Bag Bra” (NO! reji-bukuro bra), the
environmentally-friendly lingerie is designed to promote the
reduction of plastic bag consumption, a key objective of the
revised Containers and Packaging Recycling Law hammered out
by Japanese lawmakers in June.

Each year, Japanese shoppers receive an estimated 30 billion
plastic shopping bags, which, in terms of the oil resources needed
to produce them, amounts to two giant tankers full of oil (millions
of barrels).
About 30% of these bags are thrown away without being reused,
and since the consumption of plastic shopping bags contributes to
environmental problems such as increased energy usage, trash
buildup, and global warming due to CO2 released in the garbage
incineration process, there are urgent calls to reduce their usage.

The bra — available in red, blue, green, yellow and pink — is made
from the Teijin Group’s ECOPET brand of polyester fiber, which has
been recycled from plastic bottles through the company’s patented
EcoCircle recycling system.

Pink Tenacle

Ok, well at first you may wonder why this is here, well that's
simple, it's a very ecofriendly product.

I think it's a genius idea, a bit odd, but still genius.

Comments, Opinions?

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 08:53 PM
Best used for two-for-one sales!!

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