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proposed mandatory "vegetative state" clause in wills - unconstitutional?

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 10:59 PM
in the recent thread about the UK doing a study on the morality and benefits behind the infantcide of "damaged" humans, there is a sub-discussion about the vegetative states comatose people are in. i contributed by reccomending that there should be a mandatory "vegistative state clause" ("VSC") in wills.

i thought that this issue would make a good thread of its own.

im going to take this further, and propose that in addition to the mandatory VSC, the writing of a will should be mandatory when a person legally becomes an adult. meaning, you would have to make the choice of how your family should handle the situation if and when you ever found yourself in it.

what are your thoughts on this? are there any human/civil rights this law would be trampling on?

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