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Kappa Sigma Question

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posted on May, 24 2007 @ 07:44 AM

Originally posted by jaybirdg18
I enjoyed your response. I am currently an active member of a Kappa Sigma chapter and am about to become an alumni (since I am graduating from the university). I have heard some rumors about the similarity between masonry and kappa sig organizations and have become more interested in the subject as I become more ritual proficient. While I plan on maintaining complete confidentiality of our organizations secrets (and understand and applaud the fact that you will maintain yours), I would like to know how one can become a mason (among other simple questions). Do you have to be invited by a member, or must you simply attemp to join? I understand if you cannot answer this, but I would like to know since I am considering entering the masonry. Thanks.

By the way, I am truly ashamed that a chapter would even consider accepting candidates like those who have ATTEMPTED at divulging the organizations secrets on this website. It is not only representative of your personal attitude towards the fraternity, but it is a testiment to your quality of charachter as well. I'm sorry that you have a personal vendetta against the members in your chapter, but any decent human being would have the common manners of not TRYING to reveal something others consider sacred (even though your attempts were quite humerous). I suggest that if you want to "bust out" some secrets of an organization, you should have become more active and actually LEARNED the secrets first. However, this is one reason our secrets will always be protected... those who don't have the character and attitude required for membership in Kappa Sigma often don't have the mental ability to reveal some of the fraternity's sacred secrets. So, had you become a REAL Kappa Sig, this whole conversation wouldn't even be necessary (you would have learned to become a better man in all walks of life, including character and personal morality). Nice try though. Unfortunately, you only get a D for effort.


To become a Mason you need ask someone that you believe to be a Mason for an application, which you fill out,basically at least in my state it tells you a little about it and you sign an affirmation that you understand the basic tenants of freemasonry (that you are a man free born,you profess a belief in God, etc), You need to have 2 brothers sign for you, your first line signer is usually someone that you know pretty well.It is important to remember that these people are vouching for you on their own good names, so always bear in mind that not only do your actions reflect solely upon yourself, they reflect upon those of your signer.There is a fee, in my state I believe that it was 212 dollars, this covers your initiation into the fraternity, some of it will go to your local lodge, some to the state grand lodge, and I believe that a certain amount goes to charity.You may or may not receive a Bible upon completion of your third degree, some lodges charge more for a Bible, A masonic Bible, has nothing added scripturally to it,and is usually King James Version.If your lodge charges more than 212 dollars you probably will get a Bible. We started having the people who sign buy a Bible for the person that they were bringing into the fraternity.It makes it more special I think for someone to recieve the bible that they took oaths on.

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 08:08 PM
I have a collection of rituals including Kappa Sigma and Delta Sigma Phi, and am interested in trading. Email me at for a list of my rituals available for trade.

BTW, Sigma Kappa's ritual is one of my faves. I love the whole Italianate premise. Really lovely.

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by wildswan
I don't know what AEKDB means. While Kappa Sigma's crest does look a little sinister, I don't believe you have anything to worry about. Delta Delta Delta and Gamma Phi Beta use the crescent moon on their badges. Kappa Kappa Gamma uses the key. Several sororities use the skull. The meanings will vary for each organization, but it is never about anything sinister.

I'm interested in the influence of Kappa Sigma on the rituals of Sigma Kappa and Sigma Sigma Sigma. A Kap Sig helped wrote both.

I have read all three and they don't share a great deal in common. Kappa Alpha Theta and Fiji have some similarities, though. One of the founders of KAT had a Fiji brother.

Kappa Sigma is one of the most unusual and interesting ones I have read. Very different.

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by The Big O

Dear Big O,

I've come to know a friend and a brother wherever I may go...I am a brother as well, from New York.
While I find these threads very interesting, they are not something that I would pursue, mainly for the sake of the good of the brotherhood. In time, (especially in these modern times) it's easy to forget why we came together so long ago. If we need others to join us in our endeavours, we'll make that known through invitation. Until then, walk in the light of god and keep our secrets safe.

Pledge Class President
Nu-Gamma, NYC '92

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 12:09 PM
Joining a Masonic Lodge is fairly easy as my brother pointed out above.

