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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 12:08 PM
Is it possible to give yourself "super-Powers"?? Is there a way you can read peoples minds or move ocjects with energy?? IF anyone has links to these it would be great...

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 12:22 PM
The human mind is more powerful than most people realize. I believe it can potentially be used to generate what some people may consider to be "super powers". I also think that if you believe something with enough energy and direct all your being towards it, it will happen, either in your mind or in reality. I'm not really sure which myself.

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 02:00 PM
retracted - it seemed funy at the time
mea culpa

[edit on 6-11-2006 by ignorant_ape]

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 06:07 PM
Ah, who would have thought that just a few weeks ago I was asking myself the same question.

Here is your answer:

Have fun.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 11:36 AM
So had anyone tryed this and had any luck??

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 02:20 PM
I've had plenty of luck with PsiPOG. It's got some of the best how-to-do's on the internet.

This stuff will work, but you've got to be willing to put in plenty of time and effort.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 02:55 PM
I had powers. They were unbelievable. Everyone shuned me, so i destroyed this web site and lost all powers. My powers were that of the elements.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 02:57 PM
Of course i could get them back just as easily, if i wished.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:00 PM
I did give my powers to my self. I found them. I will show no one the way. They were to destructive and evil.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 04:48 PM
Can i have the links to some of these "how to do" guides?

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 05:20 PM
You'll find plenty of "How-to" articles in the link I have already provided. You've just gotta look around a bit.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 01:37 AM
All super-powers are of the devil. I wonder why people don't see that.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 02:19 AM
Question to Voidmaster.

With those 'how-to' techniques, have you had any results? Don't have to go into specifics if you don't want to, but just a simple yes or no would do.

I've tried some methods in the past and had moderate results, which could have been purely chance, but i was contemplating trying again.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 06:32 AM
Yes, I have had very good results. Better than average, but that's just probably my own talent for this stuff shining through. It takes alot of work/practice and can be extrodinarily frustrating at times.

I chuckle when I think back to 4 or so months ago when I was struggling with moving a Psi-Wheel, and now I'm have moderate success with flipping the pages of books without touching them.

Have fun with it.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 09:47 PM

I've been doing one of the deck of card exersises, which is to pick a single card, shuffle the deck and remove 6 cards and repeat until only the card you chose is left... or shuffle it until your card is on the top... i get it right around 90% of the time i'd say...

If i had more privacy from family i'd try the key on the string exersize, but it'd look a bit strange to my parents lol.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 11:24 PM
The powers are real, despite what the majority of the blind think that seem to partake in this society.

I could never do much but it was eye opening. I experienced an OBE, I've also moved pens with my mind (a long time ago), I also showed my family spoon bending.

I also had a levitation experience but I can't do it on command so again....not much in the end.

Before I was a smoker I could burn people with energy, not paper or anything cool like that
. My old spiritual teacher could burn objects with "his" technique but it was just a legend as I suppose, I never saw it.

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