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Dependance = Demise? Part III: Controlled Panic

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posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 03:05 PM
The top pharmaceutical company made $37 BILLION (Yes, billion) dollars last year - and that's ONE company. Our dependancy on drugs have grown tenfold in the last twenty years. Why? Because of controlled panic.

Pharmaceutical companies put ads out on television, in magazines, and just about anywhere else in the world that they can to get your attention, and give you "warning signs" of an impending heart attack just because you have a little chest pain, or make you think you have some disease you never heard of before. What they're creating is a controlled panic, or using "scare tactics". They're putting thoughts into your head to force you to buy their product.

Additionally, the products they create in themelves are a dependancy. You cant just take one and be cured for life. Nope. You often have to take their medication for months, years, or even the rest of your natural life.

And, the human body has it's own defense system, and overuse of medications (ie. penicillin) can cause these defense systems to shut down or cause immunological problems in future generations.

Is all of this having an affect on society? Yes, it is...but, alas, they profit off of that too! It's called anxiety. And you bet, they have a cure.

Lest we forget the ill-studied long term affects that these medications will have on the person taking them or their children or their childrens children.

(Sidenote: Sad part is that most of the side affects from medication are often worse than the cure. For example, there's a drug out there to treat heartburn. The side affects? Headache, nausea, and "abdominal pain", correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't heartburn abdominal pain??)

I often pharmaceutical companies somtimes create the diseases (or the panic thereof) that they make the 'cures' for?

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