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Solving Illegal Immigration

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posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 08:58 AM
Hi Marg:

This is the kind of disinformation going around that is part of the growing problem.

Marg >> The problem with illegal immigrants already in this country is that they need to work to support themselves and their families.

No. ILLEGALS already in this country are no different from the ones we are trying stop at the border. What is the difference between the Mexican citizen coming through the back door by climbing over or under a fence and the one already here taking a job from an American?? In other words, we are supposed to stop the one sneaking in, but the ones he can see in the distance is just supposed to work hard and support themselves. The fact that breathing Americans can think this way is very disturbing indeed. The ILLEGAL crossing the border today and tomorrow is just as ILLEGAL as the 10 to 20 million already here! What part of ILLEGAL are you having trouble understanding?????? I am a bricklayer sitting at home today. Do you know why? Our whole crew was kicked off the job, because a crew of ILLEGALS replaced us. My boss must lower his prices to levels FAR below what it costs to pay all the taxes, social security, Worker Compensation Insurance, liability insurance and the costs of running a ‘legal’ business in the USA today. My boss is out there right now hiring his own batch of ILLEGALS, because he cannot compete against an army of mason contractors scrambling to hire ILLEGALS willing to work at half the price.

Marg >> But many once they receive amnesty will just go take advantage of our system and just live off it.

Amnesty?? What makes you think these ILLEGALS want to join us in the unemployment line? They are MEXICAN citizens working here using falsified documentation or NONE AT ALL. They live 20 in house and pay a small share of living expenses, so they can send the maximum amount of money back home! How many of you have worked under a worker permit in a foreign country? I have and I know the rules. The foreign employer must prove a labor shortage exists in his own country, then he must contract workers outside that country and bring them in. The workers are assigned to THAT EMPLOYER ONLY and they must return home at the end of their contract period. The contract is nullified at anytime other contractors can prove no such labor shortage exists. America already has two worker programs that the ILLEGALS refuse to use.

There are no quotas or restrictions placed upon anyone, as ILLEGALS move about this country freely to displace American workers with millions of workers we do not even need. Everyone here knows the housing market has slowed down, but the ILLEGALS simply work for less and less to keep working. Americans are being forced to accept wages far below what the markets paid over a decade ago, and you talk about giving ILLEGALS amnesty. Baaaaa! That would make them just like us and another 10 million would replace them! They are not as stupid as Americans!

Marg >> Yes many with enough education and training will be able to advance, but those are scarce and they already work for a better way of life.

More nonsense . . . Mexicans need to work in order to make Mexico a better place to live, until they make the proper applications to enter America using the ‘front door.’ Rewarding millions of ILLEGALS for breaking the law will send another 100 million to replace them.

Marg >> What many do not understand is that I have worked with illegal immigrants and these people are hard working but many don't even know how to read or write, but they can work menial works under pay where they are good at.

Please . . . The ILLEGALS are not even supposed to be here! Being ‘hard working’ makes NONE of them any more ‘legal,’ than when they sneaked in at day one. These idiots think they are going to force everyone here to speak Spanish. I have worked with tons of ILLEGALS and many will not bring you mortar or block, unless you say it in ‘their’ language. They urinate in the corners of buildings and spread disease like animals. Americans are being exposed to a myriad of diseases from an unregulated flow of ILLEGALS doing pretty much anything they please. They laugh at how easy it is to forge documentation and get a driver’s license, when the American working next to them had his revoked for five years. One guy had his suspended for failure to play child support and his kid is over 30 years old. But the ILLEGALS drive around and nobody cares! Welcome to America . . .

Marg >> Once part of the system they will not be working in menial works under pay they will fall in our broken system and live up just like others that has been doing that for decades.

In other words, just assume that all these ILLEGALS are going to get Amnesty! How about pulling your head out of the sand, or wherever it might be lodged?! America is being overrun by legions of ILLEGALS who have a carefully orchestrated plan to sow CHAOS in this once great country. Lawlessness is growing more rampant every day and the situation is growing more and more out of control. What stops another 10 to 20 million from following these and another 20 million from following those? Where does your “Give Them All Amnesty!” nonsense end???

How about if we all climb on a Jet and move to France or Germany to displace their workers and demand our civil rights? We are all hard workers – right? And will have all of them speaking in English in no time! The heck with the menial jobs; let’s take the high paid jobs and give them the leftovers! The problem with Marg’s position is we must ignore all the current immigration and employment laws already on the books to allow a select group to write their own laws. What the Bush Administration is allowing to happen in America today is CRIMINAL and against our national sovereignty and our very posterity he has sworn to protect!


[edit on 30-10-2006 by Terral]

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 08:58 AM

Marg >> It will be more burden to the tax payer and the already dying middle class in this country.

The middle class is having jobs deported and cheap ILLEGAL labor imported at an alarming rate that will certainly kill the American Dream for our disappearing Middle Class. How are all the ‘haves’ going to remain untouched by a nation packed to overflowing with the POOR falling through the cracks of a broken system that nobody seems interested in fixing?? More and more ATM machines and banks will be robbed and more and more homes are going to be invaded, until the violence taking place in southern Mexico makes its way across the border to come home to roost right here in the USA. You guys want to live under Martial Law that badly? Well, that is exactly what we deserve.

GL seeing the difference,


posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 09:07 AM
Terral you have not say anything that I already known, the only thing is that I guess the illlegals you have work with are seen by you worst that the ones I have work with while working for the educational system.

And no, I have not seen any of them giving diseases to anybody.

BTW you just made you statements more ourageous for desirable impact.

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