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Next Tournament Entries.

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posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 03:16 AM
The ATS final between Loki and Ktprktpr will start this Sunday.

While that happens we must find Debators for the next tournament.

If you wish to enter then U2U me with a description of what an Alien(ET) looks like in no more than 250 words.

As you can see there is no right answer to this question(none that I know of).Please justify the physiology of your Alien.Why has it evolved that way?
It' no good just telling me he is purple with two heads.I want to know why.

All serious entries will receive 250 ATS points.All entries will be posted without your name on the board and whether your take part and what your seeding will be will be determined by your entry.

Please use you imagination.Though describing a grey will not rule you out an original description would stick out.

The loser of the final will automatically be offered the number 1 seed position for the new tournament.

I look forward to hearing from you and goodluck.

posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 03:27 AM
As you will see all entries are anonymous for now.I will add names when the seeding has been decided.Ktpr's "entry" is at the top but as he has no need to enter I have named him.

I will still except entries for this competition until tomorrow.I will also be happy to change your entry if you feel that you could of done better.Just U2U me with your entry or revised entry.

Remember your seeding in the debate tournament will in part be based on your entry.So if you feel you could improve the nyou should do so unless you want to meet a top seed in the first round.



Real simple. This planet has already been populated by extra-solar bacteria. These bacteria can survive re-entry temperatures of 950 degrees Celsius and immersion in alcohol. Their DNA sequence is very unique.

It is interesting to note that their crystalline shape is similar to Prions. Prions are raw bits of DNA structures that can not be burned, irradiated or frozen. Both Cryms and Prions can survive intense stress and awaken from dormancy millions of years later.

A key aspect to that strength may lie with the stability of the crystalline structure. Chemically, Cryms are inert and therefore have a very dense molecular structure. I would suspect that God provided for the original crystalline structure, and Cryms came about as a structural variation. For the non-secular, who can not see past the beginning of the Universe, I would say that Crym physiology is a composite of molecular arrangements that can withstand the rigors of space. Via replicaters, these arrangements gradually came together to form the super-dense bacteria known as Cryms.

********** ************ *********** ************

Contrary to popular belief, an extraterrestrial being does not have to resemble the stereotypical “Gray”, or even resemble human characteristics at all!

In my opinion, an alien is an oversized insect. It walks on six short, skinny legs, supporting its long, armored body. It moves quickly, but keeps its body to the ground. The hard shell that covers its body is actually its wings, which can flip out and expand, just like a ladybug. Two long, wire-thin antennae, which the alien uses as its “6th sense” protrude from its head. Its head has a large crest, lined with spikes, that sweeps backwards. On the head are two minuscule dots that act as eyes, and an expanding “hole” which is its mouth. A shell underneath the alien covers its torso, but its soft and exposed underbelly remains vulnerable.

The creature I have described resembles more of a cockroach. These creatures have survived since the age of the dinosaurs, making them one of the oldest species on the planet. It is certainly possible, through Darwin’s theory of natural selection, mutation, or just simply evolution, that these insects have evolved to something more, something that can think, thrive, and civilize. Through the rigorous trials of survival, creatures have been known to evolve to become completely different, physically and genetically, from their predecessors. Even once as a primitive ape, humans have developed to the point where they are the dominant species of the earth. If we can do it, why can’t they?


My description of an ET comes from an experience when I was a child. I see them as shorter than average males, usually around 5 feet tall. Their skin is of a brownish hue, and appears to have a porous or rough texture. While the typical description is large, black almond shaped eyes, I see them as having a more humanoid like eye, although the retina is either not present or uncolored. I do not know why they are here, why they contact humans, but they appear to be non-hostile. As for their evolution, I am no expert in this field, but I would guess that their race and our race are possibly distant cousins of some sort, as they stated they are carbon-based, just as we are. Their movements aren't coordinated or militaristic, they move more like we do, with variations. They are capable of showing various expressions on their faces, one such being showed what I perceived to be greif when it "spoke". These beings may very well be a figment of my imagination, but I swear up and down that this is an accurate description of beings I was in cotact with approximately 10 years ago.


Aliens are not truly aliens. They are our descendents from the future, removed from us by a vast chasm of time. They are entirely a product of evolution.

