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America's Agony

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 10:37 AM

Originally posted by photobug

Originally posted by Radekus
This is of course a solution, I do not enforce it upon anyone, is is but an opinion. I do not proliferate any violent manifestations at this time, I would only strike if attacked. I believe in civil disobedience.

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Now that sounds like the politically correct answer.

wouldn't wanna be shiped off to guatanamo bay cuba...
They're eyes and ears are everywhere, and you can bet you ass that
thay're reading all this. The CIA of course.

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:26 PM
In fact this might as well be an exercise in fishing.

Anyway, the NSA dudes reading this are human, too, so why not post a snippet? Lots of people mentioned hollywood, TV, the media, which is good, but what do they all have in common? they sell (virtual) reality, if you don't know life, like when you're young, living a detached life of a city, all you'll ever see is an artifical world, whether you live in luxury or are a low-ranked member of a ghetto gang.

If you took a look at rabies, you'd see how a parasite controls individuals, by desire and fear. obvious, but why not say it.. it controls your perceptions.

money is a good example, our fiat currency is completely detached from reality, yet most people feel real guilt if they run out of it, the rest worships it. Farmers across the US (heck, the world) are under assault by a few corporations, which use their clout to control crop prices and thereby indirectly force people off their land, to make way for Soviet-Style centrally run outfits owned by (should i say through? i think so) a couple of banks and run by illegal immigrants working for (next to) nothing.

This is agression, pure and simple if it wasn't for the real-life monopoly game, farmers would have revolted in the 1980s. So, everytime you're voluntarily doing something which goes against your grain or actively puts you at a disadvantage, you're probably acting in favor of the elusive parasite hinted at in this thread. in other words 24/7.

i really hope you intended to post your views somewhere on p30 or so, otherwise i really have to ask if i wrote this post only for the NSA's archives, and if you did, that i'm not totally off the mark. even though i don't consider myself 'enlightened'.

PS: The Jews are not 'it' because last time i checked you can't become jewish by infection, but the only way to become rabid is.

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by scarper
I find it quite ironic that money is used as a means to its end to control the people, when money itself is really an illusionary power. Money was created by people to control people and generate power, but it is not really required.
This is becoming more apparent in this technological age as less money swaps hands and instead just numbers cross a wire. When it gets to the point that no money swaps hands and all money is transfered merely electronically, then it is apparent that money doesnt exist, but people are fooled into being fooled by the notion that it does!!

Thus, to me, I think the parasite is money, but the question is who spreads and controls the parasite??

This is really dumb..textbook shell game...played by the money powers for centurys.

THe Federal Reserve System has in it a HUGE FLY in the ointment. This "Fly" is the Federal Deficit.

As a record of history whenever a body in power has the ability to tax or print or get easy money ..easily...without working for it they do just exactly that. The ability of the Federal Government to go to the Federal Reserve and raise the deficit by Congrressional vote...then the Fed creats bogus accounts the amounts of Billions and Billions...and then the Federal Government begins to draw checks on this newly created moneys.

These moneys then go out into our economy and chase real goods and services.
Notice ..the Government did no work or labor for these moneys yet remove from the economy ..real goods and services which do take/require work and effort from the public.

Just like a auction ...there are now fewer good and services circulating ..and we now live off of what is left over....and just like a auction ..the prices will eventually go up in the marketplace sufficient to express or absorb the new money supply injected.

No matter how you want to express it ..,this is Theft...Robbery..Stealing.

This new moneys also includes ..give away programs Russia...Iraq...Israel..Central and South America or whoever or what ever people or buisnesses/governments we want to keep on the "Dole." We the public eventually pay for this in increased prices...for everything.

This should be obvious by the sudden increase in our property taxes. When you flood the market with cheap dollars it takes more of them to get what you had last year. City governments are well aware of this but will not clue you into the fact that these cheap dollars are why your property taxes are being increased...if not your taxes..your becomes the same thing.

Once you understand this cycle and how it works becomes obvious to the thinking people out here that "INFLATION" is disguised taxation.

INFLATION is disguised TAXATION. you do or perform for which you get no goods or services.

INFLATION...loss in purchasing power of your moneys....correct name is DEPRECIATION.

INFLATION is also work you do for which you get no work or services...just exactly like difference at your visible level....if you have the acumen to notice it.

YOu will find this concept expressed in a publiciation entitled "Money in Colonial New England" by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Depreciation or Inflation of the moneys is disguised you must do for which you get no goods or services.

The public has to go to school to get this dumb that they no longer know this.
Find a economics professor who will teach you this concept...they want to keep their jobs...Guess who is paying their salarys....the Government. DUH!!!!!!!!!
Some will tell you privately ..on the side...but not publically in classes...not going to happen. YOu must be kept on the treadmill.

