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For every Alex Jones hater....

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posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 01:03 AM
for all those over the last years who have called him a liar or a nut or tried defaming him under whatever side of the left/right paradigm you happen to be on....for all those who said the NWO was a lie, for all those who laughed when he warned us of different governement scams, or denied the that the north american union was a reality...and i know many of you ignorant drones still think your constitutional rights are being upheld...but for all those who have woken up and finally realized that all these things are happening...i'd like you to reply on this thread about what woke you up, when and how you realized that all the NWO, police state stuff wasnt conspiratorial THEORY, but an honest to god government conspiracy against the people. Im simply starting this thread as a thank you, not just to alex jones, but to all those who stood up and told the truth in the face of ridicule by the very people they were standing up for.

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 01:15 AM
I think it was when I realized that the term "Conspriacy Theory" was doublespeak. The trem "conspiracy" is generally taken as a massive though secret plot against a person or people, where as a "theory" is taken as somthing that is not proven. I realized one day that the term "conspiracy" does not automatically denote secrecy. A conspiracy can be completely in the open if the true intentions of the purpetraters are unkown.

This lead me to research, which led me to realize that not only was it not a "conspiracy" but it was also not a "theory" due to the massive evidence on the subjects I researched.

"Cosnpiracy Theory" is a label used to discredit dissenting evidence, researchers, or thinking. It causes those who have not researched certain subjects to begin their search with a overly skeptical and emotionally invested mindset.

All in all it was when I realized it wasn't a "cosnpiracy theory" it was the news.

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 01:59 AM
I've always been intrigued by things like UFO's and JFK. I never necessarily bought into the conspiracy completely, but i found it interesting to look at the evidence. It was kind of a guilty pleasure. I was never able to really wrap my head around it and thought that it would be too big to keep these things secret.

Then 911 happened. I knew that our planes should have been able to respond. I knew that steel buildings dont collapse like that. I knew it was all a lie to go to war.

But i unintentionally used doublethink because of all of the media propaganda. Once again, i thought it would be impossible to keep something so important secret. So i deluded myself that the fighter jets couldnt respond, even though i knew it was standard operating procedure. I deluded myself that the collapse was normal, even though i am an engineer and i know much, much better. I deluded myself that Osamas past connections to the CIA meant nothing, even though we created him and gave him billions to carry out terrorist attacks.

Then a year or two after 911, i saw some clips from loose change. I saw the squibs, heard the witness testimony about bombs, and i looked into Alex Jone's 9/11 prior knowledge archive, which has mountains of great evidence. I also looked at The Complete 9/11 Timeline from Cooperative Research DotOrg and knew, once and for all, that i had been lied to!

That is the day i became a thought criminal...

All this time i had been a dupe. I had bought into the idea that amerika was the greatest place on earth and everything we do is right and just and that we make the entire world a better place. Even though i knew; we stole this land from the indians, we owned slaves, we depress the rest of the world so we can be rich, we kill for oil, we overthrow democratically elected regimes and replace them with dictators that support us, and we traffic drugs.

United States of Hypocracy!!!

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 07:17 PM
I'm sorry, i screwed up the Complete 9/11 timeline in that last post, the correct link is;

Complete 9/11 Timeline Cooperative Research

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