Having long since left the confines of the Earth, alien bodies have grown small and weak as they no longer need to fight gravity and work is the product of technology. Their skin is pale and hairless as they are in total control of their environment and no longer need the protection of pigment or hair. Their heads are huge, not just to accommodate their larger brains, but also to provide increased surface area to radiate heat produced by their superior brain activity. Their fingers are long and delicate, the better to manipulate fine tools and instruments.

Perhaps most interesting is their seeming lack of genitalia. While it’s not true that they have none, they have atrophied over the eons to where they have become much less noticeable. Females are rarely seen, as their young are born much less developed and require much more care.


The main issue on Pluto is the frigid temperatures, so instead of having to evolve with a bunch of fur, this life form is based on a previously unknown compound similar to nitrogen, which is found in a liquid form on Pluto. This species is based on this compound much the same way humans are based on water. Their eyes are very large so they will be able to gather enough light in order to see in darkness of the planet. They have four main legs and 2 more used for overcoming obstacles the rocky, icy surface of their home planet may throw at them. Their body is based on a diamond, one leg in front, one in back, and two on each side. The extra pair of legs are in the front between the very front and the two to the side. This diamond arrangement makes quick movements side to side easier. They are rather small, only about a foot tall, for food is scarce on Pluto and a small body means less food. They are cannibalistic, and will also eat the few small plants they manage to find. Nourishment enters their body through a fairly traditional mouth, where it goes to one of two stomachs. Each stomach leads to an outlet, one on either side of the rear leg. The duel set-up is so they can process a lot of nourishment in a very small period of time in case a large amount of food becomes available.


In this unimaginably large universe the possibilities for different types of aliens are endless. I see an alien lifeform so tiny that they are the size of a virus. They invade their host and take control of their brain so their host is now a slave and does whatever the virus wants it to do with its goal being to infect more hosts. This lifeform was made from an advanced civilization that had the ability to engineer tiny machines for medicinal purpose and a pure random mutation gave birth to a new lifeform.This virus/species is part machine,part virus,and part intelligence. After taking over its creators it sent out countless copies of itself all over the universe.


The alien I have in mind is bi pedal, but the skin is a thick, milky white. This skin is because the alien has evolved on a planet that has a blue sun, the hottest, largest, and brightest type of star, and the skin color and thickness protects it from insane radiation. The planet is parched desert, and the alien is lean,. the toes and feet are splayed, like a camel, for better traction over rock and sand, the head is smaller, but the ears are very large. This alien does not need water, since it evolved on a planet with no water, his flesh instead is a silicone based rubbery like substance. The eyes are large, without pupils, that can see in all light spectrums


What an alien looks like is very difficult for me, especially considering I do not beleive in them, so i will try to create a compelling creations of one:
Aliens, when visiting earth take on human, or animal form. They do this becasue Aliens are not merely extra terrestrial creatures, but are actually beings from another dimension. String theory, and then the following 'M' theory offer a description of the universe consisting of 10, or 11 dimensions respectively. These parallel dimesnsions exist in much the way that two pieces of paper (2ish dimensions) can exist parallel to each other without beings on them being aware of the other in a 3 dimensional space. Likewise, there are other 3 dimensional areas very close to us, but beyond our view or even true understanding due to their existence in different dimensions.
Aliens have mastered string theory or M theory faster than us, and are able to travel between dimensions, and when in ours take the form of a huma or animal. describing their appearance in their dimension is beyond our grasp, just as explaining a cylinder to a two dimensional being is beyond its grasp....


7foot to 8 foot tall
various skin color
Clothing more futureistic probably some sort of space suits

eyes would be larger probably very distinct in color

mind readers. they probably have some form of mind reading to help communicate with new spicies they encounter. most likley it would be artifical. used with the help of some sort of device.

hair color. they might have a more ditinc hair color. more vibrant then ours. much brighter more distinct red or a shiny black.

They would probably be well built . stong for combat and various ship duties while they travel.

while thier brain size may not be much diffrent from ours they probably use more of thiers. faster thought process. having the ability to do complex formulas in thier head.

Also posessing the ability to mask thier thoughts or feeling.


To describe the beings from the system known as Nedliar-Teu in the standard galactic tongue, one would need 250,000 words. However, I shall attempt to do my best.

The evolution of life on Nedliar-Teu was always hampered by a thick fog-like atmosphere primarily due to the overwhelming abundance of what we would call mold and fungus. Being so thickly clogged with spores, we cannot "see" but a few feet. As such, eye sight is all but useless.

