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Here's one for Fungi

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 01:13 AM

Here's a focus for you Fungi. Lots of people like to say it was the Government, some people say it was small compartments of the government, and there are some people who will tell you that foreign intelligence services were involved in 9/11 too.

This piece is really good although it still feels like it's watered down by the media. I'm surprised the Fox censors even let it slip by.

These dudes were arrested in connection with 9/11 but yet released fairly recently afterwards.

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 05:25 AM
Interesting read

I wouldn't doubt that Mossad and Israel are actively spying on the USA. I can see every reason for them to withhold foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks from the USA too. Israel doesn't lose one citizen on home soil and at the same time gets hundreds of thousands of US troops in neighbouring countries which act as a deterrent to rouge states who threaten the peace of Israel.

You see, this is far more plausible than US government involvement. Israel withholds foreknowledge of 9/11, that is WAY more possible than the US government gathering thousands of people and attacking themselves.


posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 12:20 AM
But in my opinion they didn't just withhold knowlege. The Mossad was one of the most vocal to warn America (The Mossad in Israel) but the way I see it the Mossad in the States knew way more and didn't do anything.

You should watch Everybody's Gotta Learn sometime. you can find it on google video. There were people in the US gov't who warned with their hair on fire (not literally) and it all just went to pot.

9/11 was an inside job just like Hitler and the Reichstag. You should do some reading on that it might just seem way too familiar.

So here's another question for you. How do you transform a democracy into a police state? Hint you need to tinker with the Constitution.

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 02:36 AM
Well my opinion on the "Inside Job" theory is totally different to yours. The furthest I think this would reach is the US having intel withheld from them by Israel because Israel knew the consequences would be in their best interests.

You'll find that the Mossad warnings didn't contain names, locations or any usful information. Explain how you can act on warnings like those. The Australian government recieved warnings that Bali was about to be bombed but they couldn't act because they didn't know where and when.

I've read about Hitler and the Reichstag - it's totally irrelevant to 9/11. You've got a guy who is clearly insane to the point where he kills 6,000,000 Jews organising the thing. As much as I know 99% of CT'ers hate Bush - he isn't anywhere NEAR close to Hitler.

So here's another question for you. How do you transform a democracy into a police state? Hint you need to tinker with the Constitution.

Well first you would have to have a motive to do this. As far as my research has taken me, Bush has no reason to be dictator of the USA. No one does. You guys saying we're in Iraq for money are contradicting this with your "removal of civil liberties" theory. What good is money after your economy has collapsed and every citizen in your nation is held captive?

So without a motive there is no reason to turn the USA into a police state. But lets pretend that he would profit off a police state or something like that...

First you would need to do a little more than broaden the definition of terrorism. The entire constitution would have to be revoked, not just TINY parts of it. Laws forbidding a President to serve more than 2 terms would need to be abolished. That will NEVER be allowed to happen.

Remember this - Bush doesn't write the laws, he signs them. If 200+ senators all want a police state (which is not possible) then that is the only time the 2 term rule would be revoked.

Second the US government would have to gain control of ever peice of weaponary that could be used against them. That includes brainwashing national guard soldiers to believe everyone they are detaining is a terrorist. That way no one would rise up and fight back, which is against actually the way the constitution was designed. The US constitution is designed to give citizens the ability to rise up. Thus all the millions of guns on US soil.

What makes you think your average soldier would go along with a police state any more than you would?

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 02:47 AM
Why would the two term limit need to be revoked?

The President isnt the power here. His cabinet is. His advisers are where policy stems from.

Bush isnt a mastermind, his cronies are. When he's gone if another Republican steals the seat again, he'll have the same ideology in place.

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 03:18 AM
The Reichstag is totally irrelevant? Thats like saying History doesn't repeat.

Your right actually, the Reichstag isn't important it's what happened in the six years following 1933. The Rise of Hitlers police state. Your constitution is meaningless.

Between the Perm Patriot Act, Mil. Comm Act and this recent Habeous Corpus thing Americans have no rights. People are still sitting in jails for being arrested on 9/11. No intetion of being let out either. Wrong place wrong time and they were innocent. Think about that.

I'm pretty sure the powers that be plan to bring in UN troops aswell. The police state is the reformation of the UN. Thats why Bolton is there and thats why Bush is putting in his general. American troops will mostlikely go to secure Canada with Canadian troops going south. That way nobody has qualms about shooting resisters.

-We already are seen as terrorists. The FBI has had memos on this in the past. In the event of martial law the authorities will declare anyone who isn't staying indoors a terrorist. The Military Commissions act declares us terrorists right now for discussing this very issue!

As far as Bush having no motive you are dead wrong. The motive is the oil wars, total power because who wouldn't want that and so Israel can be safe with nearby occupations. Even if they let 9/11 happen that still constitutes as treason and as such the cons should be sent to the gallows.

And you shouldn't use any of Condisleeza rRce's arguments either. They knew WTC and Pent were potential targets because of previous exercises and the 93 bombing.

I highly urge you to watch this video. (Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime)

It doesn't say inside job but it's damn close. Incompetence doesn't cut it, and the terrorists don't really have a motive because they would have known bush would send armies in the middle east.

And as for Bush well it doesn't look like he'll be going anywhere. They expressed interest in extending the term sometime ago but in the case of martial law he'll be there until we say so.

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 10:21 AM

Originally posted by doctorfungi
I've read about Hitler and the Reichstag - it's totally irrelevant to 9/11. You've got a guy who is clearly insane to the point where he kills 6,000,000 Jews organising the thing. As much as I know 99% of CT'ers hate Bush - he isn't anywhere NEAR close to Hitler.

Not exactly true, Dr. F. W's grandfather, Prescott Bush not only made sure that alot of the U.S. elite's money went to helping the Nazis get started. Prescott Bush also helped to actually write Nazi policies. Google "Prescott Bush + Nazis" and you'll find tons of info on it.

Besides that, from what I've seen and read on W. he's not too tightly wrapped either.

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 10:55 AM
There is to much big business and commerce to even think about applying a ploice state to the US. There would need to be a large scale terror attack in multiple cities to deploy guard troops and US soldiers, and this would be something that should be done. IF the US government was planning this, why wait so long. Instinctivly you would have done it jsut after 9/11.

As far as people coming into your home at night and you dissappearing, this is ludicrous. It is not happening, and is is only extreme left wing agenda and media that are reporting this. I see nothing but the same old slave to my credit card./car payment people going to work in my town. Comparing Bush to Hitler is a petty one liner that is thrown around to often without true research.

Hitler took an impovershed country, (our unemployment is at a record low0, promised them something better, (all people in the US want is HDTV and Starbucks) and led them on a road to war to better their situation, or at least fooled them into that. This is not the case with our country, or Iraq.

The war in Iraq is not about oil, but a foothold in a region that is on the brink of collpasing in the next 10 years. Terrorists with pipe bombs are one thing, terrorists with access to nuclear weapons is something different all together. This is what we are trying to stop, and without assistance from other countries, Iraq is now falling into a Shia held territory with ties to Iran, Syria and AQ.

The Mossad and the US had prior knowledge of the attacks, but did not know when it would happen. This is explained in the 9/11 commission report, that everyone seems to disregard as propoganda, but it is a good explanation of the events leading to 9/11.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 01:49 AM
bull#. the mossad pulled off 9.11 and you know it. In the commisons own words 9.11 was created to fail. Look up cbc for that if you really need to. they did a full report on conspiracy theories. Congress spent more on a blowjob (clinton impeachment failure) then they did on the 9/11 comission,. Think about that frackers!

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