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Alien abduction in winter

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 11:56 AM
I have seen this theory floating around the boards here at A.T.S.
That is, the theory of when someone can be abducted by an alien, if this is even desirable.
(more on this later.)

The time seems to be between 2-4 that you can see them, but to be abducted you need to be in the middle of nowhere, alone, no weapons, in the middle of winter at night.
Now first I think I would think that you have a chance of a wild dog biting you or some crazy attacking you if you are alone and unprotected then you do of an alien abduction.

This is the scenario I have seen in a couple of threads floating around from John Lear to S.T.M's thread. While I dont deny this is possible, it seems more an issue of what I pointed out.
Not using wisdom when going out, and no one is going to attempt this just to see an alien. (at least I hope not.)

However, people do go out on hiking trips, etc. So I am interested if hikers, etc. have had an experience like this. Out alone in the winter at night, and seen or been "abducted by aliens"
Honestly the abducted experiences seem more "dreamlike" then something someone can actually prove. (i.e., someone having actual proof, or documentation that only top scientist could say, "yeah this person shouldnt be able to understand this, we dont either, but it is advanced communication."

Now, on my part, I grew up in the country...middle of nowhere.
Walked out in the moonlit night, Im sure after 2, and no abduction. (thank God, as I will explain later why this may be good. As some actually desire an abduction.)

Infact recently, we had snow and I walked out, alone, at dark, in the middle of nowhere, and nothing, but big huge buzz of electric lines.

Which is interesting, as it seems alien craft that have been sighted (or maybe its government secret craft) use the energy from large electrical lines, and also frequent around nuclear power plants. (mabye another aspect as to who gets abducted...they actually frequent nuclear powerplants for a reason.,)

Now in saying this, one thing you will face, is your own fear and own demons...then you come out and realize there is only fear of fear itself. The unknown is what we fear.

But as to why you would not want to be abducted.
REad my link below....

satan the dragon is good, and the sepherim holy reptilian angels are evil

If my theory holds any truth to it...then more than likely, your not going to meet some holy angel. You will meet some arse who does not really want to help you out.

Enough on this topic



posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 01:23 PM
Dalen, I agree. All of my "dreams" and experiences I can remember have happened in the winter in the middle of nowhere. I too grew up in a itty bitty town surrounded my corn fields and currently live on the edge of town surrounded by trees and fields. I think it bears further investigation, Angel.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 02:50 PM
I grew up in a small rural community also and spent many nights out in the woods, many times without lights of any kind. I have also been stalked by wild dogs at night.

In fact, I almost shot my friends cat. He was living on the mountain in a cabin as his parents threw him out at 15. He was attacked by this pack of dogs one night and if it were not for his Collie/Sheppard mix breaking his chain my friend would have most likely been dogmeat. Anyway, the next night while hiking up a logging road to his cabin (winter, deep snow) he happen to shine his light up ahead and there were 2 glowing eyes. I had a 12 gauge shotgun for hunting the next day and whilst peeing my pants I really wanted to shoot this huge animal. He said no; let’s get closer to be sure. I was beside myself at this point but didn't shoot. When we got about 20 feet away, here was his cat sitting on top of a big pile of cement block.

We had some very strange things happen late at night up there but never any aliens....that I know of.

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