The dominant species developed intelligence during this "pea soup" period of evolution. Know in some circles as "tripeds", the Nedliarians are actually bipedal but with a very strong prehensile tail. Many confuse this tail as a third leg. The importance of the tail is obvious, the large cranial area of the Nedliarians, that houses a sophisticated biological sonar, requires stability when their ancient cousins were on the hunt. Their hunting method being locating prey by their highly developed sonar, and throwing what is very much like a boomerang for the kill.

Nedliarians are taller than humans and carry themselves with a distinctly common bipedal frame of head, shoulders, torso, hips, and legs/tail. However, Nedliarians have what appear to be slumped shoulders only because of the large muscles of the neck required to support their over-sized, oval heads. The skin is gray as it blended well with the pea-soup environs of ancient Nedliar-Teu, with all traces of bodily hair long-gone. The arms, terminated in hands of four-fingers with two opposing thumbs, are 20% longer form tip-to-tip than their height, making them excellent at throwing sports.

The diet of Nedliarians is typical carnivorous, with all of the pitfalls typically associated with meat-eating species. However, their modern medical advances have helped in this regard, especially in the bodily odor of Nedliarian ambassadors.


The "Grays" as they are called, stand 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet tall. Their small size and seemingly frail stature, reflect what you'd expect to see of a space-faring race. Their skin and bones, are likewise tough, yet flexible, to allow for the rigors of space travel. Eyes are large to allow for seeing in the twilight of space, yet heavily darkened and double-lidded, to protect from sudden exposure to bright light, such as that from viewing a sun without the filtering of atmosphere to assist. Their metabolism is such, that they require only small amounts of food and water, and as a result, their mouths are small and toothless, and their digestive tracts simplified, due to their foodstuffs being mostly pre-processed for travel. The respiratory and circulatory systems are controlled by a joint heart/lung organ, as they require little oxygen (hence the small nostrils) and thus a less elaborate system for oxygenation, and purification, of the blood.

They have evolved biological solutions to other space travel problems as well. Due to their small intake of food and water, combined with an efficient metabolism, they also emit very little waste. Due to the fact that the food is already pre-processed, once passing through the body, the waste is extremely refined, thus only requiring a system of expunging liquid waste versus solids. Finally, their fingers are long and dexterous, allowing for precise manipulation, for devices they use on a daily basis.


My Alien has developed a range of evolutionary aspects that make it into one of the most amazing life forms that the entire solar system will ever see.
They can appear to be a human although their actual chemical origins are unclear, some believe it is oxygen-nitrogen based, although it is generally agreed that they are present in gas form rather like hot air. Others, more in the know, have speculated that under an icy thorax, a faeces like substance is present in large amounts. They have developed these unique abilities to enable them to integrate into society, and their races formidable leadership qualities enable them to manipulate the media, and deflect public attention. In fact their purpose for integration is to secure energy supplies and indulge in their love of conflict. When in carbon-based form, they curiously have two faces, on two heads but notably one of these in situated very near their anus. Which is recognized as their ‘lying’ gland or primary mouth.
They have been with us for many years and have become so adept at integration, that it is estimated that they are approaching saturation in society. The last reported sighting of one was in California, some weeks ago, but they have been reported in Texas and as far a field as Sedgwick and London, UK. If you see one please do not approach them, as they may make promises and break them without breaking stride. They should be considered armed with WMD and extremely dangerous.


I believe Extratrestrial life exists, but what does it look like. I don't think the can properly be answered without undisputable proof. Extratrestrial life can exist merly as a small growth in dirt, or it can exist as they greys that are reported all over the world. I think that the reported aliens are actually from Satan. In the bible it talks about beings that have a man like image, the color of burnished brass.
Ezekiel chapter 1:5-10 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings. And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.

I'm not saying that alines ARE from Satan, I just think it would be a good starting point.


The aliens of which I know… have small arms, small legs, and big brains. They don’t have got big eyes. And they don’t have got horn’s etc. on their head, they seem very humanlike. Why do I believe in these basics? I have studied some information about tribes which believe that their ancestors were aliens, and the statues which they made give the impression of the above. Perhaps some of you say “well I see enough statues of ancestors which do seem to have big bodies and big eyes” (big eyes is almost carved into our minds). Do we look however at some intriguing statues and cavepaintings (which have been checked for their oldness) then we will see that the Big body is caused by the spacesuit, and the big eyes because of the glasses of the spacesuit.

