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The Chicago Bears Are That Freakin' Good!

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posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 11:41 PM
For the past two seasons, the Chicago Bears have nearly been unstoppable. The Bears are off to a 7 - 0 start, one of the best in franchise history. The Super Bowl winning 1985 Bearshad the best N.F.C. season record for wins in a season at fifteen. Not another N.F.C. team has even came close to mathing that mark. Nor has any N.F.L. team had an undefeated season since the Don Shula coached 1972 Miami Dolphins.

In his third season as head coach, Lovie Smith has on of the best defenses in the National Football League. Smith turned this defense loose last year, winning th e N.F.C. North Division title with a record of 11 - 5. The Bears won those games last year because of their defense. This year, the Bears offense has been producing a majority of the points. This is compared to last year's offense when they had two quarterback each start half of the season last year.

Most people have started comparing the 2006 Bears with the 1985 Bears. This team does closely resemble the '85 Bears. There is just one thing that the current team has not done yet. That is, this team has not won a playoff game yet. Give this team some time and patience, Chicago just might get another Lombardi Trophy to add. In my humble opinion, this team can win a Super Bowl, in due time that is. This team has the capability to win one. they have the components, whether it be a smashmouth defense or a high flying offense that is there for the taking.

However, the Bears just don't have the passing game the they need. The Bears do have a good running game in Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson. Both of these men can make defenders miss no matter what way they are going. The can make you miss going up or downhill, or from side to side. It also just goes to show you that you don't necessarily have to have a high draft pick to be able to flourish in the National Football League.

Prior to last season, the Bears had only made the playoffs once in the past decade or so. The last time the Bears were in the playoffs was in 2001 when they won 13 games but lost Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs. This was when Jim Chandler was their starting quarterback and both Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman were still in college. When Lovie Smith was hired as head coach in 2004, thing sdid not go well for the team. Most people were calling Lovie's hiring "A mistake." I for one thought, "Give the man a chance." Little did his critics know that in one year, that the Bears would be back in the hunt for a Super Bowl. Also, little did his critics know that the Bears of 2006 would be off to their best start in years.

Also, mark your calendars for November 26th, that's when the Bears travel to Foxboro to take on the Patriots with a 1:00 P.M. start.

That's sad that Sportstawk is closed now.

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