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your idea of what the dbz storyline should be

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posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 03:51 AM
my idea of what the dbz movie storyline should be.
it should be alot like the superman movie
frieza destroying the saiyans home planet and bardok sends goku away.
goku flies through space for while the beginning credits show.
he lands on earth and gohan(his grandfather) finds him.
it skips to five years later and goku is and infant, he looks at the full moon and turns into an oozaru and kills gohan.
a year later a young girl named bulma shows up looking for a dragonball.
the two go for a walk and find a turtle being harrassed by a huge tiger guy, goku fights and kills him.
the turtle thanks them and offers to take them to see his master.
he introduces goku to master roshi, and goku finds out who master roshi is and asks him to train him.
krillin shows up and they begin training together.
as the years pass goku and krillin get stronger and go through a few martial arts tournaments and meets oolong,yamcha,pwar, tien,chaotsu, and villains like pilaf,the red ribbon army,and piccolo senior(they mention them later on in the movie).
as he grows up goku gets married to chichi and they have a son and name them gohan.
raditz shows up and kidnaps gohan.
goku goes after raditz and takes him on, piccolo junior shows up and helps goku fight raditz,with gohans help they kill him but goku gets killed in the process.
while raditz was dying piccolo told him why goku sacrificed himself like that, not knowing that it was transmitted to the other sayains waiting for raditz's return.
the other sayains decide to go to earth and use the dragonballs.
a year passes and gokus friends find the dragonballs and wish him back to life, but goku must run back through snakeway.
when he return he finds that the two other sayains had got to earth and the bigger one named nappa killed most of gokus friends including yamcha,tien,chaotsu and piccolo (who had sacrificed himself for gohan).
goku easily defeats nappa, and the other sayain named vegeta kills nappa for failing to beat goku.
then goku and vegeta begin the biggest battle of their lives.
vegeta nearly beats goku to death in his oozaru form, and yajirobi saves goku by cutting off vegetas tail.
goku can barely move, gohan gets pissed and attacks vegeta,they begin fighting.
gohan gets worn out and vegeta finds him with his tail out, he gets scared and gohan looks up at the moon and transforms into an oozaru, as he tries to jump on vegeta he cuts off his tail with his destructo disc, and as gohan begins to shrink he falls on vegeta crushing him.
vegeta crawls to his ship and begins to climb in, krillin uses yajirobis sword to cut vegetas back, the hes about to kill him when goku talks to krillin using telekinesis or whatever to tell him to show mercy.
vegeta gets away and vows to get his revengeas he takes off.
bulma shows up in a ship and picks them all up, and as they head home they make plans to go to namek, because when piccolo died he took kame(the creator of earths dragonballs.) amd the dragonballs with him.
but that story is for the sequel

posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 12:14 AM
if anybody likes this story please tell me, but if anybody doesnt please tell me and post another story

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 02:38 AM
I dont think the Dragonball Z movie should contain that much from the original dragon ball series.... I'd personally like to see the cell saga

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 02:39 AM
Hmm but it makes more sense for it do be from the start of the saiyan saga to the end of the freeza saga.... With goku going SSJ near the end to finish of freeza...

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 03:31 AM
Using the storyline of "Road to the Strongest" extended to the fight with Vegeta would be nice.

Either that or just use Road to the Strongest and make another movie out of the other saga.

Also, if this movie is DBZ then most likely it'll start at the Sayan saga, which means Goku is already grown up, meets his brother and eventualy fights Vegeta.

Him meeting Bulma, Roshi and Krilin up to the point of Goku beating the Red Ribon Army is actually all Dragonball storyline.

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 04:15 AM
that is why i added that they should mention all that during the story, except for the part where the sayain home planet is destroyed and goku is sent to earth, because then it would make better sense if they showed how he got there first.

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