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Laptops stolen, info compromised

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 09:49 AM
I'm wanting to get thoughts on something that has started to bug the hell out of me recently........

Laptops are being stolen which contain private information, and it seems to be happening with dozens of major companies almost everywhere. Nelnet school loan services, the state college I attend, a local county child support agency, Wells Fargo, UPS had some packages stolen that contained private data and then recently, my boyfriend who was in the army received info that the army had a laptop stolen with information regarding current and past enlisted.

After the first (from my college), I was mad because of the annoyance.....having to check credit reports, police my personal info more...which I do anyway, but now there was true threat. Then Nelnet, then Wells Fargo....and I started to think, "what the hell is going on?" Is it pure neglagence on these companies parts or is it a ploy to further disentegrate consumer stability? Create another avenue for us to be more reliant on federal reserve controlled companies when we have to start scrambling to pick up the pieces after identity theft? Or maybe it's the terrorits.....that issue that is quickly becoming cliche....they're doing it to steal information on U.S. citizens to begin personal attacks on us and further cause pain to consumer America because we're such heretics......or at least maybe that will be the explanation broadcasted on Fox News (if it hasn't been already).

What are your thoughts on these incidents that compromise our private info and why it's happening so much?

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 10:19 AM
Karl Rove needs some new mailing lists? Ever wonder where all your junk mail comes from?

Karl Rove & Company - SourceWatch

Mailing list services are used not only by politicians but by for-profit and nonprofit groups who are eager to have the names and addresses of people who are known for charitable giving. And Rove's lists were among the most sought-after in the direct mail business. As a direct mail guru, Rove raised tens of millions of dollars for Republican politicians in Texas and elsewhere.

When Rove sold the company to Delisi and Olsen, it owned "a number of very valuable mailing lists that can be rented to politicians and fundraisers of all types."

Yep, sure gives these guys a bad name:

The Next Generation of Karl Roves - Newsweek National News -


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