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Google video Censors

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posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 08:14 AM
I have been thinking for a while that video websites like google video could easely manipulate and sensor all their video content and weat out all real political discussions or other sensitive information.

For normal people it is still quite expencive to start a video page because of the uploading bandwith.
For these big companies like google it is no problem to serve these video files.

The downside is that they control all the content and call the shots on how the content is rated.
This leaves a lot of room for manipulation and censorship.

here is an example

Last week we highlighted how Google had reset viewing totals for Terror Storm from hundreds of thousands of views on several different video versions back down to zero for each one.

Figures that were heading towards 500,000 views for different uploads of the film are now back in the low hundreds and tens of thousands. The number of viewer submitted comments remains the same but the viewership numbers have clearly been unfairly doctored.

This is clearly a bad road to go on, companies with this much power over media allways make me think.

I found a nice alternative myself
Lots of these videos available trough bittorrent

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 09:57 AM
Before is was saving all my video downloads to my harddisk or burned them onto a DVD.
With all the videos beeing available online it seems to lose its point.
I can watch them all the time online trough google video etc.
But what if the real interesting stuff gets taken offline bit by bit, would i notice it realy.
Specialy not with stuff i havent seen yet, i would never know it was taken off.

I think there is a real danger in in letting these companies store my data for me like Gmail for example.
Does anyone know that google can and will read all your email and create a profile on you based on the content of you emails.

Scary stuff in my opinion


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