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Norpass: North American Union!!

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posted on Mar, 25 2007 @ 12:44 AM

I applaud you on your efforts to pass on information that you have found, to those that might not get away from their TV's and such. The entire US populous needs to be aware of what is going on.

Instead of quoting myself from another thread, and I apologize in advance for cross threading, but I've got a bit to say about the N.A.U., NASCO, and as you point out, NORPASS, and NAFTRACS (part of NASCO).

There's many ways they are trying to pass it off as nothing, but it is much more severe than many people have given credit for.

If you'd like, please read some of my information at the following links:

Asking Congress about the North American Union
What shall we do?

Again, keep up the good work. The more we can educate or at least make aware, the better off we'll be.


posted on Mar, 25 2007 @ 01:01 AM
I applaud you my friend!

I am remote and cut-off from most of "American society" up here in AK. Most people here consider themselves as first and fore-most "Alaskans"...not "Americans" (due to the costs and hardships w/the cold and darkness)...

Seeing the US goverment make such bold moves to me is...well...insane.

The two large millitary bases that are here-- which are our economic bread-n-butter (other than the oil industry) have recently been enclosed by barbed-wire fences.

Why? .... Because of 9-11?..."Terrorists" in ALASKA?

No my friends, the angle of the barbed wire points outward--I will snap digital picture of this fence that lines one of the main highways out of Anchorage and connects it to the "lower-48".

Barbed wire pointed that direction is intended to keep people out.

Why with the new (and still being installed) NORPASS system does the local military feel the need to build a security perimiter with barbed wire? Perhaps they know somthing about the future we don't?

I WILL gladly snap photos of what I have seen--in the hopes that others might *wake up* to their own local areas about this "NAU"...

Man, my digicam is going to get a serious workout. The army, marines and airforce are going to know for sure i've pulled over (with all the "traffic cams")

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