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The 13 Scariest People In America

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 12:19 PM
Ran across this article and thought I'd post it here for all to browse over.

I guess the magazine, The Old Trout, are the ones that compiled this list of "The 13 Scariest People In America", I don't know how this magazine got elected to do this, (was elected by congress to find the 13 scariest ?), but do this they did.

Here's one of the scary ones.

The Thirteen Scariest People in America - Alter Net

Scariest Cop: Joe Arpaio / Sheriff, Maricopa County, AZ

by Charles M. Young

A huge swath of Arizona that includes Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale, Maricopa County attracts journalists and politicians from around the world, all hoping to learn penal reform theory from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who opens his gates to everyone except reporters known to be critical. He brags on the department website that he has "nothing to hide and nothing to fear," and except for the occasional prisoner who gets beaten to death (R.I.P. Scott Norberg), he probably doesn't have anything to hide or to fear.

Most of the press considers him a colorful character who dresses his inmates in pink underwear, feeds them $.45 meals and houses them in tents where the temperature can exceed 140 degrees and the inmates have to breath the stench from a nearby dump and animal crematorium. A true pioneer of women's liberation, he has instituted chain gangs for women as well as men. Both sexes must listen to patriotic songs, and recordings of Arpaio reading self-help books throughout the day.

Although he forbids raunchy magazines (as well as coffee, cigarettes, Kool-Aid and hot meals), his recent jailcam experiment, live Web broadcasts of inmate life including toilet sessions, was a huge hit, and was quickly linked to by porn sites around the world. When inmates sued for invasion of privacy, Arpaio had to shut it down, but it was a rare setback for "America's Toughest Sheriff," as he likes to bill himself. Under a novel interpretation of the state's smuggling law, his most recent stunt is arresting illegal immigrants and giving them the pink-underwear-and-patriotic-song treatment. Having been elected four times by America's scariest voters, Arpaio can (and does) intimidate anyone who objects to his Guantanamo of the Sonora. Why waste cruel and unusual punishment on mere Islamofascists when we've got all these criminals on the border and a shredded Bill of Rights? Welcome to the future of law enforcement.

I'd call him a "colorful character" myself.

The other scary ones listed are:

Scariest Presidential Candidate: Sam Brownback / Senator (R-Kansas)

Scariest Judge: Edith Hollan Jones / Chief Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Scariest Opportunity Killer: Richard Berman / President, Berman and Company

Scariest Proselytizer : Rev. Rick Warren / Author of The Purpose Driven Life

Scariest Snoop: Derek V. Smith / CEO, ChoicePoint

Scariest Polluter: Don Blankenship / CEO of Massey Energy Co.

Scariest Scientist: Leon Kass / Member of The President's Council on Bioethics

Scariest Drug Dealer: Billy Tauzin / CEO, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Scariest Academic: Kevin MacDonald / Professor of Psychology, California State University at Long Beach

Scariest Hidden Persuader: Michael J. Petruzzello / Managing Partner, Qorvis Communications

Scariest Billionaire: Richard Mellon Scaife/Oil and Banking Heir

You can find out the facts about one of your scariest favorites listed above here.

I guess they don't know some of the people that I've met. There's at least a couple in my town that could make a list like this.

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 11:51 AM
Blankenship is one of the most hated men here in the State Legislature. Yes , he is running an add called "For The Sake Of The Kids" to keep some Democrats, who really don't give a damn about his ass, from getting re-elected to the Legislature. This is because he has the support of the Republicans in the state house. If he really cares about the kids, then A.T. Massey wouldn't have built that coal silo next to Marsh Fork Elementary in Raliegh County. Here's the kicker, Massey is wanting to build another silo just 150 feet from the same school.

This thing about the slurry water has gone on with Blankenship for years. Anytime that one of their dams break, the DEP makes them fix it, or so they say. Even after some of the dams have been fixed, they start to leak again. Next time one of his dams break, the Federal Department of Environmental Protection should be brought in. I got a feeling that Mr. Blankenship pays off the state DEP when it comes down to something like this. I say the F. B. I. and the Secret Service need to look into this because this is basically embezzlement.


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