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EMI Music CEO: "The CD is dead."

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posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 01:00 PM
'Glad I went from LP, R2R and cassette direct to mp3 starting in '96... I'm not sure how much I've saved (or rather not spent) seems the Music Execs (Alain Levy CEO of EMI speaking at an industry function) are starting to "get" it. Remember the 1st Gen Laser discs? They're still very, very cool... yet way obsolete and my sister's farm truck wouldn't be normal without that Deep Purple - Machine Head 8 track tape hopelessly looping forever on the Muntz Quadraphonic that refuses do die.

Here's a link to one of several articles that'll pop-up over the next few days. Dow Jones' Market Watch.

The CD media channel needs some sort of an upgrade to be revived... many more PC cross-over multi-media features and value to attract the consumer to buy something that physical. What else could they do?

When the archaeologists visit our land fills and dump sites in the future they'll likely define the age of the strata by what format media is discarded at what depth. LOL if it wasn't so wasteful at every stage. Might make a great sci-fi flick tho'... "Curse of the Septic Leachate: The Vinylic Era", the sequel: "Shiney Round Disks: AOL - The Heresy Garbage". Times change...

Victor K.


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