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If women can have wonderbras, then men can wear wonderjocks.

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 03:32 PM

SYDNEY, Nov 2 (Reuters Life!) - Size really does count, just ask Australian underwear maker AussieBum which has just launched the "Wonderjock" for men who want to look bigger.

Since the launch seven days ago, AussieBum says it has sold 50,000 pairs of "Wonderjock," mostly on its Web site and a handful of stores around the world.

"The design of the underwear, separates and lifts. The fabric cup protrudes everything out in front instead of down toward the ground," said "Wonderjock" designer Sean Ashby.

"There is no padding, rings or strings," said Ashby, a co-founder of the Internet-based AussieBum firm.

Ashby said the idea for the "Wonderjock" was the result of online feedback from customers who expressed an interest in looking bigger, just like women using the "Wonderbra."

The problem with this product, if I should buy one is that it may look like I'm being turned on when talking to a friend who may be a guy. And women may think its digusting, like I need to have it with a woman badly when standing in front of them and asking what their name is, which part you think women would look at first, the thingy that is hard to ignore or the person's face. Do women like it when they see something that big bulging in a man's pants?

posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 03:38 PM
I think this is a great product for some of you guys, but personally, I don't need it!
(Ah, self-delusion is so nice)

Now, think about this. You get a wonderjock and are projecting the illusion that you are hung like a donkey. You get a woman to go home with you. You take off your wonderjock and out pops this thing that looks like it came out of a can of Beenie-Weenie's. Then what?

Remember, truth in advertising is always a good thing, as disapointment can be more devistating than understanding that you may not be packing a magnum, just a .22 short.


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