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US posted Iraqi nuclear bomb documents on Internet: report

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posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 07:43 PM
I thought this had to be a joke when i read the headline.Afterall with the "fear" of terrorisum,dirty bombs going off in cities,and securing the borders,they wouldnt do this.And with N.Korea testing nukes and with Iran wanting nukes,it couldnt be true,but behold the actions of our government.

WASHINGTON, Nov 3 (AFP) Nov 03, 2006
The US government posted on the Internet Iraqi documents that explain how to build a nuclear bomb, the New York Times reported Friday on its website.

The Times said that officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency had complained to US officials last week about the postings of "roughly a dozen" documents from Iraq's pre-1991 nuclear research that contained diagrams, equations and other details for making a nuclear bomb.

The Times cited experts who said the documents "constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb."

The US government posted the bomb-related documents on a website set up last March to make available to the public a huge archive of Iraqi government papers, hoping that the public would help sift through the archive for useful information government translators did not have time to search for.

"Available to the publc" Thats a great idea

The Times said that earlier in the year UN arms control officials had complained about documents on the website that had information on producing extremely dangerous nerve agents sarin and tabun.

The Times added that the website, called the "Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal", was shut down Thursday after the newspaper made enquiries about the nuclear-related documents.

In June, the Times said, Demetrius Perricos, the acting chief weapons inspector of the Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, complained to the Security Council about the appearance of risky arms information on a public website.

Nevertheless, the nuclear bomb papers were posted on the site in September.

This administration cant possibly be this stupid,but then again.It would seem as if they are throwing potential threats a "bone".Afterall if something were to happen,this administration would benefit even further.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 07:52 PM
This topic is already being covered here, Top Secret Nuclear info revealed by Republicans on Internet.

Please add your thoughts to the existing discussion.



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