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Full Scale Planetary Enemergency?

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posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 09:19 PM
Al Gore: Earth is in 'Full-Scale Planetary Emergency'

And looks like there's a gift that will come along with it : Commercialisation of (Global)Disaster Management

"We ought to learn that lesson and apply it to space," Gore said. "Because of the environmental climate crisis, we need to speed up the introduction of private companies into the creative exploitation of the space resource."

The corporations earn billions while they pollute the environment, how much will they profit when their service are sought to clean up the mess?

Haliburton and New Orleans anyone?

Gore also said

"If one nation takes it upon itself to assert its own unilateral definition of what world law should be -- without respect to what the rest of the world thinks about it—that's usually a mistake," Gore told Summit attendees. "Policy matters. Law matters. International law matters."

I think the above should be what defines a superpower. Lead by example - be a responsible resident of this planet, and the rest will follow. The withdrawal of Kyoto Protocol leads to years of international efforts going down the drain when everyone else start quitting too.

Do you wonder how would have things turn out if this guy won the presidency?

And yes, what we are been faced with now(or coming real soon) is a planetery emergency.

You can see for yourself.

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