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Nostradamus and the flat Earth interpreters

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 07:16 PM
Location, Location, and perspectives.
I would like to initiate some discussion about a couple of nifty Nosty fulfillments.
First, as I covered in a intro sketch, Nosty, the Philadelphia Experiment, and the first A-Bomb blast, are all rolled up in a couple of quatrains. Adding in Il Duce, you start to get into a constellation, that blows away chance occurrences.
However, every interpreter that I have read in print, seems to think Nosty's world view ends one hundred or so miles off of the West Coast of France, well maybe off of the West End of England, for a couple of them.
What's so crazy about these, is that the bonehead Gov't doesn't have all the pieces, on the three or four examples I named above. Yikes, and they say Garbage in, Garbage out!!
If there's some interest in following this line up, I'll watch this, and reply within a couple of days or so. Thanx.
P.S. A conical strato volcano appears as "The Great Round Mountain", when you look straight down at it, per the U-2 photo of Mt. St. Helens, before it blew it's top in 1980. While this isn't part of the WWII constellation, it's probably the first time you've ever read it. Both are important to understand, because of how the excerable Freddies, reacted to each of them.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 10:16 PM
I guess I get the esteemed pleasure in being the first to reply to this thread, so please allow me to speak for at least a handle of other ATSers when I say..


posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 11:39 AM
Sorry Mr. Mc Coy,
I just wanted to see if anyone was awake, and had similar interests.
What I meant by location, location, and perspective; is that one can locate an action penned (predicted) by old Nosty, way back in the mid Sixteenth Cent. by locating it by it's Century(volume number), then it's quatrain, and finally solve the particular perspective, that the old seer used. Straight down from the heavens, as it happened, for Mt. St. Helens, before she blew her top in 1980.
Most of the Nosty books that I've read, seem to fall off the edge of the world, just West of Europe, ala, the flat Earth of pre Columbian understanding.
It's all about how a disparate group of quatrains are intertwined to form a kind of constellatiion, and the best known, dealt with Napoleon, and the French Revolution, that I thought the ATS board might get into, per the Philadelphia Experiment, and our very first A-Bomb.
It's kind of like getting a drop of Mercury back together, again, after you drop it on the floor. I think Nosty got the big picture, and then broke it down into a 'constellation' of quatrains, and even occasionally used the numerical location in his work, to further elucidate what was going to happen, hundreds of years in his future.
I suppose the sixty four dollar question for the ATS board, is whether an A-Bomb going off on a barge in the Atlantic, or on Atolls, in the Pacific, after the war, can generate a time displacement lens, that skryers like Nosty, with his brass bowl, and tripod, could tap into, so long ago.
My late mother, ran a carpool out of the Philadelphia Navy Yard, during the war, and got an excited description, from the back seat, of a ship that was completely invisible, in the Delaware River. And this was while that ship was still cloaked. My dad was manning an anti aircraft battery, that helped guard the Navy Yard, and he had another part of the mystery, part of which, the Gov't never found out. His platoon had some folks that really wanted to get into the fight in Europe, and they damn well understood, if they blabbed to the brass, they would never leave U.S. shores, for security risk reasons.
Lucky, so it seems now, as some of those same AA boys, destroyed an entire Nazi panzer Armee, at the 'Bulge', but never got any credit for it.
Big, big, coverup, to salvage the reputation of Ike. These AA boys never ran off like so many rabbits, but dug in, and wiped out every last German who passed by their 27 to 30 mile battle line. They, maybe, lost one fifty mount gunner, to a German cavaly tank's 37 MM gun, but he may have had a heart attack, before the tank drilled his head. Nosty claimed "All escape", and follows this group past the end of the War in Europe, to their M.P. adventures in taming Marseilles. "Thirty, put on the Spit" Marseilles is also on a spit of land protruding into the Med..
I hoped to use the ATS to finally determine whether the ship described to my mother, by a freshly minted Annapolis grad, was really the Eldridge. I calculated that it was a really new ship, or a really old one, and I need some help from ATS, to ferret this out. These tidbits have never before seen the light, or at least, not for the previous 500 years, if you use Nosty as confirmation.
Again, sorry to be so rambling, but some of the ATS members, unlike Nosty, and myself, may be interested, in only one or two, of these threads. Thanx.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 11:59 AM
You seem to be making references to Nostradamus' predictions. Could you provide a link or quatrain number so that we can see what you're alluding to with comments like "thirty put on the spit"... It sounds like an interesting angle but hard to understand without references.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 03:19 PM
I have actually heard a theory similar theory where someone was trying to link the quatrains to the longitudes and latitudes on a map. I think they "deciphered" that New York would wind up either being destroyed by an earthquake or an atomic bomb.

