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Has anyone read it?

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posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 01:18 PM
Hey Ya'll:

I am on a thirsty quest for knowledge and awareness and I dont want to waste my time with crap readings.

I just got done with Mayan Factor: Path Beyong Technology.

IMHO, Sylvia Brown is a joke so I havent even bothered with her. If Im wrong, please inform me of your point of view on her and her 'work'.

I am now considering this book and I was wondering if anyone else had read it. If so, waste of time or a must read?

Also, anyone read Mayan Factor: Path Beyong Technology? If so, what is your opinion on that book?

I would love any advice on books I need to read to take me to the level of awareness I need reach to carry out my work. Im so thankful and lucky to know my calling. To work towards the well-being of others selflessly and through that I will reap what I sow.

I now know my job but Im not sure exactly how to do it. Where do I start? So many questions, so few answers.

My current theory, to put it plainly, is that there are two different types of humans. Those that 'get it' and those that 'dont'. We who 'get it' are different. We are known as 'leaders' even know. Leaders and followers, see my point? I would hate to think mankind would evolve into making those with less awareness clean the toilets.

I feel *something* is going to take place where those of us that 'get it' will either somehow be above others OR hopefully a more positive thing such as guiding them through a complete new world/age.

Im young (over 18, stilll dumb though! With age comes wisdom, usually) and trying to put a lot of things together so please bare with me in my journey and if you have it in you, any advice or wisdom is always welcome. I dont know if this is of any relevence in my journey and in receiving help and guidence but I am native american, Cherokee.

I wish I had a pair of those rose colored glasses some seem to sport 24/7, oblivious to whats going on. What is *going* to go on. Those peoples ability not to worry with awareness intriques me almost as much as my thirst for my higher self.

Thank you for reading

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 02:28 PM

Im young (over 18, stilll dumb though! With age comes wisdom, usually) and trying to put a lot of things together so please bare with me in my journey and if you have it in you, any advice or wisdom is always welcome. I dont know if this is of any relevence in my journey and in receiving help and guidence but I am native american, Cherokee.

A-da-s-di,(in case you were wondering)

Well, like top few--at least you admit it --

I don't know about the books--but --these people are our ancestors--at least in the sense of some major Spiritual Traditions. Take it from an Elder--the answers that you seek lie deeply in the Traditions of the Tsalagi People. Trust it. What you desire is to be found in the same place knowledge has alway been found, and none of that has changed through time. That place is the Natural Environment, it's where all of the evidence is, and the point of origination of all of the traditional teachings.

If you need someone to "point a finger" --send me a U2U--glad to help you if I can

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 02:53 PM
Ooh love giving book advice, I have not read Mayan Factor, but will certainly look into it. I'm going to my bookshelves now and will give you a few books I thought were certainly eye-opening and thought provoking.

The Lucifer Principle

Claims to be scientific, not so much but absolutely fascinating study of ourselves in relation to our beginnings.

The Captive Mind

Beautifully written book, while written in prose and about living in a totalitarian society, there is a much deeper meaning underlining the book.

Spear of Destiny

My random occult book for the day (if you know me, occultism is my favorite.)

Being and Nothingness

Not for the faint of heart, one extremely complicated book but a fascinating study of Free Will.

Just a random smattering of books to get you started, should be helpful in your search in my opinion.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 10:49 AM
Ah tah ki Littlefox! ( I love you brother )

Thanks for helping me along ya'll. I intend to make my ancestors, myself, my creator proud. Can someone help me with finding *my* intended way of enhancing the well-being of others, thus reaping what I sow? Which is what I believe my calling is.

Have I told you how I received this message? Highly doubtful that I have because its weird. Be careful what you ask for and open yourself up to unless you want it. Because you just might get it.

I asked with all my heart when I would pray to just please get to it and tell me what my purpose is so I can fullfill it. Why the games? Just show me!

I was shown but in a freak ass kind of way that I dont even know what to think of. Scary shiat man.

Not scary just freakish. I wasnt scared. I dont even know what to call what happened. I was compelled to open a word document one day and this is what I wrote. Not my thoughts, wording, nothing it just came. Flowed as if I were writing in my journal.

Im not on drugs and have no mentall illnesses. I cant explain this but the 'episode' made me seek a higher self than I had ever even imagined and I was already a way too deep chick.

I opened the document and this is what was written with my fingers BUT NOT with my thoughts, ideal, nothing to do with me forming the sentence. Auto-pilot is all I can say to try to be understood.

This is what I 'received'. What I physically typed but THEY ARENT MY WORDS. Thats what Im trying to say. Frustrated.
So frustrating trying to explain something you dont know.

I walked to the computer, opened a new document and this is what I? wrote.

Here it is:

Peter and Gab admitted, after the work was done, they had help with this message, here is what they said.

