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Propaganda Magazine or truth publication, you decide.

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posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 06:04 PM
Every once in a while I enjoy diversity, especially when it comes to reading up on the trends of conspiracies. Seeing on this site, many of you who have the same theories as those who created the linked site below, it was something I felt like shareing.

To read through the many subjects available on the linked site, just click "NEXT" located near the bottom of each page, past the home page provided. I was going to post this in the DECON of DIS INFO Forum, how ever felt it was closer to "Other Resources". As my intended purpose for posting is not the disemination of, but the
awareness factor.

Ranging in topics as varied as ATSs own, some of yall are going to dislike it or enjoy the following site. What ever it may be, please feel free to enter into a "mature" and respectable conversation, if you are able of course. If you can contribute a reasonable tid bit, in the contrary, I insist by all means, but support your stance, conjecture and opinions excused.

Criminal Politics
THE authority on Conspiracy Politics
To expose the methods used to overpower
an entire nation - - (ours) - - and the people
who are attempting it.

Happy reading, and I'm looking forward to your replies.

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