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"What will it take for you too believe"

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posted on May, 9 2007 @ 11:25 AM
what would it take for me to belive ETs are visiting earth in spacecraft?

a big flying saucer swooping down in broad daylight on a major city should do the trick.

posted on Oct, 18 2007 @ 04:17 PM
'Humans its easy to infiltrate when you leave yourselves wide open for discussion.'

What do you think lies in our past?

perhaps marvels we were once part .

What would be in our future?

Well I thought I would open this back up with all the conjecture, I thought it would be a nice discussion. All points are welcome. But keep an open mind. Grounded, entertaining individuals welcome.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 01:32 AM
Another one I thought would be interesting to have discussions in, all aboard thats coming aboard.

Well let's hear what is possible in that world of yours.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by menguard

To believe what exactly. One can say, do you believe in UFOs? But what of the aspects do I believe? Do I believe all alien hypotheses? Hell no. There are certainly things going on. And I look at the actual data. I don't care what new video is out on youtube because that doesn't say a thing.

Reports of credible witnesses however is a different story. Stories that I have read through the COMETA report, the Disclosure Project Executive Summary, and many MUFON studies have some REAL scientific value to them. And those are the ones I care about. Because even COMETA was forced to conclude that this hypothesis is best explained through extreterrestrial means. So this is NOW a working theory. But one that could be proven wrong. And until full disclosure takes place. We won't know.

But do I believe? The answer is absolutely. Yes I certainly do. I've poured over SO MUCH data that it hurts. And I can't deny the evidence before me. And even though evidence isn't proof positive, it certainly does draw a very compelling picture...One that I'm very willing to believe.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by schuyler

If these jerks are so interested in our well being or the well being of the planet then they need to stop messing around. They need to show themselves, land on the white house lawn (or Paris or London or New Delhi. I don’t really give a rat’s behind WHERE, just DO IT! No, we’re not going to shoot you down. I thought you guys could handle it, anyway. Make sure the cameras are there.

And if they tell us, look, humans, you gotta go to solar power in ten years. You already know how to do it. You have the technology. You have to phase out carbon. So here’s the plan. You go to solar and we’ll let you into the Galactic Federation and give you lots of cool stuff. Given a generation you’ll all be rich as hell and nobody starves. Humanity no longer suffers and everyone’s happy. Deal?

These statements are really contradictory. Just by calling an alien who I might add is far more advanced than any human on earth, comes from who knows how many light years away and has technology few people could fathom a jerk?. Thats a bold comment to say THE LEAST on that remark.

When will you wake to the fact that humans are creating their own demise. Money hungry, dictatorial governments who CREATE hunger, CREATE poverty, CREATE wars and DESTRUCTION, CREATE mistrust among its own people. Whether you like it or not these are humanities problems. No alien is going to give earth a "manual" on how to fix earth when earth is in the state thats its in and especially when "they" had nothing to do with it.

In that case we should be helping them colonize planets and fight interracial wars if you want to be fair about it, but thats right it has nothing to do with us so we do nothing......hmmmm hypocrisy and irony at work.

Maybe the aliens gave up on humanity because earth has yet to prove its serious about changing, look at earth today shifting temperatures and constant fossil fuels pumped into the air daily and we say smell the fresh air, its intoxicated. Bush says he wants freedom when he pushes for "democracy in iraq" he must of forgot to mention that democracy included killing innocent people for his addiction to "texas tea".

Based on your scenario, these aliens landed on the front lawn of the white house with media and cameras rolling and you were offered a chance to ask them (as an example) something like this to them:

"We the people of Earth in appreciation ask your assistance in aiding us to better ourselves for the good of the human race and earth with your vast knowledge and wisdom we would like to extend this offer?".

And in your excitement awaiting there response shockingly they would say "You are requesting us to help the human race in a way it is yet incapable in its own right of achieving. We wont help you until you can help yourselves"

Have a long hard think about this when you see the global picture, its true. And to add to that scenario aliens only telepathically communicate unless you can understand random vocal "tick tock" sounds. So the microphones would be useless.

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