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Other VEI 8 volcanoes (supervolcanoes) of the past million years

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 09:08 AM
I thought of creating this thread a few days ago after making one about Yellowstone. So i thought a thread about supervolcanoes which aren't yellowstone would be good.

I might make a few referneces to VEI (volcanic explosivity index) so here is the wikipedia article

Lake Toba, in indonesia is also well known, as it was the most devestating (to humanity) VEI 8 eruption (to date). It killed off most of the human race 74,000 years ago. It was an eruption of 2800km cubed of magma. There were also Caldera forming eruptions there 700,000 years ago and 840,000 years ago.

Lake Taupo, in New Zealand, is another Supervolcano. The last VEI 8 eruption was 26,500 years ago, with 1170 cubic kilometres of ejected magma. There have also been eruptions of a lesser scale, including one of VEI 7 in 181 AD. This was an eruption of 100km cubed.

There have been others as well, but not in the last million years, as these are probably most likely to be active.

If you wish to have a more complete list, of all known VEI 8 eruptions, this article should be of great value:


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