We shall say we had some help with that, with an energy very familiar to you, dearest. She is a delightful old soul we must say. Ah yes, we are speaking of the one you are hoping to hear from. For she is with you, doubt not that. No, have no doubt, she remained with you, in spirit, guiding you through your heart. Trust your heart, and you always have your answers on what is yours for dreams to dream, that may come. Be true to yourself always, to who you really are, not just who you are being, for all this is only temporary. This is a skin you have put upon yourself, your covering, your hide. This is not the you who you recognize often as your spirit. Your spirit sings, hear it, hear your own highest note, in every choice of your part to play in the harmony and drama of life, know your own song, and let your spirit sing its truth. Trust in your self, trust in your spirit, trust in Great Spirit, the Mother & Father Creator God, know that you shall be divinely guided [my name was here], whenever you choose to act in accordance with the Higher Good, for All, for another brother or sister’s wellbeing. Seek that, through the higher you, to be an enhancer of wellbeing, for others, and you shall do this for yourself too. For in what you give, so do you get. You reap from the seeds that you sow. You are dearly loved, our sister.

I dont speak or type that way. I use paragraphs and I just dont use my words like that and dont know anyone except my granny that did/does. She raised me and is gone now. Died when I was 14. She was my Mama. But really my granny.

I wouldnt type/talk to myself or about myself in third person.

Can someone help me try to understand this so I can put it away? I begged for my calling and right now believe this to be sent to me. But to think it went through my fingers onto a computer is crazy talk. Why would I be so special with an ego to think I prayed and my message was sent to/through me?

Wtf is this? I need a head Dr? This aint cool man.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 07:58 AM
And this is where I always lose people.

Noone understands.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 02:46 PM
No, Little One - you DO NOT need a shrink!

Just remember this:

only believe

God loves you, child, and so do the mothers! Ask in your heart - say Granny, that you? - if it wasn't your granny it was still a mother! No orphans anymore! No games for those who love and those who SEEK out God to give Him love WILL find HIM!

We just ask and HE is there! And He's got a bunch of beautiful gals that work for the world in various ways - most get called names and treated like dirt (from the men that thought they had the right to hurt) but they don't care! They just want ALL the babies to come along!

No child left behind!


And the last Hopi prophesy has been over our heads this month! The white brothers are coming to help! Unmasking and dancing this weekend! Watch the news!
The ones with the tattooes are coming to the faithful people who kept the faith - the four corners is sacred and the people are blessed! No more reservations and all that stupid stuff they killed the warriors with - lost hope and stomped on pride - small pox, starvation, indignities and lies! NO MORE!

God is sending your deliverance and I was told to spread the word!


God is blessing you and so do I - we are ALL BROTHERS (and sisters), don't forget!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:58 PM
Im so glad you replied. This is where my posts always ends, noone either: 1 understands me or 2: thinks Im a nut.

Im a very 'together' girl. When I see 11:11 everyday I have been opening my heart and mind to what I experienced because an elder told me that 11 sequences are portholes where angels can speak right to us, if we believed and asked.

I simply relax and dream what I want my reality to be, not what it is. And pray for messages on how to 'enhance the well-being of others' so that I may start my work. I have a bird rescue... I wonder if I am already doing my work?

That work is for the birds, no pun intended lol. Never said that before hehe. Not people. Or is it? The people adopt the birds and it so often changes their life with so much entertainment and love from the bird I raised.


Look at how it started... it seems to have three people but only two names are mentioned. Neither of which I know but do like. Are Pete and Gab my guides? Uhm, angels that kept me save after granny died? Its starts...

Peter and Gab admitted, after the work was done, they had help with this message, here is what they said.

Work was done? What work?

It starts as if someone 'above' them evaluated me and felt it fit/safe to send this. Or, Im a wacko.

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posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 09:58 PM
You know people might call you "wacko," for what you post, I did not think you wacko to begin with or now. However, you claim a search of enlightenment, yet only wish to discuss arcane theories that our answerless without some more work done upon them, think what you will but such a pursuit does not occur over-night, if such were the case all would be enlightened.

Point of the post, I did not appreciate taking the time to give you a few book ideas when you did not seem to care about them, despite your original post about book advice. Such a post just seem more like a cry for attention than a legitimate question for advice in our intellectual pursuits.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 10:45 PM
Wooo dude, back up.

Sorry I didnt post the link to you when I went sraight to to order the books you suggested.

YOU seem to be the one crying for attention. Seek it in a more positive way or PLEASE disregard this thread all together because others are being very kind and helpful.

You are mean-spirited.

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posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 11:00 PM
Im sorry if I offended you or your ego by not validating you and your post to your standards.

As a newbie, I'll try harder to keep up. As a person, you try harder to be more kind and compassionate and we will all be better off.

Maybe this is what the MOOD feature is for? *ponders* [EDIT]

I'll do my part!

[edit on 29-10-2006 by Little One]

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