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231st Birthday of the United State Marine Corps

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 07:36 AM
Every year on 10 November, Marines across the globe celebrate their Marine Corps Birthday by attending Marine Corps Birthday Balls, cake cutting ceremonies in Iraq, or simply reflecting on their time in the Corps.

In celebration of this year’s 231st Birthday of the United States Marine Corps, I dedicate this thread to all the Marines, future Marines, and spouses of Marines on ATS.

"On November 1st. 1921, John A. Lejeune, 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, directed that a reminder of the Corps be published by every command, to all Marines throughout the globe, on the Birthday of the Corps. Since the day, Marines have continued to distinguish themselves on many battlefields and foreign shores, in war and peace. On this Birthday of the Corps, therefore, in compliance with the will of the 13th Commandant, Article 38 United States Marine Corps Manual, Edition of 1921, is published as follows:"
source: MC order on B-day ball celebrations

LtGen John A. Lejeune's Birthday Message
"On November 10, 1775, a Corps of Marines was created by a resolution of the Continental Congress. Since that date many thousands of men have borne that name Marine. In memory of them it is fitting that we who are Marines should commemorate the Birthday of our Corps by calling to mind the glories of its long and illustrious history.

The record of our corps is one which will bear comparison with that of the most famous military organizations in the world's history. During 90 of the 146 years of its existence the Marine Corps has been in action against the Nation's foes. From the Battle of Trenton to the Argonne, Marines have won foremost honors in war, and is the long eras of tranquility at home, generation after generation of Marines have grown gray in war in both hemispheres and in every corner of the seven seas, that our country and its citizens might enjoy peace and security.

Read the entire message...

Every year since LtGen John A. Lejeune issued the first birthday message, Commandants have issued their own message.

This year's Marine Corps Birthday Message issued by Gen Michael W. Hagee, 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps (current):

On November 10th 1775, our Corps was born as the Continental Congress raised the “first and second battalions of American Marines”. Each year as we celebrate out birthday, we pause to reflect on the Marines of yesteryear who fought in our touchstone battles and forged the modern Marine Corps with courage, integrity and undying commitment to their fellow Marines. Each of our storied battles is a link in the long chain that binds all Marines together from the Continental Marines at Bunker Hill to the Teufelhunden crossing the wheat fields of Belleau Wood. This chain binds us to the Marines on the crest of Mount Suribachi; is passes through the ice and snow of the Chosin Reservoir and the steaming jungles of Vietnam, and it anchors firmly today in the desert sands of Iraq.
Read the entire message...

The Marine's Hymn
From the halls of Montezuma,
to the shores of Tripoli,
We fight our country's battles in the air,
on land and sea.
First to fight for right and freedom,
and to keep our honor clean;
We are proud to claim the title
of United States Marine.
Our Flag's unfurled to every breeze
from dawn to setting sun.
We have fought in every clime and place,
where we could take a gun.
In the snow of far off northern lands
and in sunny tropic scenes,
You will find us always on the job,
the United States Marines.
Here's health to you and to our Corps,
which we are proud to serve.
In many a strife we've fought for life
and never lost our nerve.
If the Army and the Navy
ever look on heaven's scenes,
they will find the streets are guarded
by United States Marines.

To eveyone on ATS who has ever earned the title Marine, I wish you a happy 231st Birthday.....Happy Birthday, Marines!

Please use this thread to give a 'shout out' and let the ATS Board know that you are a Marine

Other links
History of the Marine Corps Birthday Ball Celebration
History of the Marine Corps
Marine Corps customs

We Will Always Remember.....

Semper Fidelis

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 07:37 AM
Happy birthday Marines. God bless you and keep you safe.

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 07:53 AM

Thank you.....

And to my Fellow ATS Members, I give a BIG HOORAHHHHH..

To my Fellow Marines... Semper Fi....

I'll be attending my usual Marine Corps Ball put on by the Marine Corps League, all fancied up in my Dress Blues...

Thanks for the Shout Out Sporty,


posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 08:52 AM
For all the Marines out there...

I have some excellent Marine Avatars and Marine Wallpaper...

U2U me and I'll post it for you or send it too you...

Semper Fi!!!


posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 09:50 AM
Lets not forget the Children of Marines.

The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!
Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States, 1945

Semper Fi!

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 12:18 PM
leathernecks are the best. One Devildog = 5 of the enemy!


Dad of a Marine.

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 07:41 PM
To all Marines everywhere, Happy Birthday!

Semper Fidelis!

posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 02:14 PM

Lets not forget the Children of Marines.

[edit on 26-4-2007 by Stormdancer777]

posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 02:20 PM
HB Marines,

Thank You for all that you do!

Ah, the Dress Blues... absolutely the sharpest of all military uniforms.

posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 02:42 PM
KUDOS to Stormdancer777 and elevatedone for breathing a breath of fresh air into this thread/post.

In my opinion, SportyMB made an Excellent opening post which unfortunately seems to have gone unrecognized and unnoticed as such.

Not to go off topic here, but semperfortis also made quite the podcast on Being A Marine . Something I feel Anyone could appreciate and/or benefit from ... personally, or otherwise.

While I can't lay claim to being such, the core values and principles therein are akin to that which I hold near and dear.

Just sayin' ...


posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 03:31 AM
Im confused its not the birthday of the Marines that is on november 10th am I right or wrong here (I do have a degree in military history so not just throwing that out there). Anyway keep up the good work Marines and keep fighting.

Since I will be In Iraq when these roll around I wanna give a shout out to the October 13th Birthday of the Navy the June 14th birthday of the Army and of course the youngest of them all the September 18th Birth of the Air Force.

Edit I just read the first post my bad did not see how old this thread was.

[edit on 27-4-2007 by 19 Kilo]

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 04:27 AM

Originally posted by 19 Kilo
Im confused its not the birthday of the Marines that is on november 10th am I right or wrong here (I do have a degree in military history so not just throwing that out there).

10 November 1775 is when the US Marines Corps was officially established.

United States
Originally organized as the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775 as naval infantry, the Marine Corps has evolved in its mission with changing military doctrine and American foreign policy.

Thanks for all the "shout outs" and to Stormdancer777 and all the others for bringing this thread back to life.


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