If you know where you local Lodge is - see if you can find their webpage, or other information about them.

My Lodge initiated a brother at the end of last year...he got in by calling us and leaving a message on the answering machine. Two weeks later we're having dinner with him and talking about various aspects of his life and why he found Freemasonry. And Bam! we've already started plugging him into degree work and I'm considering appointing him into a position at the end of the year...assuming his wife oks the idea first.

Basically, if you're in the US -> Google "Grand Lodge of " and you'll be able to find the Grand Lodge webpage from there they should have some contact info. to help you along the way. We don't make it a piece of cake and we tend to take some time to comunicate (my Grand Lodge still does everything by snail mail), but we do make it possible for you to find someone to help you. is helpful and is setup by the GL of Indiana, so it's specifics are for us, but the general (and many of the outgoing links) can be applied elsewhere.

Also -> Concerns of money, my Lodge charges a $130 initiation fee, my brother above charges $212....fees range greatly - always ask for clarification from the respective Lodge as even in the same state they will differ from Lodge to Lodge.

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 08:40 PM

Originally posted by eponymous67
Kappa Sigma is one of the most unusual and interesting ones I have read. Very different.

"Different" is an interesting way to describe Kappa Sigma's ritual. If you were a 3rd Degree (Master) Mason you'd likely use the word "plagiarism"

Sorry be so honest, but most other college fraternities were a bit creative....the creators of Kappa Sigma apparently weren't.

That's not uncommon, though. There are a couple of adult fraternities that I can think of that have done the same thing...the United Order of Mechanics is one. They were even less creative than those early members of Kappa Sigma who stole Masonic ritual practically verbatim. They stole Masonic ritual so closely that they basically did nothing other than replace the word "Masonry" with "Mechanicism" while the Kappa Sigs at least added a bit of [ahem] "Bologna" to the ritual.

Note: Apologies to any Kappa Sigs who find offense to the above post. It's not meant to insult...but facts are fact. There were Masons LONG before there were Kappa Sigs...and the Kappa Sigs plagiarized Masonic ritual. I was VERY disappointed in the ritual when I first read it.

posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 11:27 AM
I was randomly searching for Kappa Sigma stuff and found this link and was so amused by it. WHY? Because I think that it is funny how people take offense from the things that are true. You want me to be honest, I'm a how would I know any of this stuff?? I dated a Kappa Sig for a year, and one night, he just decided to tell me all about his secrets. It was really interesting, because it is true that the KS ritual is not like many others. I'm in a sorority, so I know what they are kinda like....but KS was DEFINITELY taken from old freemasons rituals. I would know...I'm from Europe, and grew up learning about this stuff.

So it bothers me that KS prides itself to be so unique, and that their ritual is one of the best ever written...but that is easy when half of it was plagiarized. I've been the book...I know there are 7 levels of ritual, and even the Grand Masters don't know all of yea just knowing a little might not mean much, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what they are founded upon.

I know everything from your symbols, your challenge, your secret passwords...and not the the so famous AEKDB....but certain words that are to be said let's say in case a brother is in trouble...and it is the duty of any KS around to come to his help. I know what the letters mean, what you do the night before you get initiated, what pledges go through, what you do, step by step, during your ritual, even what you wear! I know what you say, I of course know your grip. I even know why you do all that...and why Bologna was thrown into this. I even know about your alphabet! But I'll give it to you...KS secrets are definitely more elaborate than others. I know Sigma Nu and Pike's rituals as well....and I wouldn't dare repeat those, because I appreciate their values a lot more than KS.

And no...I'm not a brother trying to mess with people....but I know so much I might as well be! My sisters and I used to be fascinated with trying to find out about the KS ritual, and when we did, well we were just kinda creeped out to be honest!