The things which I therefore also dismiss are:
* Big eyes
* Big body

I also would like to say that the aliens themselves are described as amphibious, that’s just because they have spacesuits which have the colour of aluminium and because those aliens also could go underwater (with oxygentanks).

The tribes to which I am referring all say that those aliens created us to their equal, so therefore I will also keep the idea that it is most likely they look humanlike. This is supported by the persons which claim to be abducted by aliens, and all the statues of the aliens.

Ears, eyes, nose etc. on the same place, just the head is bigger. I am not just going to say that this is the way because they claim they are created to the equal of those creatures, to the statues which are centuries old, because some people say it, no I am also going to refer to nature on this planet itself. If you look at the mediumsized animals on our planet, you will notice that most of them have also 4 legs, a head at front, nose, eyes on the same place etc. This does say that the probability that those characteristics function the best is really acceptable, they have those characteristics because it works, it increases chance of survival.

I therefore also say (looking at the people which claim to have been abducted, the statues, the tribes and the animals themselves) that:

* it is likely that the aliens don’t have got weird point on their heads… more likely… a more smooth face with just the eyes, ears, mouth etc. No funny stuff.

For the evolution itself… I would like to point to the humankind itself… because the tribes that say the Gods were aliens, also claim that those Gods were created by another God, another alienrace. Therefore the whole evolution of the last 10.000 years could probably be used for those aliens also.

The alien which I am describing is still listening to his instincts, because making beings to their equal increases the chance of survival, which the instincts say you have to do.

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posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 06:25 AM

Aliens have controlled human beings, as well as other civilizations throughout the universe, for thousands of years. Upon investigation of our planet, a standard control program, using psyshic manipulation by the Aliens, was loaded into the majority of the earths population, outlining such things as we call "morals", "beliefs", "religion", "anomalies" and to a certain degree " intelligence". Among these satndards was also mental pictures as to how the aliens wished to be viewed by the humans. Of course there would be certain incidents that would not be explainable and the best place for the ALiens to hide their true identity is behind the pictures they want us to see. Since I am a descendent of a human being that escaped the psyshic manipulation and since I have never seen an alien, I can only draw the conclusion that aliens true form is that of a spirit or a soul. How can I be so sure? All I have to do is look around and watch the rest of the mind controlled population "go through the motions".

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 03:04 AM
OK no more entries.

That's 14.

Just give me a while to work with this number.I should have seedings and pairings up by tomorrow.

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 09:40 AM
Order of seeding.

Winston Smith.(1)
Kaoszero v Glan for (11)
Mycroft v Mooseofterror for (12)

Because 14 is an awkward number to work with I'm going to ask Mooseofterror,Glan,Mycroft,and Kaoszero to compete against each other to get it down to 12.I am also going to give Ktprktpr a bye into the last 4.

It was difficult to get the seeding.The top four seemed about right but below that it was very close.I've given the next three positions to members who have experience in debate.It was close to get the rest so apologies if you feel wronged.

This will also appear in Chitchat in BTS so if you have an opinion let me know there.As I said earlier all entries will receive 250 points regardless but the big points are gained by completing debates.

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 09:59 AM
Quick change of plan.

I need the line up decided by Sunday so I can put up the pairings and debate topics.

If Mooseofterror,Glan,Mycroft,and Kaoszero could U2U me with the order of the top 4 entries with their letters.
The closest 2 will go through.

[Edited on 13-11-2003 by John bull 1]

posted on Nov, 16 2003 @ 10:45 AM
OK,Only Mooseofterror and Mycroft sent me a u2u with what they thought were the top 4 so they will both go through to the tournament proper.

The top for were.

I:Winston Smith.(1)

Mooseofterror was closest with:


A close second was Mycroft with:


So Moose will be number 11 seed and Mycroft will be number 12 seed.

The pairings will be as follows.

1/Winston Smith v Mycroft.

2/Bigdanprice v Mooseofterror.

3/Tealc v Jrod

4/Saucerat v LeenBekkemaa

5/Gazrok v Perophile

6/Stumpy v Skadi

a)The winner of match 1 will debate the winner of match 6

b)The winner of match 2 will debate the winner of match 5

c)The winner of match 3 will debate the winner of match 4

Ktprktpr will debate the winner of match c)

The winner of match a) will debate the winner of match b)

I will be posting the topics to be debated up today but remember you have one week to research before all the first round debates are opened next Sunday 23rd November.

[Edited on 16-11-2003 by John bull 1]

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