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How MI5 removed a democratically elected prime minister from power in the UK

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 06:59 AM
I wonder if anyone saw the documentary on BBC2 last May. It reported that MI5 had deliberately created a call in Northern Island to create black propaganda for Harold Wilson, the current prime minister. The London based MI5 then acted on this misinformation. Did anyone wonder why he just disappeared from the political scene? I mean, Thatcher marched in and demanded his resignation and off he went like a good little boy.

The documentary is on GUBA.COM right now in the documantary/conspiracy section.

I watched in amazement as the story unfolded, but was even more amazed when the press didn't pick up on this story.

Apparently a coup had been planned to remove Wilson from office headed by Lord Mountbatten.
No one , to date , has been held accountable for the actions of MI5 who acted against a democratically elected government to remove Wilson from power. They suggested that he was a russian spy or at least had been "got at" but we have a judicial system in this country and surely this would have been the best way to deal with this issue. I have it on good autority that it was a pocket in MI5 acted without the general consensus of MI5 as a whole and this pocket represented the establishment of whom Wilson so detested ( 98% tax threshold for the very rich?)

I know that the Queen mother was approached for permission for the coup ( she didn't like Wilson at all) but i suspect that her majesty also give her permission as the group of people who who put themselves forwards for the coup were all Masons.

Her majesty is the " Grand patroness of world freemasonry" and also the only person MI5 really have to answer to. Curiously there is an "All seeing eye" in the apex of the MI5 logo triangle which i find bizarre ( a very strong freemason icon) as being a member of a secret society is against the law in the secret service. (Has anyone actually been thrown out because he is one?)

MI5 virtually admit this cell removed Wilson from office but no one has been made accountable. There was an investigation into this claim at the time (by MI5 themselves) and they dismissed the claims.Good job we don't get paediaphiles to investigate child abuse cases, but somehow it was proper for MI5 to make it's own investigation.

Thatcher got into power and closed down the industries where the working classes were becoming too much of a handful, this restored the status quo.

The establishment still use black propaganda to remove undesirables from office like Mendleson for example, you see them being worked on by the press until they have no credibility.

Blairs "Generals" have been picked off over the years, the Blunket's and the Cambells of the world. Preston has kept his office, but what credibility does he have now? The Jack Straws of the world, who are masons seem to be imume from the black propanda machine.

The process is still there and any undesirables removed from the game. If freemasons want so much control over politics, why don't they just run as a party?

Thier influence over this Country ( Great Brttain) is complete. They want to become a less secret society, but if we found out what they actually get up to, we would ban them in a wink.

Why are there 2 masonic lodges at the Houses of parliament for example?

I know about the darker side of MI5 as i have been threatened by them , special interest they called it, when i said in reply

"Like Michael Barrymore?" the SIS (secret intelligence service) agent replied.
"You know EXACTLY what i mean" ( There is a rumour that Barrymore has been ruined, did you watch Big brother and wonder why there was a picture of the queen with one black eye in the house? Anyone heard of the expression Blackballed?

MI5 answer to the Queen, she is the "Grand patroness of world freemasonry" which is the highest honour she can be given as she is female.

Is this another stupid conspiracy theory? Watch the film on and then decide.

It's still happening now, it's happening to me.

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