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New David Sereda UFO Film update with Radio Interview!

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 03:44 PM
So far nothing since then about power black outs and UFOs nearby.

Ohio activity must be down.

UFOs have switched to Triangles and activity must have switched to UK
and to Sydney, Australia. See member CYRAX photos.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:14 AM
Ah David Seranda's stuff is quite interesting and more often than not, thought provoking!

I enjoyed the Nasa UFO videos on Google Video, although towards there is way way too much specultion, still didn't stop me from enjoying it though.

Does anyone know when his new video is out?

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 01:39 PM
The Google link in down and the original poster spammer is banned.

I saw the fellow explaining the circle of ball lightning ships in the
upper atmosphere in the video from NASA.

The circle of ships has been photographed many times in the sky
and put on the net.

Big old FOO ships developed in New Mexico is my spin.

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 02:51 PM
I really dug David Sereda's presentation @ Xcon 2005. He seems like a realist!

I saw his "From here to Andromeda" and all I got out of it was the Boyd Bushmen (I think that's his name) interview about anti-gravity and a couple of other interviews. Interviews are not that exciting to watch, specially when there is not real presentation, just all talk. I wouldn't recommend buying that video, it was quiet a boring watch... Just my opinion.

He was supposed to be at a MUFON meeting in LA in couple of months back but was canceled and some other dude took his place.

I was pist!

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 04:21 PM
The "From Here To Andromeda" was going to prelude to smoking gun materials dealing with more indepth materials but since the people that took part in it have NOT BEEN PAID even months after it's release will find other sources to release more in depth materials.

Because of people like this who made this show, when other investigators and those wanting to publish materials on subjects such as antigravity, ufo, alien technology and other related items, they will not get people to come forward because they are left high and dry!!!

Materials that might set the world on edge will remain classified!

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