My post has no real point...but to say that you just don't know who knows your secrets out there!

posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 03:49 PM
the funny thing is i am just a pledge of Kappa Sigma and i can already tell you that 99% of the information posted in this thread is false... and the little bit that is true and revealed like it is some dark incredable secret is not a secret it can be found CORRECTLY on the Kappa Sigma website.

dont reply this is a dead topic and i gave a dummy e-mail address so i wont see it anyways

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by no_name_8
the funny thing is i am just a pledge of Kappa Sigma and i can already tell you that 99% of the information posted in this thread is false... and the little bit that is true and revealed like it is some dark incredable secret is not a secret it can be found CORRECTLY on the Kappa Sigma website.

dont reply this is a dead topic and i gave a dummy e-mail address so i wont see it anyways

I do not know whether information posted in this topic is complete nonsense, complete truth, or something in between. I do know that as a pledge you are not privy to all their is to know about your fraternity. You do not know your fraternity's secret handshake, secret passwords, secret symbols, and what exactly happens at initiation.

Also as a pledge, you are being indoctrinated (some may even say brainwashed) into having unwaivering allegiance for your fraternity. If you happen to be a pledge who examines your fraternity criticically, in all likelihood you would quit. Fraternity pledges that do not examine their fraternity critically are the most likely to make it through initiation. So if you are going to be an initiated members, chances are you are not going to examine the fraternity critically at this juncture.

posted on Oct, 19 2007 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by hotpinkurinalmint

you obviously have never been in a greek org. I am a Kappa Sigma and I thought about what I was doing and why every day when I was pledging. It is not that you are brainwashed, it is the fact that you become so close with your brothers during pledging, knowing everything about them ect, that you will do anything for them. and when you learn all of the secrets of the fraternity it makes your bond a whole lot closer. so therefore yes, you become extremely loyal to your fraternity...this is obviously something you cannot, and will not, ever understand. and y'all keep talking about all this stuff but 99% of it is wrong. you wont ever know all the secrets or what it means to be a Kappa Sigma until you are one...


posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by mjpusc

With all due respect I was a member of a college fraternity. I knew members of your fraternity at my school and I actually was given a bid by your fraternity.

Fraternities like Kappa Sig typically make pledges memorize portions of pledge manuals, memorize facts about active members, and other bits of trivia. Pledges typically have to be able to spit these bits of trivia out quickly during "line ups" or other "quiz" like activities. In the process of memorizing all this information, some brainwashing does occur.

Fraternities, like Kappa Sig, customarily engage in intense hazing and initiation. During these initiation rituals (like hell week) the pledge is forced to focus his entire mind on the fraternity. These intense situations can form comraderie, but they can also distort the pledges' judgment and perceptions of the fraternity.

posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by hotpinkurinalmint

Hotpink, did you go to Hobart College?

posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by leges

No I did not.

I do not want to come across as Kappa Sig basher. I just feel that college fraternities, including the one I joined, are not perfect institutions. It seems every college fraternity claims to have some special comraderie amongst its members that no other organization can possibly have. The fact is college students do not need fraternities to form good friendships. While it is true that many people form lifelong friendships in fraternities, this does not necessarily mean that every member of your fraternity is your lifelong friend and is going to bend over backwards to help you.

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 10:40 AM
As an experienced member of Kappa Sigma, I want to set some common misconceptions straight for those who happen upon this discussion:

1. Even though college fraternities are national organizations, you cannot make sweeping generalizations about every chapter of a national fraternity. Each chapter is its own unique entity, and there are vast differences between different chapters of the same fraternity.

For example, on my college campus the Kappa Sigma fraternity is the group you want to be a part of. Our chapter is in a period of growth and prosperity; our new members are some of the most mature people I have met, exemplifying the pillars of leadership and scholarship. On other campuses, however, I have seen an entirely different picture; at some, the Kappa Sigma fraternity might be the stereotypical group of jocks and douchebags, do-nothings and druggies, leaving some other fraternity to take the high ground and play the role that my chapter plays on my campus. It all depends on which campus you go to and which chapter you meet.

The chapters that do horrible things make a bad name for all of them. Nobody hears that it was done by just an individual chapter; they just hear Kappa Sigma. Likewise, nobody hears afterwards when Nationals revokes that chapter's charter, closing the chapter down in a declaration that they no longer reflect the values of the fraternity, but that's what happens. It's not just the chapters that are found to be doing disgraceful and abusive things to the pledges that get closed down, either; it's even stuff like giving alcohol to minors, or violating local laws and campus rules. Anything at all that reflects poorly on the group is punished severely. Fraternities already have a bad enough reputation, and it is our obligation to make sure we do not worsen that reputation, but we can only do so much. Please do your part by not making sweeping generalizations about national groups, but to instead realize that every chapter is unique.

