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Idaho professor's Bigfoot research threatens job!

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 09:52 AM
The war against pseudoscience continues to rage.

This time at the Idaho State U, where Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, an anatonmical professor, is also the country's foremost bigfoot researcher. His research though may prevent him from receiving tenure as many of his professional peers at the university lobby the regents to bar Meldrum from receiving the guarantee of a professorship job for his life.

Even one fellow professor asked whether Meldrum would be investigating Santa Clause next.

While I personally find bigfoot all bunk -- as no credible evidence has ever been found -- I also hold to the possibility that an unknown ape specie may exist out there, especially given that we find "extinct" species pretty regularly anymore (ivory-billed woodpecker anyone?)

But at the same time, this campaign is nothing more than the basest form of censorship. And you would think better of a university, where free speech is supposed to be championed.

As a suggestion, I think everyone needs to reread this document, especially the first Article. And then please send this link to anyone you feel needs a refresher.

That's all for my soapbox of the day.

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