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Black's Law Dictionary

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posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:21 PM
In United States law have I become very interested and decided to search on Borders for the current edition of the Black's Law Dictionary, or the edition that would best complement my curiosity. Thereafter I searched for an online source of the law dictionary, since it is public domain, but could only find broken links and Westlaw's official site on the text.

In my search I came across an article which stated that:

Sarah Medhurst shocked journalists and legal scholars at a press conference held at the Black family estate Monday when she revealed that 'Black's Law Dictionary,' a highly regarded legal reference text, was orginally written as a joke by her eccentric great grandfather, Henry Campbell Black.

which may be viewed here: Black's Law Hoax

I know not the verity of this claim since this is the only source where I can find information on the "press conference," which supposedly took place around 2002-2003.

I have, so far, found one brief resource on Henry Campbell Black's career that details a man who was dedicated to constitutional law:

Constitutional Scholar

Wikipedia contains even less information, one sentence, stating that he was:

The founder of Black's Law Dictionary, who first published the definitive legal dictionary in 1891.

Now I ask to the knowledgable community at ATS, was this claim made by Sarah Medhurst true that the law dictionary was first written as a joke, or was it simply an attempt by her to damage the credibility of the text? Also, why does it appear that all online resources of the original text have been removed, or never even listed? If this is indeed untrue, would someone point me in the right direction as I can find no links to the law dictionary itself.


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