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Attack Iran.

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 12:25 AM

It'll probably trace as originating in Russia since that is the country giving the most help to the Iranian program

No. The uranium would be enriched in Iran, Russia doesn't enrich uranium for Iran. And Iran can't enrich uranium at high levels for now. If they do, they'll say it to the world to announce that they are armed with nuclear weapons.

and you've made a point for me, that is another reason not to allow Iran to go nuclear, tracing the isotopes back to the country responsible for a nuclear terrorist attack may impossible

No, it's possible. With a sample, they can trace it back to the place they enriched it.

all the more reason to have no new members to the club - would'nt you agree?

Russia and China don't want new members to the club either. And would it matter? The US have their puppet who have nuclear weapons (Israël) why would China and Russia don't have also a nuclear puppet? But I agree that no one should have nuclear weapons , if we lived in a world were warmongerers wouldn't be able to access high power ranks, but we don't live in that world.

No moral basis was indicated in the original question, you are seeing things that were not there, sorry the answer still stands.

Sorry, but to decide which country or not should have nuclear weapons have moral basis. The question implied morals. What is good and wrong, and who's is a ``terrorist`` or not.

Sorry, but there's no proof that Iran have nuclear weapons, Russia is always there, don't want them to have nuclear weapons either, they have opened their sites to inspectors, yet the propaganda continue. And even if they would get them, you wouldn't be able to blame them for it, they just try to defend their country against invaders, if the whole Iraq and Afghanistan affair wouldn't have happened, they probably wouldn't have pursue the goal of nuclear weapons.

Aside, they need nuclear power, for energy purpose, and for money purpose, it's a huge market and they have one of the biggest reserves of uranium in their soil.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 01:34 AM

Originally posted by wantsome
I have a problem with thier religious system

You have a problem with their religion?
Why is that?

Not all Irainains enjoy western culture

Wait let me get this strait, so what if they don't enjoy western culture, they have to enjoy western culture? or their terrorists right?
So every one has to eat at mecdonalds ,every one has to live their lives by some standard that you see fit or else, do you even look at what you post?
I don't really mean what I'm about to say, it's just an example of how would you feel if.
Let's see, what if I said the same, something like, your american culture of fat overweight junkey big mac eater is disturbing my pretios europian culture when I think of you, please comply or I will be forced to hate you all my life, your culture only promotes, parkinson, alsimer, and overweight kids.

Not very happy about it a?
The fact is you can be 2 tons I still would not care how you live your life, it does not bother me at all and the same go's for you, it should not bother you how others live.

and the ones that do are severly oppressed.

I don't really think you know what you are talking about, iranians curently have fun, they go to night clubs, go snow boarding, they listen to hip hop and no one is saying anything.
They even drink coca-cola

I'm sorry to say, but I think your post is nothing but garbige.

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