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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:27 PM
link - Beware Exit Polls

Election Experts Believe Exit Polls Give An Edge And Sway Towards Democrat Candidates.

National Exit Polls Will Skew In Favor Of Democrats This Year, Due To Large Numbers Of Uncontested Democrat Seats In The House Of Representatives.

Early Exit Polling Returns In 2004 Were Widely Inaccurate, Declaring Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) To Be The Next President Of The United States And Republicans Barely Holding A One Seat Majority In The U.S. Senate.

In The 2002 Midterm Elections, Exit Polling Produced Unusable Data.

In 2000, Exit Polling Malfunctioned And Incorrectly Projecting Vice President Al Gore As The Winner Of The Crucial Battleground State Of Florida.

Of course most of thier “evidence” comes from the past 3 elections, when the hackable voting machines were being used. How can they deny the accuracy of exit polling previous to 2000? Exit polls were originally supposed to be a measure preventing, or at least exposing election fraud.

Mitofsky has been conducting exit polls since 1967 for some 3000 elections.

They boast an average 1% margin of error in their work. For 38 years, they offer this acute accuracy level in thousands of elections both here and abroad. EXCEPT in the 2000, 2002, and 2004 US elections.
Why would the previous near four decades of relied upon polling practice suddenly lose all of its credibility-- precisely when electronics are introduced into the voting systems?

Of course the GOP aren’t the only ones saying this. However I think it’s a logical fallacy to say “well since the exit polls have been wrong in the last 3 elections, the problem must be with the polling.” Meanwhile ignoring the “coincidence” of the voting machines implemented at the same time. Ignoring the fact that Germany’s exit polls are VERY accurate. Ignoring also that the exit polls tend to trend towards democrats, logic would tell you that random inaccuracies would not favor one party over the other across the country. But most of all they are ignoring the very reason exit polls exist, to expose fraud

I think The GOP is buttering up us for another “inaccurate” exit poll, and a Republican win tonight. Good luck USA, I’m Glad I vote with paper.

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