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First article..

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posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 05:08 AM
Hey all,

I finished my first article.... wondering what people think?

Also, I edited UFO Technology on 10/27 to clear up a common misunderstanding on "very fast" but sub-light speed.

The problem here is that the distances are so vast, that it would require an incredible amount of time given the limits of known technologies.
A star-traveler would have to traverse these vast distances by either approaching the speed of light or by circumventing the theoretical limit of v/c = 1.0. Theoretically, if a UFO approached light speed, it's occupants would enjoy time ratio benefits that a stationary observer would not. This time-ratio relation, originated by H.A Lorentz and incorporated by Einstein as a cornerstone of his Special Theory of Relativity, says to square the velocity ratio, subtract from one, and take the square root to obtain the ratio of on-board time to the time for the stationary observer. I.E. if the UFO was traveling at a speed of v/c = 0.999999, then it covers one light year of distance in 0.00141 year or 12 hours and 35 minutes.

I referenced a book I read a while back. I checked the copyright stuff on the book and its ok to quote a few passages. I should probably throw in a reference section in UFO Technology since I got the material from a book instead of an external internet link. Is this correct procedure?

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 06:53 AM
Very Nicely Done!!!!


posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 07:58 AM
Very good first entry

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 09:08 AM
Nice job!

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 11:26 AM
Excellent article! I have awarded you some points as a bonus.

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 05:36 PM
thanks all-

It can still use some refinement but hey that's the beauty of it....easy for anyone to edit.

ok.......2nd article...... go!

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 10:55 PM
Very nice article, especially considering it's your first.

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 03:27 PM
Yes, good job. Keep it up! Tinwiki could use more people like you for the overall goal. There's much we need to cover with little people to do so!

posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 05:06 PM
thanks ebe & astygia-

The bling bling is cool
but not a reason in itself to write articles. I have quite a bit of information at my fingertips involving the UFO phenomenon. I also like the concept of everyone participating in the construction of an online encyclopedia.... especially one geared towards these (not so mainstream) topics. I hope to some day be part of the tin
but I will probably do the majority of my editing on the UFO-Alien section as that is more my specialty.

I've got 2 more articles in the works. Later tonight I should have time to finish those. I've become lazy in last few days and have been bumming around PTS reading diff threads


posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 03:58 PM
Nice job, I wish I was capable of something like this, my limited capabilities make me only good enough for proof-reading what other people do, and even that I have neglected in the last months.

PS: I have made some minor corrections on your article.

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