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Experience with Purple Portals??

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 12:04 AM
I have an experience I would like to share. I would just like some possible explanations to what I saw and felt and if anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated. It was 4' o clock in the afternoon and I came home. I was a bit tired... but wasn't in the mood for a nap. I prepared a little snack and then I laid down on the couch. I was getting tired.. but wasn't falling asleep yet.. and my mind dose off. I daydreamed a bit and then I believe i fell asleep for a good hour.

One hour later, around 5, I woke up and had some negative thoughts.. Note that I was facing up towards the ceiling when I woke up. Immediately after waking up, I saw a purple circle on my ceiling. It was a faint circle... really blurry so it could have been just the fact that I just woke up. So i tried moving... and i couldnt. I was immobile and then I felt my body rise a bit.... I got scared.. and started thinking to myself.. NO NO lol

A few seconds later, it stopped. Im just thinking whether the experience was real or not.. or a figment of my imagination... The first thing that came to my mind was... " OMG A Portal.. ! I was about to be consumed by evil" lol but after pondering it a bit longer, I figured it was just the blood rushing to my head as I fell asleep on a whole bunch of clothes that were laying down and pillows so my body was on a slant with my head being at the bottom of that slant. Would that explain the purple and the fact that I couldnt move for 5 whole seconds and the rise of my body....

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