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Introduction/United We Stand Divided We Fall

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posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 08:21 PM
I know this is an introduction & im supposed to introduce myself but id like to get into it by asking "WHERE'S THE UNITY" i ask that because i get a strong sense from EVERYONE around me that i should just keep my gob shut ask no questions & be happy to live in the cage i feel i/we are kept in by the goverments social engineering,

if your poor/work for minimum wage etc, no-one wants to hear what you have to say let alone answer any questions you may have or give you the help & guidance you may need/ask for, basicly your not rich enough to speak to them!

i as a long term employed tax paying citizen of the u.k would like to know why a portion of my weekly tax payments are used to fund the building of MOSQUES & segregated schools for islamic kids & other useless to my own people intallations & there is nothing i can do or say about it without being branded a racist & possibly arrested for breach of the peace.

I see the goverment GIVE housing to illegal immigrants whilst they decide what to do with them & in the meantime (anything up to & beyond 10yrs) the community they are put into is destroyed, dilluted beyond recognition & eventually the people that did live there just leave due to this "infiltration" of foraigners/possible terrorists thus the community ends up being run by the foraigners & that in itself leads to even more being placed there or even being smuggled into by the foraigners that are there, what is the goverment doing, its not its country its our counrty we the "little" people, the indiginous.

my great grandfather didnt fight in the 2nd world war to defend this country & its freedoms only for it to be used as a breeding ground for terrorists & parts sold off to anyone arabic with an oil well to his name, thats not just somthing im saying- its what my grandfather has said to me & his war buddies have said the same things too, they are gone now god rest their souls.

I know i speak for many people from every part of this country but as i seem to be speaking alone whenever i bring it up i feel nothing will EVER be done about it, im not talking about organizing a mob to round up the countrys illigal immigrants & ship them back to wherever they came (but one day that may be required)
i mean im paying a tax for these yo's to live here in council houses & live on benifits whilst the goverment takes its time deciding on what to do with them, id like to have a say WITHOUT being branded a racist,
its quite simple "if your illegal your out" the fact a good many of them got here illigaly in the first place is a crime in its self & if convicted of anything at all serious before or after they got here they should be out, because if i & many millions like me can live here all our lives without even being pulled up by a police officer then they are not on.

they can burn our flag & our american brothers flag in our own turf without being penalized, WHY? if it was vice versa you know we would get done & tony would probably give the ok for another gold topped mosque here to keep the peace,
i dont just get the feeling we are all being sold out, i know we are being sold out conspiricey or not, & aslong as people keep saying to themselve's aslong as im not
getting any bother i dont really care- its just going to worsen,
if/when the time comes when the extremeists take to the streets again bombing or even shooting us whiteys down in the streets YOU WILL CARE THEN & you will wonder why did i not get with it sooner.

this was probably not the best of introductions & i will probably be branded with some sort of politicaly correct term, but as least im saying it, im not racist but i am predjudice, i love my country & my peoples i only want to protect them & stand up for the ones who cant. UNITED WE STAND DIVEDED WE FALL

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posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 08:35 PM
Well thats one way to make an entrance! lol.

I will agree that it is a problem. I will agree the cultural divide will destroy us eventually.. civilizations cannot mix cultures. You say .. oh but we are the melting pot of the world. Yeah.. that's right, the new comers would melt into our culture.. this is more like pot trying to fit into a pot.

I don't like being referred to as "whitey" .. I prefer "Appalachian American" Thank you. If that does not suit you well how about "Male of fair skin who's ancestors where indigenous to the lands of northern Europe, particularly Ireland and or England" See.. white people can be politically correct to!

Any ways, white folk are a queer folk you see.. we are paranoid as hell.. always watching for a small guy to kick our
so that in turn means a good number of white folks are already armed. Some to the teeth. I have a gun.. though I do not think a "race" war will start.. if anything the race war would be between blacks and hispanics.

I still say the economy has to go down the tubes first.. then someone somewhere will have the balls to say it was the Mexicans stealing our jobs that recked the economy. Well.. we know how such stories go.. If not, read about the rise of hitler and what happend to the Jews.

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 09:09 PM
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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 10:06 AM
Hello, and welcome to ATS.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 10:08 AM
Hey eddie666m1980w! and welcome

I hope you enjoy your stay here

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 11:50 PM
Thanks for the welcome & a BIG thank you to all those involved in creating this site its a real gem amoungst the non-sense chat rooms & ofcourse a thanks to all those involved in keeping this site ticking over,

when i stumbled blindly onto this site it caught my attention straight away so i stuck it in my fave list then signed up! since then iv became a bit of a slave to it, i even missed work & i am doing so again toady due to the late nights spent browsing its many pages & i have posted some replys already,
its a big change from all the waffle/nothingness/daily grind people go on about in other very well advertised & widely knowen about sites,
if this site is well advertised iv never seen it,
i was going to email all my friends telling them about it but i thought about it a little & realised this may be a bad idea as id get a fair bit of stick/taunting about it,
the friends i am associated with are more cut to the point types & dont like all this conspirecy & cloak & dagger type of talk, it clouds judgment as much as clears it up & for them & for what they do-a clear mind focused to the point is what they need most, time is of the essence types!
me on the other hand i love this stuff & cant get enough so again thanks to all involved in its creation & up keep.

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