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Alzheimer's-Mad Cow, black helicopters coverup

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 08:39 PM
I heard about this awhile ago just started to research it and it makes alot of sense.
has anybody heard of this before or have links?

These animals were injected with human kuru brain extracts. In the late 1960s, things began to go wrong: Kuru-type diseases migrated from controlled lab settings and began infecting the wild and domesticated general animal population.

The NIDS report warns that although symptoms of Mad Cow Disease have not seemingly erupted amongst humans yet in the U.S., that does not mean that millions of Americans are not already infected at this point.

There are striking similarities in these two diseases. Both target mainly older people and the primary symptoms of each are dementia, memory loss, depression and death. Some Alzheimer's victims show the same spongy lesions in the brain. Dr. Prusiner who won a Nobel Prize for his work in prion diseases

Imagine the scenario: you're walking along eating this hamburger, not knowing that as you munch, alien invaders are climbing out of the meat, through your tongue, bouncing like happy, yellow pac-men toward your brain which THEY will eat the way you're inhaling that burger.

Proteins linked with Alzheimer's and the human version of mad cow disease have some striking similarities


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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 10:24 AM
I think you're missing something very important that sort of debunks your theory about CJD and Alzheimer's being the same thing...

Since they infect the same tissue and are neurotropic, the prions must have the same surface markers to attack the tissue. There are literally millions of bacteria, viruses, etc out there who have the same surface markers but who are not the same.

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 11:45 AM
The issue isn't if the two diseases are the same: as pointed out, there are differences in them ranging from cell-surface markers, to signs and symptoms, and to the molecular differences of prion-effects and immune response, to immune response and possible neurfibrillary tangles of Alzheimer's.

The rub: the early diagnoses...Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in fact is sometimes called and a differential diagnosis of "Rule-out" vCJD is not mentioned. And, many of the other neurodegenerative diseases are not, either. MRI is the tool of choice to tell the difference; MRI's are not usually ordered. If they are, there is a particular sign (the cortical band 'RING SIGN' " that is seen very, very often in CJD...never in AD.) But, to tell the difference between "natural" sCJD and vCJD is biopolitical...and most neurologists won't touch the issue.

Why, is a story for another day, if anyone is interested.

Must reads: Kelleher's BRAIN TRUST & Waldman's DIEING FOR A HAMBURGER...these are scary, scientific, and superbe books. And recent.

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 12:25 PM
Mad Cow has been discussed everywhere at one time or another. Happy it's not forgotten and feel the subject should be kept between the salt and pepper where it's always noticed.

Alzheimer v. Mad Cow disease last I read could have been, if not still, mis-diagnosed in humans. If that's no longer the case that's interesting.

Knowing Mad Cow Disease can show up in cows tested after consumption by humans is simply a devastating possibility. It set off a fright in the world once, and by a few rule changes re inspection of dead cows or in some countries the removal of problematic visually noticed -- unbalanced cattle is a poor example at remedy against human cross-contamination I feel.

The only way to be sure of catching it before consumption in my mind would be to inspect the bovine brain or any other accurate testing before slaughter and circulation of meat.

Interesting article re Cattle Mutilation and Black Helicopters. Linda Moulton Howe has a lot of info on the subject at her site. She's written a book or two as well I think.

But during the course of researching UFO/EBEs Cattle Mutilation kept coming up and I began following it and doing some reading.

Anyway, one investigation which caught my attention led to the Dept of Agriculture. That one branch Cattle Mutilation led to the possibility Cattle, organs are being removed by Agencies for testing of radio activity accumulated in cattle from grazing fields. Particularly areas near or in states where atomic weapons were tested.


posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 03:24 PM
Back in December of 2004 I started a thread called "Mad Cow Could Be The End" and someone introduced this mind blowing link:

I haven't been the same since I read this thirty-five page report! And now others are starting to notice. Hummmmmmmm

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