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The Perfect Way To Beat Those Zionist Illuminati Greys!!!!!!!

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posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 09:47 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'..... So I says to myself, Self, I'm gettin' pretty tired of those stinkin' Zionist Illuminati Greys makin' everybody all scared and stuff.
So I call my dog Yabastaad over. I say "Come here Yabastaad.", and once again my neighbor looks at me like I'm cursin' and stuff......I think my neighbor is crazy or somethin'.
So Yabastaad comes over and I start pettin' him. I do some really good thinkin' when I'm pettin' Yabastaad.......
Yep, I'm gettin' really tired of those Zionist Illuminati Greys. They think they're so cool controllin' everything while hidin' in the shadows. Everyone knows that those Zionist Illuminati Greys knocked down the WTC, made Mount Saint Helens erupt, caused those big Tsunami waves, made the dinosaurs extinct, and don't get me started on those probes!

So what would be the perfect way to stop those Zionist Illuminati Greys.............
Hmmmmm...........What would be the perfect way?........

C'mon brain, I need you to do some super double extra good thinkin' about this one.

Put giant trampolines all over the place? That way when those Zionist Illuminati Greys come down thinkin' they're so cool in one of those fancy UFO's and stuff, they'll hit those trampolines and go bouncin' right back up into space? I bet those Zionist Illuminati Greys would be so surprised! Hmmmm, not a bad idea, but it would be really hard to put those trampolines in the ocean and stuff, nope not perfect.

Dig really big holes in cornfields, and cover them up? That way when those Zionist Illuminati Greys come down makin' those fancy crop circles, they'd step right on those covered up holes, and fall in! Nah, I wouldn't want Yabastaad to fall into one of those covered up holes. The thought of me sayin' "I'll get you out Yabastaad!" or "Don't move Yabastaad." is too sad. Nope, not perfect.


Wait! I got it!

We could start an anti Zionist Illuminati Greys vigilante group! Oh man this is such good thinkin'!

Yep, I already know that those butchers are Zionist Illuminati Greys, look at my good thinkin' here about that conspiracy....

Yep, we could start that vigilante group, and could all make really cool telescopes to look for those Zionist Illuminati Greys space ships and stuff. And we can make like a really cool video and post it on the internet and stuff.
Oh man this is some good thinkin'! Listen to this!
We can wear really cool uniforms and stuff. Hmmmm..... I gotta do some thinkin' about those really cool uniforms. Hmmmmmm......wait I got it! The perfect uniform would be like a Knight in armor! The whole thing could be made out of tin foil so those stinkin' Zionist Illuminati Greys can't read out minds!!! Oh man this is good thinkin'! I bet those Zionist Illuminati Greys would be so surprised when they see us with those big fancy swords and stuff!
HOLD ON! Oh brain I love you!!!!
I got this really killer water pistol - man it squirts like 100 feet away, and has one of those big water tanks on the top. So I did some thinkin' and took some sand paper to it and scruffed it up, then threw some dark paint on it to look really dirty. Man, I can't believe how much good thinkin' I can do!
Now we can stand there in front of the camera with those really cool uniforms, and talk about those Zionist Illuminati Greys, and how they better stop bein' so sneaky and scary and stuff or else!, And I'll stand there with this water gun - looking all scary and stuff.
Hey wait! I just did some more thinkin'! I'll go out back and mix up some mud, and make some mud balls.......
Man with the dirty squirt gun, and some of those dirt bombs showing, those Zionist Illuminati Greys are gonna be so scared I bet!

Hmmmm...... What should we call this vigilante group.......... Hmmmmmmm

Wait I got it!!!

Illuminati Defense In Our Towns! Yeah we can have really cool T-shirts made up with the First Letter of Each word and stuff. Yep, I'm gonna go get a T-shirt made. I can't wait to wear my I.D.I.O.T. shirt!

Come and join I.D.I.O.T., and we can put a stop to those Zionist Illuminti Greys!

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 04:20 PM
Yet another excellent idea by Lombozo.
We can all patrol the neighberhoods in those I.D.I.O.T. shirts and kick some Zionist illuminati Grey butt's.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 04:53 PM
I'm an I.D.I.O.T! Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Let's kick some ass, us three will wipe the boards of the foul Xenos threat once and for all!

For freedom! For..............something! For getting more money so I can afford a new TV!


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