Government deficits are theft...stealing..for political whoever is pulling the Strings of the Government marionettes...the government front men

Gold and silver moneys cannot be created out of nothing...on phony accounts. It takes work to accomplish this. The dream of the money powers as aptly and correctly stated by several on this thread to their that those who control the money power control whole nations.
Gold and silver moneys puts power in the hands of the public..and away from the government puts the Genie back in the bottle. The money powers have created artifical shortages several times..through bank panics in order to achieve their objectives of the United States Banks..and finally by the Federal Reserve. The attempt of the Civil War was to create such chaos that the USA would have to to to the money powers and borrow to finance the war.
Lincoln's master stroke was printing greenbacks to finance the war..without going to the money powers. The Greenbacks were not fully redeemable...since sufficient specie.was not available. Not until the 1870s under US Grant were the Greenbacks made fully redeemable.

Cash means coin..not paper notes...another fact long since forgotten by public education.

A silver dollar was a dollar weight of silver...not a doller per se.

A gold dollar was a dollar weight of Gold..not a gold per se..

A twenty dollar gold piece was a twenty dollar weight of gold...not twenty dollars pe se.

Thinking people know this.

This is a system of biblical just weights and measures. A system of accounting for a SUBSTANCE...not just accounting on books. You had to be able to deliver the real stuff ..not just accounts..notes denominated on paper printed with fancy logos or designs.

Once you get away from a Biblical system of just weights and are now in the arena of fraud..and deceit...stealing. This is historically demonstratable over and over by the money powers. It is also a concealed history ...not spoken about much or allowed in public schools is almost totally missing.

A non biblical phoney system of non weights and measures...can only be a ponzi scheme...whose time will eventually run out ...the history is that the money powers are long gone when this transpires...on to new and more fertile ground..which they have already cultivated for this purpose. The money powers are loyal to no nation..only thier profits.

Sorry if this post is somewhat disconnected but I have been following this thread
for a number of days now. This thread is rapidly moving so the subject is sensitive to many ..but knowlegable by only a few. Yes you can make a profit under this phoney system..but it will eventually wind down.

The tell tale that it is winding down is the symptoms I expressed like property taxes going up with no relief in sight...retirement accounts long counted on for security ..dissappearing in front of those retiring. The ups of the buisness cycles get shorter and the downs get longer. There are others and this will only wax worse as the system breaks down and eats up its seed corn. There will not be enought to plant next year. Eventually people stop planting or doing what they do because they will take a loss if they do not. The whole thing comes to a stop.
The sad thing is that there is no gaurantee..that the new system which takes its place is any better than the one previousl

The first charter of this nation under the Articles of Confederation is a textbook example...under the phoney usage of the Contintntal notes..the country went into ruin. It is intresting that along with the Constitution of the United States ..this government also had the foresight to institute a coinage act of April 1792..establishing a system of weights and measures in Silver, Gold and Copper.
This is a concept long since overlooked and forgotten by our "intelligentsia" today..they are to educated for this and consider it nonsense.

Just remember the deficit and what it actually does. So few will tell you this..even in the media looking out for you.


posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 01:20 PM
For those of you who understand even a modicum of what I said in my last post...If you are going out to vote today in the mid term elections...give some thought to how much your vote is really going to make a difference. How many of the people running for public office even understand just a little of this. How many even care? How many leaders do you even see bringing up any of these concepts?

This Mid East war and other social programs are costing the public billions and billions...with no end in sight. Both partys want to continue this deficit spending ..just for different programs...but it is still deficit spending. The partys may look and sound different but they are really not. It's still deficit spending.

If a government can constantly outspend you ...the Americans here..or the people pulling the government marionette strings can outspend you across the board...what difference does your vote even mean?

THe key is cutting the government purse strings by forcing them back in the Genie bottle.

The founders were not wrong when they declared " The best government you can have is the least government you can have."


posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 02:12 PM

I understand your arguments perfectly well.. and with regard to inflation being a kind of stealth tax caused by running such a large deficit, I fully agree.

However, I would say it's not the concept of monetarism itself that's flawed. The problem is that if the money supply is increased faster than the rate of economic growth then inflation results.

Like I say, I understand your arguments.. what I would like to know though is what system you would propose to replace it?

Are you saying monetarism is OK, but the issuance of money should be in the hands of the government rather than the Fed?

Or are you saying the monetarist model is wrong and we should be using a "hard-backed" currency, such as we had under the gold standard?

IF the latter is the case, how would one cope with a growing population and economy? If new money couldn't be "created", wouldn't it become more and more scarce as more people demand it?

edit : I'd like to draw people's attention to this webcast from Berkeley UC's Macro-economics course, Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Long Run. It covers a few of these issues. Over the coming weeks of the semester, further lectures will be going into money supply and inflation more deeply... worth watching for anyone interested....

..and hopefully it will dispel the myth that this sort of thing isn't taught in public schools!

Berkeley UC Macroeconomics course webcasts

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 03:34 PM
Cheers Orangetom. I not been quoted as being really dumb before!!
1 thing off my list of things to do before I die.

although, I do not understand why it is dumb!! maybe that proves I am dumb?!?!

