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Ex-Vatican Illuminati Opus Dei Insider goes Public

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posted on Dec, 5 2006 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by whatukno
wait a minute I thought he was in with the illuminati? what do the illuminati have to do with the masons? And Opus Dei, Wow I bet this guy is in with the CIA the KGB and is in the mob. LOL, Wait hes the prince of the holy roman empire too? Man that is some credentials. I want that resume.

You cant have a good NWO conspiracy without including the Masons...its like making pickles without vinegar !

posted on Dec, 5 2006 @ 11:51 AM
Jung was German and the OTO was a German society, therefore Jung surely had to have been in the OTO! What logic
Never mind that Jung wrote about the psychology of occultism, no the man had to take it one step further and join a actual occultic group, give me a break,,,,

I am sure a lot of you have read Robert Anton Wilsons Illuminatus!? If you have not you should, anyway one of the revelations in this outstanding fictional comedy is that the real illuminati is kind and benevolent and is actually the A:A, or the Argentuem Astram started by Crowley, while the OTO still has commerce with both the mafia, the good and bad illuminati, and one of the characters in the OTO is,,,,Carl Jung* Perhaps that is where this guy got the connection?

If he is truly Muslim now, (not just in name only) why is he running form the anti-christ? This seems to be a hodge podge of every conspiracy theory this delusional person can think of

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 02:00 PM
I found this on another website, I believe it can explain quite a lot. (

According to my knowledge and findings

Freemasonry in Norway is not hidden or difficult to investigate as their records are open to the public and of the current 18.000 or so members today the top levels were disclosed with names and titles in a national newspaper a few years ago, along with interviews. This was because of journalists being aware of the national public interest in freemasonry initiated by conspiracy researchers during recent years.

In Norway freemasonry traditionally only allows Christians to become members and there has been a debate going on whether to allow Jews and Muslims etc. to join. Ironically it is forbidden to discuss religion and politics in the norwegian lodges so the bottom line is that freemasonry in Norway is a cultural and social matter. Culture is something the norwegians do not take lightly however and traditions are valued - even though McDonald's, MTV and all that is common there too.

During the second world war the freemasons in Norway were the foremost fighters against the Nazi threat and very involved in the resistance. Just like in Sweden where one of the prominent bankers (!) Wallenberg was in cohorts with the germans who plotted to assasinate Hitler in the famous bombing which merely injured Hitler's right arm, prominent norwegians within the church and politics were fighting Quisling et al. tooth and nail and as is common knowledge they managed to expose traitors in their midst. Norwegians are by definition very nationally aware of their recent history and wary of being controlled by powers outside their borders. This is part of their identity and psychological make-up. In positions of political influence there are weird people of course - what I am talking about is the general national attitude.

For Leo Zagami to claim that freemasonry in Norway is satanic and promoting a NWO is wild and unfounded. His accusations become even more absurd when he himself associates with the New Right - a neo-nazi group which is opposed to Islam being practised in the country. He is in contact with these people after having converted to Islam himself. What is wrong with this picture?

A few of the individuals Zagami is accusing of wanting to "Nazify" Norway are teachers in Norwegian universities. My former father-in-law is a retired teacher and friend of these people and just to get some confirmation about their characters I spoke with him last night. According to him they are aware that Zagami is writing defamatory rubbish about them but as it is obvious to anyone with knowledge about the backgrounds of these people he is not taken seriously. In effect they feel sorry for him and wishes for him to get some help for his condition. That is how he put it.

My former father-in-law called again later after having read the website and articles by Zagami and mentioned what he saw as a culture shock for Zagami. The norwegian mentality is vastly different from the Italian and/or Sicilian, and I too can verify that when I came to Sweden in 1990 and later Norway (lived there 2000-2004) I went trough a similar crisis when trying to acclimatise and understand people in Scandinavia. England and Scotland is not all that different from Sweden and Norway but there are differences nevertheless. I think this is a factor which should be taken into consideration as well when trying to understand Zagami. Footnote: my former father-in-law is not a freemason or member of any society apart from the ornitological society (birds - with wings, not the women) and the Lutheran church. He is Sami but considers himself equally norwegian.

Which brings me on to another important detail. Zagami says the Vatican controls Sweden and Norway and Iceland which is absolutely outrageous. These are lutheran countries and state and church are separated and there are even discussions in Norway about having a vote on whether to keep or abolish the monarchy.

I am not trying to defend freemasonry at all by this - what I am saying is that Zagami's claims that Scandinavia is already "Nazified" and in the pocket of the Vatican are the first obvious signs that he is forwarding unsubstanciated claims with no grounds in reality. Catholicism/the Vatican/the mob mentality/religious orders are not "players" in any way that counts at all in Scandinavia - it is so absurd I have no words for it.

Politically there are characters whom through the membership in NATO and ideologically are in agreement with some of the world leaders with world domination ideas in line with capitalism and class think - as in every other country. However the mess Zagami is putting forward with religion, politics, and all sorts of fantastic associations like the esoteric in his own imagination is not even sloppy research - it is outright a wild fantasy. I am guessing that he is projecting the situation in his own country onto the scandinavian ones and I also think he is quite eager to attract the attention of authority figures for reasons known only to himself.

Well, these are some of the points which has me certain of him not being a bonafide researcher in any way. I believe he has personal problems and is projecting his problems onto the world at large, identifying with it to the extreme. There are conspiracies/plans for the future to be unveiled of course which is what allows him to do this. I am not saying all researchers have mental problems - however I acknowledge that the field attracts mentally unstable people.

If he has ever been tortured in Norway three times as he claims - why is he eager to stay and happy to have received a prolonged permit? What is wrong with this picture? He should take his case to the Haag or something if he wants to hold Norway accountable for violations against his human rights. Right?

Another footnote:
During the early years of this century a Mullah Krekar has been an often featured character in the press in Norway. My strong hunch is that Zagami is seeing Islam as oppressed and therefore "the truth" through all the circus around Krekar.

The questions so far then:

* Why does Zagami after his conversion to Islam support the New Right - a neo-nazi group wanting to ban Islam being practised in Norway?

* Why is Zagami not moving from Norway after having been "tortured three times by the Norwegian government", filing a complaint about his human rights having been violated - instead he is chuffed his permit has been prolonged so he can continue to live and work in that awful and horrible "nazified" country?

* Where is the proof that the Vatican is controlling Scandinavia - and how exactly?

There is more but frankly I feel that going through his information is less and less interesting the more I read his ramblings which only seem to elevate his person primarily - using the grand conspiracies as a tool to do so.

Had he come out under a pseudonym and stayed underground, sticking only to "inside information" not to be found anywhere else on the net nor in any other book - I would give him the benefit of the doubt. So far - I am personally not impressed.


posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 03:29 PM
I will never ever forget or forgive the church I was brought up in, including being president of the servers in my small parish for the murder of JP1.

posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 10:25 PM
I just came across this guy's story recently. Does anyone have any new info on this guy or his claims?

Here's a youtube interview for anyone else who hasn't heard this story yet:

Here's his website too:

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