I don't know how much stock to put into all of it, but I have certainly heard of a similar theory before.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 06:38 PM
Dear Speaker,
Yeah, I have an entire shelf of Nosty books. Each author sells his soul to his publisher, in that they all are playing "pin the tail on the donkey". Erika Cheetam is really junk, but at least she minds the store. Her later renditions carry back, some imput, from her readers.
My reasoning is that you have to be in, or exposed to, several fulfillments, before you can pin the tail on right, without the blindfold.
To give a detailed solution to the "Great Captain" quatrains, would take a book length treatse, but if you are really interested, you already have a book or two, on Nosty. "The Captain leads a great troop on the mountains, fire and smoke, all around, all escape, save thirty put on the spit". A bunch of authors have speculated on a possible 'Battle of the Bulge' fulfillment, but until you identify the Nosty perspective, as being of these three legendary AA batt's., the 333rd, 334th, and 336th, and follow their magnificient, but historically suppressed, defense, against Nazi Panzers, and the overwhelming odds of an entire Panzer Armee, and that meant, a company of infantry, trudging along behind every tracked vehicle, being thrown against, about a thousand, really desperate, G.I.'s.; you simple cannot fathom the deadly accuracy of this quatrain, running from just before Xmas in 44, to post VE Day France, and the gunfights with the French blackmarketeers, in Marseilles.
What's going on in Bagdad, even as I post this, is a true repetition of history.
Following the Army's 'Book', these WWII G.I.'s lost a man a night, for a month. Then they held their own council of war, and determined a different path. "We wiped out an entire German army, without losing a man, so let's hit the frogs the same way". Dad said it took about another three weeks to get Wild West, Marseilles really peaceful.
Without their anti aircraft guns, and pressed into a M.P. role, they soon had rows of dead black marketeers laid out in front of M.P. Hdqt'rs, almost every morning. If our troops in Iraq would use these tactics, they would knock off the bad boys right and left. So the 'thirty put on the spit' has a double meaning, first, roasted (killed) on a spit, (by the book), and this happened in Marseilles, which is also on a spit of land, on the Med. Coast. I called this fulfillment, " On the spit, on the Spit".
Baron von Monteufel, said it best, just before his last pitched attack on Bastonne, "Where are my panzers"? He knew where the German armor was, or was supposed to be, and his reserves had split North and South, behind the third line of the American defenses, to roll up the flanks of the Yanks, much like "Stormin Norman" did in the first Gulf War. In the freezing weather of the Ardennes Offensive, his entire reserve army was wiped out, completely, by three batt's. of AA perched up on a series of reforested hills, gunning for the occasional luftwaffe flight, paralleling the battle lines and shooting up the rear area.
Maybe the craziest thing of all, was that the U.S. Secretary of War, had declared it a court martial offence, for an AA guncrew to attack a tank, and they had no A.P. ammo issued to them, on that account.
In short, a really desperate week or so!! Looking back; "A wonderful fulfillment".

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 10:13 AM
Yeah,I had one of Erica Cheetham's books, and like you, I think it was "junk." Some of the contemporary interpreters have gotten better. However, there have been many prophecies attributed to Nostradamus that he didn't make. There are those that claim he predicted 9/11, ummm, where?