If you go back far enough, to the time before monies and wealth, it was not needed. Since it has been created it has been but the downfall and control of man, feeding power and greed.
In the perfect society no one would need money as everything would be equally shared between the people, yes, a utopian dream, but still, true nonetheless.

So what is so dumb in that opinion??

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 03:49 PM
Is your parasite Hate?

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 04:36 PM
Hate, yes that is one of the main tool's of the parasite. Nobody is dumb here, we are all inteligent beings its just that the minds of some are looking in a different direction. When all minds focus on the issue then change will come about.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 04:54 PM
I must admit this thread really got me thinking........ I lay awake last night trying to solve the riddle. Everything I could think of was mentioned already.

Are we looking for a person, place, or thing? Does this parasite have an identity of it's own or is it a multi-faceted expression of the many issues?

My own data bank (brain) needs new information to produce an answer that hasn't already been stated. Are the people/systems mentioned pawns of a greater system that we aren't aware of?

It is frustrating to try really hard to understand or to want to know when you have no other ideas. It is right there but I can't name it.

Give us another piece, Magic Mushroom...................

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 04:59 PM
Inter, the parasite has a human face, but please I dont want you or anyone to lose sleep over this, our brains function much better when we are asleep.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by interestedalways

Give us another piece, Magic Mushroom...................

Or better yet give us a piece of your Magic Mushroom, so we can all see the vision!

Sometimes I crack myself up.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 05:12 PM
Don't worry, I didn't lose so much sleep that my functioning was compromised!!!
But you did get my attention.

This is a very important subject. It is a nut that needs to be cracked. Ha Ha

Seriously though, by the responses you have generated it is obvious that alot of us have been spending a lot of time in our lives on trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Before you presented the riddle, were the questions, seeking answers.

Naturally if one feels that another has a big piece of the puzzle they are putting together we would want to know it, the easier softer way. By being given it.

But, I'll play the game and wait..................

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 05:20 PM

Originally posted by magicmushroom
Inter, the parasite has a human face, but please I dont want you or anyone to lose sleep over this, our brains function much better when we are asleep.

The first time I read this I missed what you said. I read you to say "our brains function much better when we are rested.

But you said "our brains function much better when we are asleep."

Are you saying it's like when you are trying to think of something and you stop trying and your mind brings forth the information?

Edit to add

When you said the parasite was with us for 1000 years did you mean that literally? Is the parasite a human or is it merely taking human form?

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 06:36 PM
The parasite is a group of people who gain economic control of countries through mainly financial means. They are the international bankers.

At this moment IMHO they control the majority of central banks in the world.

More info you can find in these movies:


America: From Freedom to Fascism

Related ATS Threads:

The FED is a serious scam. When is something going to be done about it?

Two more conspiracies against humanity: The Trilateral Commission & The Council on Foreign Relations


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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 06:43 PM
Well, a thousand years ago was when the Knights Templar and the Catholic Church started such a scam, didn't they? We are all aware of the title "the illuminati" to encompass this idea/fact.

But, I thought from Magic Mushroom's placing of this "riddle" we were going to have something new. Not the same old names of old money that has ran things forever, right?

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 06:50 PM
Just look inside your self to discover your true existence and that will render this ilusional materialistic

flase current reality powerless over the web that trapped the souls of many in this relm of experiencing existence.

And yes, money is the paradox of this web and it should have never been invented.

For the sake of a peaceful and pure natural reality the ritual will have to come to an end and before it does we will experience some pain and suffering but in the end it's all good.

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by interestedalways
Well, a thousand years ago was when the Knights Templar and the Catholic Church started such a scam, didn't they? We are all aware of the title "the illuminati" to encompass this idea/fact.

Apparently not everyone is aware or interested in it. Take ATS for an example... Untill recently threads about the federal reserve where not that popular, and the subject was not mentioned that much. Members would rather entertain more sensational claims, such as reptillians, and the current huge hoax (serpo, profet yahweh etc...) There were numerous fantastic and unrealistic claims about the illuminati that were not of much substance, but that were highly discussed. The facts it seems to me, are probably more boring than what people expect it to be.

But, I thought from Magic Mushroom's placing of this "riddle" we were going to have something new. Not the same old names of old money that has ran things forever, right?

Well not really... What he did IMHO is made people think and try to find the answers that are supported by facts. So no reptillians, no aliens, no demons (which I haven't seen well supported/documented yet) etc...

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 07:07 PM
Maybe I was hoping for evidence of some kind of an underlying spiritual cause, like Cain's bloodline, vampiristic folks who "hunger but can not eat and thirst but can not drink" something like that.

Desire seems to be a parasitic entity. It is insatiatable in and of itself. Always needs fresh consumption to sustain itself.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 07:37 PM
Nice idea MM, really got people thinking.

Anyway if the parasite is indeed most of what you all have said: money, media, government... what will happen when/if it is gone?

You could say that we have been held hostage by this parasite... whos to say that if we lose it the world won't have some mega case of Stockholm syndrom?

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 08:04 PM
IS the answer fear? it can hurt you if gone.

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