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Cosmic Science Research Center

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 11:31 AM
Ok I found this info on the Cosmic Science Research Center in Portland Oregon and I was just wondering what other people have heard, here's the info I found:

In 1982, while traveling on faith throughout the western part of the U.S., I had the fortune to meet Ed Palmer in Portland, Oregon, who is the founder of the Cosmic Science Research Center. Ed told us a very strange tale about how he was an exchange baby, that he was originally from Orion but when he was very small, the true Ed Palmer was exchanged for him. He claimed that when he has had a physical examination that there are some differences in his body and also that he has some type of mental plate in his head in which if a UFO comes close, he hears a buzzing sound. Even though Ed was in his 70's or 80's, he definitely had more energy and excitement of life than I at this time (being 27). In any case, Ed gave us a pamphlet that he shared with others about the Hollow Earth. In this pamphlet it said that all planets are Hollow (in Bernard's book, Mr. Bernard explains that what appears to be the pole cap we see of Mars, is actually the light of Mar's inner sun shining out of the pole. Furthermore Bernard states that the Aurora Borealis that is only visible up north is the reflection of the inner sun off clouds passing over the opening of the pole. Also that some explorers of the North Pole have discovered the closer they get to the Pole, the warmer it gets instead of the colder. Could the Mammoths discovered frozen in Siberia with fresh food in their mouth be actually Mammoths that live in the Inner Earth which has a warmer climate, and somehow got lost and wondered into the outer surface?) and that Ed even had a ride on a UFO to the moon which is hollow and that the ETs use the moon to construct spacecraft inside, hidden from our prying eyes. Ed explains that when a planet is formed it is first just gas which is rotating. He said that the heavy particles eventually expand out and create the planet's surface and the lighter particles contract to form the central sun.

has anyone else heard anything about this guy? I searched and could not find anything on here. Looking in google, I found some more:

sorry i posted this before class and forgot to put the rest i found on google:

From a channeled message reported by the Cosmic Science Research Center in Portland Oregon, dated April 1, 1974, we list a few excerpts. The remainder of this message will be given in the next part of this essay with other materials from Cosmic Science Research Center.

"This is Omnivoice, the voice of Divine Truth, from intelligence levels beyond the limits of Earth. Omnivoice is a chronicle of events and experiences of other worlds, their inhabitants, and of the work they do in fulfilling the Divine Creator's plan for humanity.
We are not of your world or of your intelligence level, yet we know of your civilization and of your world, for we have monitored it from the very beginning. We were present when your world formed from a howling magnetic vortex, and we have watched it grow from a small, white hot ball to its present size, over a period of three-billion, five-hundred million years or so, your time. We watched your world grow steadily through a series of cataclysmic upheavals, and watched it change from its small white-hot dense form to a small, cooling, barren hollow sphere. For centuries your world was barren and devoid of life, until it developed a weather system, and rains came to your world to cool it even more, thus bringing it to within biological tolerance temperature range limits.

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 12:53 PM

At this point in the evolution of Earth we vegetated it, then in the proper time, we populated it with the migrants from our worlds. The civilizations we place on Earth created beautiful cities that were built to last. Some of these earlier ruins still stand on your world today. The people who occupied these cities have long since departed Earth, either by death or by evacuation at the time of periodic expansion of the crust and polar changes. These polar changes happen regularly every five to six thousand years, [Editor Note: study the history of Egypt, and you will see there are two periods of it; one under the influence of Atlantis, after Atlantis was destroyed, which created a superior culture/civilization well beyond our own today, and then most of the ruins we find currently, are what was left after a polar shift occurred, leaving a much more primitive, superstitous culture] and are part of the evolvement of any planet. Because the magnetic environment has been changed after the polar change, what life manages to survive the cataclysms perishes a short time after the polar change, and the Earth is once again barren. Life is not continuous, but exists only from one polar change to the next. Following each polar change, we move in again and vegetate the Earth, then in the proper magnetic time, we colonize it once again with those whom we were able to evacuate just before the polar change.

Ever since the first Divine Creator created the first living organisms, including unisex man, life must come from life; there is no possibility way for life to generate spontaneously from inorganic chemicals. The seed of life that was, has been and will be placed on Earth had to come from life somewhere else beyond Earth. And so it was, and will be, not only for Earth, but for any other planet when that stage of evolution is reached."

[This information was signed, ABRAHAM, Galaxy Control Central Committee, Solar System of Hatton,Galaxy of Adam]

So yeah, this is the info I found and I'm just curious to see if anyone else has heard about this stuff at all. I mean if you ask me it sounds a little far fetched, but at the same time, it's really interesting too.

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by PennKen2009

From a channeled message reported by the Cosmic Science Research Center in Portland Oregon,
dated April 1, 1974, we list a few excerpts.
The remainder of this message will be given in the next part of this essay with other materials from Cosmic Science Research Center.

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