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Unraveling the mystery of God

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 03:34 PM
  • The Problem

    We seem to have found ourselves in a vast ‘space,’ at a moment of 'time' unsure of what our reality really means, if there is meaning to be had at all.

    The lifetime of a human is extremely short (~75 years) and analysis shows us that human civilization has been around less than 100,000 years. While thousands of years might seem like a long time, studies indicate that our planet is roughly 4.6 billion years old and that our universe is approximately 15 billion years old. This is an unfathomable amount of time for our brains to digest. Given such large scales of time humans have theorized that living creatures are able to 'evolve.' This means that over the course of millions of years, living creatures are able to change fundamental attributes of themselves in order to survive.

    In addition to all of the above, we have records from 2000 years ago of a fellow named Jesus. Supposedly, Jesus was the son of the creator of all that is (God), and came here to die in front of us in order to teach us 'right' from 'wrong.'

    So just how do we make sense of all of this??

  • What the heck is a human being?

    That's us! We appear to the most dominant form of life on the planet. Our larger brains and expanded consciousness have given us a huge advantage over other lifeforms on our planet. There is still much debate among us as to what consciousness is, although many believe that it arises initially from the template of the lived human body that feels and moves. Humans, like all living beings, serve as the “eyes and ears” of God.

  • What are you talking about? What, who, where is God??

    Hold on, first thing’s first. It's silly to ask where God is because any entity/consciousness capable of creating a realm of spacetime (our realm) would have to be outside of spacetime. Can you imagine something with no space or no time? There would be nowhere to go, because you would already be there. No past to recall and no future to anticipate because IT JUST IS.

    So then who or what is God? I honestly don't believe God is anything we are able to conceive. I would say that God is some consciousness outside of spacetime. If I may take a quote from Bernard Haisch, the closest approximate description is probably love, light, and bliss.

  • I like that description but is that all?!?

    Of course not. Since God is not constricted by spacetime then God could be described as being nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. What can I say? God is a tricky fellow but I think I know part of him quite well. If God is literally everywhere then God is literally everything. If you follow this to it's logical conclusion you realize that you are not seperate from God, you are a part of God. In fact, from a certain perspective, we are all quite literally God! God created man in his own image. In God's image he created him; male and female he created them.

  • Say what!? Rubbish! I am not God, I am too imperfect!

    Rubbish! If God is literally everything then God embodies the concepts of perfection as well as imperfection.

  • Well if God is so powerful then why choose to become us?

    Good question. I doubt God thought "I want to be Jack, Jill, Joe Shmoe, human#23845, etc." I think God wants to experience itself. I mean how does God use the unlimited power it has? What do you do with infinite potential?

    Have you ever played one of those videogames on "God mode?" It's fun for awhile I suppose. But doesn't it get boring pretty quickly? The real fun in the game is attempting to run across a room littered with enemies and throw that one lever so you can open the necessary door to advance to the next level. The real fun is figuring out the pattern of the boss or what item/weapon you have to use to beat it. So the real fun in the game is the mystery. Even "button mashers" have some element of mystery to them, something to figure out.

    The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. -Albert Einstein

    We serve God by experiencing the mysterious (reality is mysterious). In fact there is no escaping experiencing reality. If you choose to attend church you are experiencing something. If you choose to sit in a corner and not think about God or reality then you are still experiencing something. If you decide that reality is just too much and you want to blow your brains out, you are still experiencing something.

    Furthermore, this is how God interacts with itself. I interact with humans on a daily basis in a wide variety of ways. Some I dislike. Some I'm indifferent to. Some I like. Some I fear. Some I love. Etc! Sure it may seem like I'm a completely seperate being from the rest of the universe, and the human next to me is a completely seperate individual for me to interact with... but it only seems that way. In fact we are all one and therefore interacting with ourself.

  • What about the Bible and Jesus?

    Hmm. Why would God create a realm based on cause and effect, only to judge its inhabitants on an ambiguous term like morality? Does this mean a Jesus-like figure has paid a visit to every planet in the universe with intelligent life? I'm of the opinion that there are two possibilities here:

    1) Humans invented (the Biblical) God in order to instill peace and order into society as its population grew.

    2) Intelligent beings evolved on Earth long before mankind came to be. These beings knew someday humans would develop the intelligence to be a nuissance (i.e. nukes), so they attempted to instill us with a sense of morality to help guide us on the transition from animals to a higher intelligence.

  • Ugh… so how does evolution fit into all this?

    God does not need to control the details, only throw the first switch. Evolution is just the result of the physical properties of our reality. Similarly, there may be other realities/universes which turned into dead ends. Some work, some don’t. Evolution (as we know it) works the same way.

    **Thanks for reading BTSers**


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