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ATS Terms & Conditions 6a)

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 08:32 PM
I have been reviewng the Terms & Conditions until I reached "6a) Disclosure".

May I ask (not sure who to ask) from ATS, how far can this go?

Let's create a situation for example. What if someone has been posting explosive revelations about all known government cospiracies. Someone who really has the first hand knowledge and exposed real evidence. Then the government authorities, (NSA, homeland security etc.) stepped in and ask the ATS management to do something, like (suppress, manipulate, or cooperate to trace & trap to catch the whistle blower) You know how these things go, just like in a movie, a guy with dark shades and dark suit will "ask" you to cooperate, it's a concern of "National Security"

Would ATS still stand with its good reputation of denying ignorance? (as ATS always does) I mean would the 6a of Terms of Condition be applied in such case where truth has to be exposed and that government agency wants to suppress?

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