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Craft over Washington DC (hypothetical)

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posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 08:15 AM
as the OP`s senario does not state any other action by the aliens other than " fly to washington airsapce and hover ... taking no further action "

then if i ran the zoo . then my measured and gradual response would be :


" move it or loose it " - my entire military would be put at condition one - so that if i need them , they are at maximum strengh and efficiency .

at the same time : the best and brightest : theologians , mathemeticians , philosophers , linguists , psycologists etc a classic " contact response team " as hypothesised in books like "sphere " would be assembled and breifed .


i would want a two pronged response strategy of :

contain / attack [ if required ] - and approach / communicate -

both endeavours would have a degree of compartmentalisation - i would not have my negotiators / comminicaors aware of the tactical specifics of attack plans


if they do nothing - i am prepared to watch them too - unlessi have clear evidence that they are using the silence to deploy / ready an attack

i will gladdy let them sit there for a while .

as detailed below - every none invasive sensor i posess wuill be trained on them - and every scrap of data analysed in the most minute detail .


as the hypotherical alien has stopped [ by accident or design ] over the capital city of the worlds dominant super power - i would assume that if this location was chosen - the occupants have studied the situation on earth sufficiently to be aware of the ligua franca and cultural leanings of the people whoes attentions they have so spectacularly grabbed

if these " plain language " comunications fail to prompt a response - i would initate " from the basics up " math based communicatrion attempts to try and reach a mutual logos .

plan / prepare

all the while - my military / inteligence and scientific community would be :

monitoring for further visitors - analusing any emmisions / radioation the craft emmits - for any inteligence which would assist in eithr communication or attack strategies .

all the while , my government would be engaging in public awarness / evacuation planning and measures to maintain calm and order

the military would be tasked with conducting contingency planning - on how to attack it , with minimum civilian / infrastructure damage to washington [ if required] -

i would have nukes , aircfaft , troops on a constant rotating " alert one " standby -

further resonse would require the alien craft to take further action / resopond to my initatives

PS Hank - ignore the idiot troll
and if you are preared to play this out - read this post and decide what the alien next move is -- i will respond

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 01:55 PM
Nice post ignorant_ape.... I gave you a vote. Although I would point out that Hank's original question was

What would you do / how would you react?

Not what would you do if you were commander and chief.

As for the people salivating over the USA vs ALIEN scenario, let me remind you that this isn't hollywood. Will Smith will not save humanity. USA aircraft and weapons use oil and chemical explosions to power them. USAF planes use the atmosphere to fly.

UFOs do not use chemical explosions to power them. Hence why many believe they come from another solar system, universe, whatever. Their vehicles are vectored along trajectories by an unknown force that has been described as "anti-gravity" by many. If they used chemical explosions to power their vehicles where is the exhaust? How could they travel between star systems? It's basic science. The fact is that their technology is in excess of our own BY FAR.

We haven't even sent a human being to the next planet over (Mars) and you are talking about going toe to toe with aliens? We just invented flight 100 years ago and are still taking our first steps into space. So GET REAL.

Even if we possessed technology which began to approach theirs our social structure is in no way efficient at all. We really haven't shown ourselves to be prepared for anything. Look at Pearl Harbor. Look at 911. Look at Katrina.

Stop already.......or I will open a thread called "USA vs Band of Neanderthals-- who would win?"

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 02:23 PM

Originally posted by Scramjet76
Nice post ignorant_ape.... I gave you a vote. Although I would point out that Hank's original question was

What would you do / how would you react?

Not what would you do if you were commander and chief.

oooops - major ooops

my bad

then my edited answer is :

sit here [ northern UK ] with the BBC news on laughing at american extremists over reacting

thats what i would do

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 10:10 AM
Umm. Didn't this already happen in 1952?

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 12:44 PM
Yeah it happened but not in broad daylight on national tv.

Scrambling jets is probably the correct military procedure as they are unauthorized aircraft in restricted airspace. Aliens are probably unaware of our military procedures but who knows??

If we are waiting for them to come down and shake hands I think we will be waiting awhile. I think it is up to us to get closer to their level before more communication will be possible.

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