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Political Science 101

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posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 07:50 AM
How would you like a quick primer on how to become absolute ruler of (insert name of any nation or planet here)?

1: Create a “common enemy.” You could even create your own enemy out of thin air, wholly imaginary...Just make them mysterious & secretive so that they could be anyone/anywhere, who could have the ability to strike at any place/time.

Hitler used his own SS & other Nazi Party members to commit acts of terrorism.

The USA, during the post-WW II “Cold War Era”, had the CIA train people of the Middle East in terrorist tactics, funded & equipped them to fight USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan.

2: Make sure that you make it very clear to the public that this “common enemy” could strike right in their own homes or, at the very least, disrupt the “daily routine” of their lives.

Hitler burned the Reischstad (sp?) building. It held Germany’s equivalent of the US Constitution.

The Middle Eastern Terrorists could easily be worked up into hating US “foreign policies” enough to start striking in America; Note that this particular tactic leaves your hands clean...Even after such public attention has been turned on such events as: The trial of Col. North; MKULTRA mind control experiments; Bombings of Federal Buildings; etc.

3: Dehumanize/Demonize your “common enemy” in full public view.

Hitler whipped up the German Public against his own Nazi Party “terrorists.”

America declares a “War on Terrorism”.

4: Legislate more power for yourself so you can fight the “common enemy”; Note that you will already have public support to achieve this.

Hitler became Chancellor.

America has the Patriot Act, Victory Act, Military Commissions Act...etc, etc. All against the very same Constitution that the government has sworn to “preserve, defend & uphold.”

5: Wipe out all of your opposition, albeit political enemies/legal enemies/people you just don’t like.

Hitler imprisoned & executed Jews, Blacks, Irish, etc.

America’s various “Acts” grant the government with the power to arrest anybody/anytime, for any reason/for no reason & imprison/torture/execute them at will.

6: Announce your “successes” to the public. Teach “hate the enemy” to the public.

Hitler’s Youth Groups, etc.

America’s “Anti-Muslim” propaganda. Aren't the Muslim extremists who also happen to be terrorists also threatening the "middle-ground" Muslims too?

7: Use your new surge of public support to legislate yourself with more control & repeat until satisfied. Some of the “repeated” steps have already been noted above.

It doesn't matter which political party winds up in the majority...Their agendas are performed for the same results; ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER YOU!!

Footnote: The Nuremberg Trials were a joke in the face of the public, but do you remember Project Paperclip? The US & USSR split up a lot of the reigning hierarchy of the Nazi Party amongst the two nations after WW II was over.
The USSR fell apart...The US is falling apart even as you read this.
Do you think our government learned nothing from the Nazis? Say “hello” to the Fourth Reich in America, because it’s already in your face!

posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 12:33 AM
Political Science 101? Maybe Mass Communication 101.

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