I think trying decipher most of Nostradamus' quatrains is akin to get a full interpretation of scripture. You can ask one individual what it means and they will give you their interpretation and then another person will give you something entirely different.

Unfortunately for people who try to decipher writings beyonds 500 years of age, it becomes a matter of understand ing the person's mind set during that time period. When discussing Revelation in the bible, one of the hardest things to make people understand is that the prophecies have to be put into context. You can't really apply the intensity of it to what we consider intense in today's world.

People say that Nostradamus predicted the end of the world. Did he? What one must understand is that the "end of the world" for Nostradamus would have been the collapse of the Roman Catholic Church. You see what I am getting at here?

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 04:13 AM
Hi Speaker,
I'll hit a couple of items and hope the other folks read it here.
Yes there are 9-11 quatrains. No, I don't like to put down the C & Q, for the simple reason that one needs to get into 'drinking the smoke of the lamp', before they start thinking for themselves.
I will make an exception here, but still tease it out. I'll give a location, but not the verse(translation of course). It's what I call the "Harley Boy" quatrain. It's C. V(45), Q 74. The trick here goes to the very base of Nosty's coding. Roman numeral V equals 45 deg., but using two Cents., in Arabic numbers, 4 & 5, you also get 45. Harley has been using V with a deg. sign, in their advertising since the early eighties, to designate a 45 deg., slant twin cylinder, engine. Seventy Four cubic inches has been the "big twin", since 1922. Now the rigs are larger still. Seventy four cubes, equals 1200 CC's. I've been riding seventy fours since about 72, so when I noted several possible occurences around my town and corner of the U.S., I looked for something a little bit personal.
Now look at 45 deg.. and Oh My! NYC is at 45 deg. N Lat.. 4 +5= 9, and the mighty Harley 74 (7+4) equals 11. So, you can get 45 deg.N., on 9-11. But hold your iron horses, cause 74 also equals 1200cc, and using these four digits from 0000 to 2222, and their permutations, give 2000, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2012, Ha, 2020, 2021, and 2022. for dates within our lifetimes, Maybe.
Anyways, these are the crabbed table top codes that folks played with by candlelight, in the sixteenth century. No Vanna White, to play with, back then, by candlelight. Pity. Ya goin to have to read the quatrain for yourselves to get the Arab connection.
I will leave it to someone to read this one and see what I'm talking about.
The other is equally tricky, but I'm not giving the location, just a decrypted dating.
In the year 1999 and seven months--- yeah, but maybe not exactly A.D. Do you know that there was never a year zero, between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D., so unless you see A.D., you may just have to attach one year to the end of the string. Besides, seven months can be added on to a completed year. So the range falls between July-August, 1999, AD. and Aug. 2001, AD. No one quatrain is supposed to unlock the secrets of the Universe, but rather they are shining stars in constellations of quatrains.
If this gets you thinking, please get back to me.
Using two ascending Cents. to get a buttressing effect, leads me to C,VII, C, VIII, or 7-8. The famous Epistle to Henri is spotted between these two Cents. and it's fall off the log simple to look for a point of origin, or zero, as a lead in, to this prose.
Could anything be simpler, than reading C.VIII, Q. 78. to get a zero when you subract the q. value, from the buttressed C. value. (78-78, =0)
Nosty certainly had visited mighty cathederals with their flying buttresses designed to support the spindly walls and vaults. It is really a pretty basic code. The trick is not to go to the well too often. In Cent. VIII, I think it's limited to C 31, for the added time from 1945 to 1957, pertaining to I'l Duce's demise, using the Biblical perspective of the Death of old King Saul, in the book of Samuel. The Duce was the only Black and Evil Fascist leader, from the WWII era, to leave a recognisable corpse, so as to correspond with Saul. Both were strung up like two sides of bacon. And of course the first example of the origin, leading to a German Variant of 'Bragamosio', which is Latin for broadsword swinger, to get that pesky point of origin, to just peek through the keyhole, into the Epistle.
Hope these two shed some light, on 'table top coding'.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 09:14 AM
[edit on 9-11-2006 by SpeakerofTruth]

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