2. It is therefore petty and judgmental to let your experiences with one chapter color your views towards an entire national fraternity. Do not be hateful towards any one national fraternity organization, because somewhere out there are chapters of that very fraternity that contain a great group of people who you would have no problem with.

Revealing the secrets of an entire national fraternity to the whole world just because you have a problem with one of its chapters is childish and stupid. Regardless of the origins of these ceremonies, they are an experience that you have no right to ruin for someone else.

3. Not being a freemason, I cannot say whether or not the rituals were borrowed from one to the other. I also cannot say for certain that any of our "ancient history" is accurate, or if it's all just in there for theatrics. But I contend that, other than for the purposes of studying secret societies, such observations are beside the point. Regardless of the origins of the ceremonies, they are a powerful experience that nothing else can replace. When friends participate in them together, the bonds of friendship are strengthened. The purpose of the ceremonies is not to brainwash, but to demonstrate the true loyalty and commitment that is expected out of all members of our order.

4. Before I joined a fraternity, I had read about them on the internet and I heard bad things about initiation processes and the like. Nonetheless I found a chapter that I knew I would enjoy being a part of, and I pledged it. During the pledging process, I kept waiting for the hazing part to happen, and kept wondering amid all the secrecy when I was going to get to the part that gave fraternities their bad name. The initiation ceremony came and went, and guess what? I had not been hazed. No line ups, no humiliation, nothing. I daresay that we are not an exception to the rule either, but that we ARE the rule and that chapters that haze are the exception.

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 02:33 PM
I would just like to say one thing to those who are so upset about their [ahem] "secrets" being published on an internet board:

Try being a Mason. You think you guys have it bad! Look around in this forum... everyone and their dog is looking for "masonic secrets" and those things that we as Masons hold dear are treated like either some worthless novelty or the brainchildren of Satan himself; both of which couldn't be further from the truth. Do you think that stops some douche from posting our ritual, etc. online and claiming all sorts of outlandish things about us?

Hell no, it doesn't.

We've been dealing with this kind of thing since these boards came online; you don't see us petitioning Grand Lodges to have posts removed or try to sue the site or any of that nonsense. Exposes are a part of being in a fraternity, because people envy what they don't have and fear what they do not understand. Nothing is sacred anymore.

My advice: get some thicker skin. By getting upset, you give these people what they want and not only that, you give some kind of creedence to what they say.

Vide, Aude, Tace.

I know, I know. I should take my own advice.

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 02:07 PM
My question to all the people on here that collect fraternity rituals including the Masonic ritual is, Why do you feel the need to know these rituals if you are not part of the organization? Really, if you are not part of the organization do you "need" to know the ritual?

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 02:17 PM

Originally posted by swayoveride
My question to all the people on here that collect fraternity rituals including the Masonic ritual is, Why do you feel the need to know these rituals if you are not part of the organization? Really, if you are not part of the organization do you "need" to know the ritual?

Most of the prople that I know who collect rituals are members of several fraternal groups and enjoy seeing the similarities/differences/common origins of the rituals themselves.

They would never distribute them willy-nilly, however, out of respect for the various organizations.

It's more of a personal study of initiation traditions and symbolisms, I suspect, rather than "wanting to know secrets."

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by hotpinkurinalmint

"The fact is college students do not need fraternities to form good friendships. "

Well that's a fresh perspective!

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by The Axeman

"Do you think that stops some douche from posting our ritual, etc. online and claiming all sorts of outlandish things about us?

Hell no, it doesn't. "

I sincerely hope you are not a preacher of Christ like you proclaimed to me earlier.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by spirit7
I sincerely hope you are not a preacher of Christ like you proclaimed to me earlier.

I never in my life claimed to be a preacher, so I have no idea what you're talking about. I defy you to show me where I "proclaimed" to be a "preacher of Christ."

Nice to see though, that your ignoring of my posts is selective...

There are some posts directed at you I made recently that I would love to have your replies to. I think you know which ones.

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