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New Party ideas.

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 05:01 PM

Some guy I on some other Message board had said this, and I happen to agree with everything he said more or less. Its kinda funny

__________Words of Azriael, not me.______________________________

Okay, I am a Conservative, but I am weary of using the term "Republican". Though I vote Republican because they are more to my political beliefs, I have my own views on things that they do not satisfy. For one, in my country (USA) we have a real bad problem with illegal aliens. While my party addresses this, no one has the balls to do anything about it. So they voted to have the right to build a fence? Big deal!!!! They will never build it, because Democrats will shoot it down calling it racist and such. Before this vote came into effect, it was Democrats who were saying something has to be done about the boarder. But now that Republicans took the first step, they are now against the idea. This is why I will vote libertarian, or independent if I must, but NEVER Decorate. Their only agenda is to do whatever they can do to appease or go against Bush. They have the tool of Hollywood, and most of the media on their side to do anything they can do to make Bush look bad. Are people really buying this? Before WMD's, before boarder control, before Katrina, They were ticked off about Bush beating Gore and the hate has spiraled out of control since then. EVERYONE thought Iraq had WMD's even the Democrats. It took their votes for Congress to declare war as well. Yet this is now all Bush's fault? (I still think Iraq had WMD's I think Syria has them now.) And if not, We do have proof that he was trying to and he has used them before against Iran, and his own people and even us in the first Gulf war. Oh, and What the Democrat's aren't telling you about "Bush's War" is the fact that this was Bush #1's war. The Gulf war never ended, we were at a ceasefire with stipulations that came with it. Stipulations that Saddam Husein was indeed reneging on even if he had no WMD's. People seem to forget that even Clinton acted on this in the middle of the Bosnian conflict. Out of the blue, he started launching Tomahawks at Baghdad for no apparent reason yet the media never really covered it. I remember this because I was in the Army at that time and we were all trying to figure out if we would be deployed or not.

So the Republican party does say things that I want, but they do not DO things that I want. Mostly because they are worried about how the Other-side will spin it.

Here are my views that are unique to me.
#1 I would not build a fence on the Mexican Boarder. I would build a 60ft Wall with motion activated Machine Guns on it as well as surface to air missiles (Might as well stop the drug trade while I am at it.)
#2 To Hell with PETA and GreenPeace! I am for saving the Whales, but that's because I like whales, especially Killer Whales (Their cool
) But I don't give a Rats-*beep* what the Mating Habits are of the Alaskan Caribou or how Drilling for Oil in what Might be the Worlds largest reserve will upset their mating habits if it means I can pay .70 cents a gallon for gas. And I sure as Hell don't care about Polar Bears. By the way, the Polar Bear is the only animal known to exclusively hunt humans as food. So DRILL BABY!!!!
#3 I would do away with Taxes completely! No income tax, no sales tax no Property tax, No tax at all! How? Easily... A National Lotto... I don't know how many times that I have been to 7-11 waiting in a line that takes forever simply because a bunch of people infront of me are buying hundreds of scratchoffs and at least a hundred dollars in lotto tickets. Now think of a National Lotto where the Jackpot starts at a couple hundred million and has potential to reach billions. Throw into the Mix of all the illegal Aliens that don't pay taxes at all (Considering we have no wall with robot guns.) and not only could we survive without paying taxes, but The U.S. economy would flourish.

posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 05:01 PM
#4 Legalize Marijuana. You legalize Marijuana and you also cut down the crime rate. Unlike Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, PCP, and '___' ('___' is debatable) Marijuana is not a killer. In fact, it is known to cure or treat many different deceases from cancer to glaucoma, to full blown aids. Tobacco and Alcohol are far more deadly drugs, so there is no reason that marijuana should be illegal.There is no reason why drug runners and cartels should be making profit off of it and killing people over it.
#5 No longer will the U.S. be the worlds police... I would pull out of the U.N. and anything that goes on in Europe or Asia is not our problem. If the U.N. wants to be anti-American while at the same time use us as their police, then they can goto Hell. And once WWIII happens, don't come calling on us like you did in both previous world wars, its not our problem!
#6 I would do what should have been done years ago! Enact full trade with Russia, and put the stupid feud behind us. There are no people who are more like Americans than Russians as far as the way we think. We both love violence in our jokes, we both have the same attitudes, we inadvertently both have the same views on things....We should be friends, not rivals. My girlfriend is Russian and I learned many things from her like the fact that there never was an "iron curtain" That was Western Propaganda. Russians were free to come and go whenever they wished. Another thing I found out is that at the same time that our television and movies portrayed Russian Citizens as Scarfed feeble and toothless old women pared with men who had handle barred mustaches with furry hats living in a shack out in the snow waiting for their weekly potato, their T.V. portrayed us as poor sickly anorexic types who were forced to work in Factories or else we would starve to death because we were oppressed by our evil capitalist government. According to her, The Soviet Union was never really any different from Modern day Sweden or Switzerland or most of Europe for that matter... They were never "Communist" they were Socialist. The Soviet Union from the Cold war, was not the same Soviet Union under Stalin. But Spin played a role in this too. So we had a decades long "Cold War" over what? Instead of using our world stance to improve technology, we instead fought each other and *beep*-blocked each other doing the exact opposite of each other to counteract each other. They sent a Dog into space, so we sent a Monkey. they had the first man in space, so we put one on the Moon wasting millions and billions of dollars and rubbles simply to beat each other. Meanwhile we learned virtually nothing from all of these missions of the 60's and the U.S. has not been back to the moon sense. And look at us now.. Now NASA uses Russian Made Rocket Boosters to Launch our U.S. made Shuttles to a World made Space Station (Mainly U.S and Russia). We have always thought alike. (I think most of us agree that backing Afghanistan when they were at war with the Soviet Union was a mistake in Hindsight.
#7 Yes I would Privatize Social Security. We work for that money, why should it go to other people? Wellfare would be GONE!!!! NO MORE!!! I am sure Charities can fufill that role anyway. This is more incentive for people to get off their lazy butts and work (Plus there will be more jobs, if people aren't taxed)
#8 the only time the U.S. would intervine in forign affairs, is if one of our closest allies is attacked. This means Great Britten, Austrailia, Russia (if that goes to plan.) New Zealand, Isreal, Japan and Canada. France? Don't make me laugh...

Anyway, I am a Republican, but if I could reshape things and form my own party, that is what it would be like... Oh, and I would get rid of Congress as well and make us a true Democracy.


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